HHM [Blue]

We are a progress focused guild running under Hordish house mafia, as of this post HHM is realm 6th. Blue team is a second team.

Why not just make the teams two separate guilds? Being under the same banner helps us have a larger community for out of raid/social activities, such as mythic plus carries and quick Kara runs. Occasionally either team contributes to the other team's raids.

We have a very active discord and encourage players from other guilds (friends of the guild) to come be social and do mythic plus together.


Right now, Blue team is 10/10H and 2/10M we are looking to fill in the last few core spots to take down mythic

Wed,Thur & mon 7-10 server time.


Rdps and dps with healer os.

- Warlock

- hunter

- Elemental Shaman

- Possibly exceptional dps warriors/ret pally.

If you're interested in this somewhat unique guild, please don't hesitate to drop me a PM or add me hermit#1986
Would you guys be interested in a 876 DH with 5/10 H experence?
2/10M, still a raid day to go =3
3/10M =)Trilliax so easy.
902 equipped prot pally 1/10M and 10/10H exp. (900 ilvl holy OS)
I saw your Trilliax kill vid! Looked pretty good. Hope you get more bosses.
So excited for Krosus on Monday. ^_^
Currently looking for extra cats to love. <3

Where all the druids at? :P
Warlocks, <3 plz.

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