⭐3/10m NH - est 2004 - LF RDPS!⭐

Guild Recruitment
Do you strive for professional-synergy and a real community filled with players giving their best while having fun? Do you want to get as many bosses / RGB's / Mythic +'s in your limited time? Look no further!

We at FFW offer raiders with the option of being part of the real “Fearfulways” (not recruited for the bench). However, there are times we all need to “take a knee” for the good of the team. We do have an opportunity for the below demands of recruitment; it is real! So please do contact us to see what options FFW and yourselves have. Whether you’re 7/7M or even 1/7H “where there is a will, there’s a Fearfulway” ;-) Get it?


What FFW are recruiting:
We never close our ranks for any position. Why? If someone wants it hard enough they will get it. However, below are the main areas in which are in high demand of:

Ranged DPS

  • Warlocks – HIGH
  • Boomkins – HIGH
  • Hunters - HIGH
  • Shaman - ELE - HIGH
  • Melee DPS

  • Open to +1 or 2 more melee
  • Let’s make this easy - If you’re curious about whom we are, don’t hesitate in messaging one of our contacts at the bottom of the page for a chit-chat or perhaps add one of our recruiting members.

  • Open to all healers.
  • ___________________________________________________________________________

    Raiding schedule & Loot:

    We do not raid daytime ever due to our professional raiders having professional jobs.
    The times below are EST:
    Monday – 7 – 11.00 PM (Optional)
    Tuesday – 7PM – 11PM
    Wednesday – 7PM – 11PM
    Thursday – 7PM – 11PM
    - Raid invites will start promptly at 6.45.

    For loot we use “Lootcouncil”. The Officers decide whom it will be a better upgrade for. We do not appreciate nor tolerate friend politics. If you earn it, you get it.

    What are FFW like?

    Our FFW community allows us to become more than just raiders. Our community in our main strength. People whom dedicate their precious time within this game to form relationships in supporting, advising and encouraging people to perform their best within the given time.

    Communication is the key to success. We care about what our raiders are doing. A lot of our members have known each other for since Molten Core came out. So, relationships are equally as important as results are to us.

    Fearfulways is an American mostly focused guild with the some other flavours from England and Brazil throwing into it the mix to add that flair of quality ;-)

    During progression we are extremely passionate and what we do and the message delivered of how we’re doing it. We’re straight to the point. Direct, effective and blunt. We like to get things done and leaders push to gain this objective.

    We run many Mythic + groups, weekly Kara mount groups, PvP groups or even Goblin groups( /r/ if you get it and of course, PvE). Whatever your flavour is, we can accustom for.

    What is important to us?

    - Good knowledge of the English language bother spoken and written.
    - You can handle constructive criticism.
    - You are a vocal team player whom isn’t afraid of communicating or taking initiative in raids(there’s a time a place).
    - You’re a positive person. Negativity will not last within this guild.
    - Having the ability to be motivated to be 100% prepared for raids; pots, food, runes, flasks e.t.c.
    - Logs to prove how you’re doing. We have professionals which extensively use logs and can easily tell where(if) you need to work.
    - Good attendance.
    - You’re a team player. You think of the team ahead of yourself.



    Below is our main WoWprogress link:
    - http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/argent-dawn/Fearfulways

    However what we can offer is the stability of the guild being created in 11.28.2004 with players playing with each since that founded time. A strong, passionate and encouraging environment which is always challenging for server first. If you’re still here than we must catching your attention.

    What’s next?

    For any further questions contact the FFW recruitment / officer team below to have a chit-chat or to enquire whether this could be the home for you.

    - Shen#1274
    - Tigrao#1816
    - Fearmaky#1989
    - omega#11231

    ... Remember guys,

    Morning bump - Ranged DPS + one healer!

    Still looking.

    Back to killing Heyla mythic + guldan hc tonight!
    holy pala, MW, maybe even another healer?

    who knows...

    Heroic guldan down. not bad.

    time for mythic helya!
    US 153 now.

    Let's have a chat if you want to step it up!
    Still looking for some a few ranged + healers.
    /Bump! FFW ROLLS DEEP!!
    Ele Shaman & Warlock to my wish list please
    Updated again.
    Morning bump,

    slots are opening up for more ranged. Solid raid, relaxed and effective.

    let's chat!
    Healers, where you at?!
    Hope all is having a good weekend.

    Still open for those special players!
    Afternoon bump! DPS!
    Still recruiting for next reset.

    Tonight is Helya!
    Hunter + Warlock + 1 healer.

    Ele shaman is in high demand too!
    Desperately needing + 1 healer of any class.

    Message me today so we can sort something out for tonight's run!

    Still looking for a healer!

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