883 Prot Warrior LF new home

Guild Recruitment
883 Prot warrior looking for 2-3 night a week raid guild. With a start time of around 8 PST / 11 EST.

Looking to switch from being a main healer to tank
On this toon have 8/10n experience in current tier. Got AOTC Gul'dan on my monk.

I study fights but have a laid back attitude. Everyone likes to down bosses but night of wiping on same are expected. I take criticism and am always trying to improve. Also have 890 Monk.

No issue changing servers or factions for right fit. After a trial period of course.
Insurrectìon on Proudmoore is currently 7/10H. We raid Mon/Thurs/Sat, 630pm-930pm PST (930p-1230a EST).

We are filling out our roster to start mythic raiding, and intend to continue progressing through current content. We also run past content on off nights for people finishing quests, gearing alts, farming a specific loot piece, etc, and we run mythic+ keystones every week until we deplete the keys.

We are a close group of people, who will help with nearly anything, including gemming, enchanting and flasks, etc, for raiding.

If any of this interests you, please feel free to add me on battlenet
Still looking
i raid with a guild but it horde on stormreaver i knw there looking to fill a tank spot
8-10 pst
Okay if you could have your friend contact me here or at Damtek#1532. That would be great.

Also still searching my availability is 2 or 3 night a week between 8-12 pst / 11-3 est. Could be a little more flexible on the weekend, thanks
Please get a hold of me ASAP please =] Think we will be a good fit for you.
Alliance - Union - Uldum
Late Team: 7/7 MYTHIC EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV and Currently 9/10 H NH

Wed: 8pm-11pm PST
Sun: 8pm-11pm PST
Mon: 8pm-11pm PST

Hello my name is Sin and I am the raid leader for Union's Second Raid Team also known as the Phoenix Raiders. We are currently recruiting exceptional Healers and DPS looking forward to pushing content and Mythic+ dungeons. With the onset of Nighthold fast approaching we are looking for fresh players join our ranks in our continued success in Mythic content. We are a varied group of raiders whom are dedicated to the team and having fun.

One last try, looking for tanking spot between hours of 8 - 12pm pst / 11 - 3am est. Any night can start earlier on weekend. Thanks for your time.
Hey dude, we're looking for a tank and run a little later, our info is as follows:

{A} Revenant 5/10 H NH

Raid Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7:30pst-10:30pst
(We sometimes run 8:00pst start to accomodate if needed)

Loot: EPGP
Website: http://revenant.me

The application process is fast and easy, if you have questions contact Greta in game.
Real ID: Greta#1902.

Hope to hear from you!
Have immediate room for your monk. Have the same raiding attitude as well. We get stuff done but we aren't hardcore. If interested add me at Slyx#1862

<Special Treatment>-Hyjal Is opening recruitment to members for our Offnight raid team. We are looking for members who enjoy playing the game, strive to improve, and are dedicated. We raid Wed/Sat 7:30-10:00P.M PST.. If interested please message me at Slyx#1862

So far the Offnight raid group has cleared 7/7 Normal and Heroic EN. 3/3 Normal Trial of Valor. 9/10 Normal Nighthold.

Need people with patience, this is a raid group being built, not a free carry, looking for 2 heals, and some DPS all classes needed but Mage, Lock, Shaman, Monk, and DH are needed especially. The core group of the Offnight Raid Team is smaller so far. Though we have some main raiders who make it on their alts then and again. That being said it's a great group of people in the guild who are very active and helpful.

Our main raid team is currently 7/7M EN, 1/3M ToV, and 10/10H NH.
Ticcï I filled out the application on your site. Will try to drop you a line in game as well tonight.
<Get Rekt> Just might be the guild you are looking for!

About Us
We are an Alliance Guild based in Arathor. We have been around for about two years now, and are really pushing hard to turn our guild into a mythic raiding guild, and we are very close!

Raid Times
9:00-12:00 Tuesday and Wednesday Nights Eastern Standard Time

7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare
We have every boss on farm to where we can down the entire instance in about an hour and half on heroic.
As soon as we have a fully mythic team we will blow through mythic quickly.
2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor
We haven't spent a ton of time on ToV, as the gear from EN is much more suited to what we need. We will continue to progress on this soon though.
10/10 Normal Nighthold
Gul’Dan is dead!
6/10 Heroic Nighthold
As we progress through heroic Nighthold, we will be preparing for mythic.

What We Can Provide For You
In Raid
    -A Very Well Thought Out Loot Council System

Out of Raid
    -A solid officer team who are fair and quick to deal with any issues.
    -A very entertaining discord where everyone is talking !@#$ to each other, having fun, and just being the good friends we are.
    -Mythic+, Mythic, Kara, and many other types of runs all the time.
    -Active population of great people.
    -Dramatic Readings of Steamy Romance Novels

What We Need
-Hunter (Very High)
-Shaman (Elemental)
-Druid (Balance, Guardian, Resto)
-Priest (Shadow)
-Warrior (DPS)
-Any Tank (Very High)

Contact Us

Guild Master:
Hi There!

