What Is The Story Behind Your Guild Name?

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Monster Magnet song.
In the language of Dragons in Elder Scrolls it means: Dragon Blessing

Dovah = Dragon
Kogaan = Blessing

Guild mate's Sister decided the name.
our guild predates WoW and was formed in 2002, we previously played other MMOs/multiplayer games

we started on Blackrock alliance in vanilla and transitioned to Oceanic servers eventually

Homer: I'm just passionate. Like all us Greeks.
Marge: No, you're angry. Look, you're punching the cat right now.
Homer: I am... Oh, my gosh, you're right! I'm a rage-aholic. (SOBBING) I just can't live without rage-ahol!

Ours we inherited from a guy who made a guild and it didn't take off. I had a guild I made for a while called Diabetic Brimleyholics but it was taken over while I was mia for a while.
I get to use it for both my Horde and Alliance characters by substituting a capital i for the lowercase l.

And it's fun.
My guild just likes rainbows... 2 of them!
Guild master mains an arcane mage.

Thats about it.
Cold Feats is because we liked the sort of double meaning. It could mean you think you are totally awesome or . . .it could mean you get cold feet when confronted with danger. We are just casual, older players who aren't very good at all, so . . .

My first guild, which still exists on my first realm, was called "Hooves and Harlots" after a Xena episode.

And I have another guild on a different server named "Introverts Unite."

I'm in a couple other guilds on alts on other servers, lol. That's what happens when you have been playing forever.
We're a quirky bunch.
Ours was just a name the GL gave to it after a female member who is a personal friend took issue with the original name of the guild.

Original guild name was

Beta Tested Ur GF

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