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Thinking about the not-so-hot AoE I have, I got a drop of Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish. In guild buddy has Ice Time. He thinks the damage that is generated is applied to each individual target, while I kinda think that damage is spread amoung the targets. For either item, what is the correct answer?
The trinket for sure is flat damage to every target. I'm not sure about Ice Time however
Usually if an ability splits its damage over all targets present it will say so in the ability description (like with Meteor). That's not the kind of information Blizzard typically hides.

If it doesn't say it's pretty much safe to assume that it is a true AOE that does the same damage to each target regardless of how many targets are present.
Damage is not split. You can do some crazy AOE using them.
02/14/2017 07:39 AMPosted by Mageski
Damage is not split. You can do some crazy AOE using them.
This. If the Orb explodes into a pack it can deal some very nice damage (Crits for ~450-500k for me), and if you can be bothered you could likely get a WA timer and use pet nova to shatter it (assuming it's worth it). I generally run that and Bracers for dungeons or add fights like Skorp or Spellblade and the only issue I've had is when adds die before it explodes. Even on ST it's not actually that far behind Shard, Gloves or Bracers (about 5%).
Kil'Jaeden's active is typically around 4-6% of my damage in an M+ run, fwiw. There are a few places where it's pretty strong. First half of kara, BRH bats, arcway rats, arcway splitting slimes (slimes are useless padding though).

I think it's particularly useful for burst AoE on Spellblade, which is a super important part of that fight.

I'd still ditch it for something like the frost gloves, though.
Ice time isn't split damage, each target gets hit for the tooltip. I've found it to be a very weak legendary in practice though - a lot of the more important M+ aoe is mostly over in 15s and if it's not you'll probably miss the explosion on a second orb.
Debating on whether I would like Ice Time better than gloves or bracers for fights like SpellBlade and Tich.

I'm thinking for those fights I'd have to drop the gloves, as splitting ice damage with bracers is too good. However it feels borderline blasphemous to do so.

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