LFG with many active players on Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer and Madoran
Looking for a guild that has many active players online. Tired of only seeing 3-10 other players who never talk or help. I mostly achievement hunt, so it's nice to have people on doing things. Let me know!
It is Dawnbringer. Transfer away to a populated server or stay and be bored af all day everyday.

Best decision I EVER made was getting off of there. I would advise you the same if you want activity! GL!
Greetings Tamarind! New Beginning has 50-60 active players that are willing to help with quests, carries, etc. If you need help ask myself or one of my officers and we would be glad to assist. We would be happy to have you on the team! Please contact TyrizzÆl (alt code 146) or btag me @ Tyrizzal #1883 if you are interested.

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