We're trying to push our guild to true progression. We're bouncing between 2nd and 3rd place on our server for Alliance, and with a few more people we should be able to take 1st. Strong core team that is dependable and dedicated to success.

About Stigma

For the right fit - we may refund your server transfer.






Raid Progress:
3/7 Mythic EN
3/3 Heroic ToV
8/10 Heroic NH

Raid Times:
Open Raid: Tuesday/Wednesday – 7PM-9PM Server Time (PST)
Progression: Thursday/Sunday – 6PM-9PM Server Time (PST)

Contact Details:
BTag | Discord | Curse
Drap#11216 | Drap#6342 | DrapCurse
we raid around 9pm pacific and we are looking for 1 tank since our current tank had to stop playing due to work was curious if you could hit me up my battle tag is reaper#1602
Hi, Melry of Grumpy Ole Gits here, we need a new tank. We are an Alliance guild on Zul'Jin and we raid 9:15-11:15 EST Wed/Thursdays. That doesn't really tell you much about the guild, so I am attaching my recruitment post which goes into a lot of detail about us. It's kinda the reverse of a lot of these posts that just talk about what they want. This tells you who we are so you can make a decision, or at least ask more questions.


If you would like to talk, my btag is Melry#1914
Heya Quetie!

My name is Ken, or Stormblind#1485 on bnet and I’m the GM of Amnesty, a US - Alliance - Uldum guild. Please feel free to respond here or on battlenet (since I know most people don’t read this whole thing :P)

We’re currently looking to compliment our roster with some ranged DPS. And I'd love to have a chat with you to address what precisely you're looking for in a guild, and what kind of non-progression content you enjoy doing as well.

Our current raiding schedule is as follows:
Tuesday (8-11pm PST): Farm Night - Previously down'd NH Bosses.
Optional: Wednesday (8pm-9 pm PST): HTOV Clear; pug whichever roles we need depending on guild interest.
Thursday (8-11pm PST): Progression, continue our HNH Progression
Optional Saturday (9-11pm PST): Alt Raid, depends on who we got, looking at NNH this week, with a bit of ToV sprinkled in. (Gear catchup / Alt run)
Optional: Mythic EN (8-11 pm) PST: Pugging whichever roles are needed. Dungeons: Daily, typically 5PST or later.

Our goal right now is to grow the team (currently 17) to a strong Mythic group, meaning about 23-24 people, in the hope of balancing our wish to not bench people and while making sure we have a solid 20 for each Mythic night; this is mostly for the eventuality for when heroic is on ez farm. We are not a "Mythic Progression Guild"; we're simply a guild that seeks to do mythic progression to keep people around and engaged. We’re willing to do this slowly so that we can bring in the right people to fit in with the guild environment; stability over progression is important to us. That said, we’re prioritizing HNH Nighthold right now, so it will be a bit until we do that jump.

Our motto is Casual with Standards, and it shows. We do 2 nights of mandatory raiding, with 3 additional available nights a week of optional alt/gear relevant raids. In 8 weeks of raiding as a crew, with a quarter of that having the guild average sub-840, we cleared HEN, and NTOV.

We’re a casual and fun crew, mature but not above sarcastic or irreverent remarks, that prides itself in being a learning guild: We want to recruit nice people, and we’re more than happy to help guide and workshop those people improve their contribution to raid progress.

We tend to skew significantly older, and we are largely made up of raiders that previously raided Vanilla, BC and WotLK before taking a break.

What would we expect from you?
-Be mature and reliable. We understand when !@#$ happens, we just need a heads up. The guild is a no drama zone. Please bring any concerns to the officers who will deal with it as is appropriate.
-Have fun, and be fun! This is a relaxed environment, we shoot the %^-*, spend most of the days on discord building a great community, and add offer help in anything people want. Be it personal, or gaming related. We only ask 2 things: don’t be a *##%**#@, and no racial/sexual slurs.

If this sounds like the right fit to you, please send me a message here or on battle.net (Stormblind#1485) and we can discuss further.
<Exiles of Avalon> of Stormrage is looking for progression raiders!
We are currently 9/10H, Guldan at 8%!
Raid times are Friday and Saturday Midnight EST - 3AM EST (11pm-2am CST).
We are an 18+ guild focusing on full clearing mythic while still having a life, and having fun while we raid. Our community is very active, especially in the evenings and late nights.

Currently we are recruiting:

  • All DPS
  • A tank
  • Add me on btag Twitch#1205 for more info and to apply!

    <Guardians of Assgard> are looking for an Off Tank to help us in our progression throughout Nighthold. We are currently 10/10N and 3/10H. The main tank is a Guardian Druid.

    We are a friendly, close knit group that consider each other family, and love to throw jokes at each other. Our raid times are Fri/Sat 12:30-3:30am EST. We include flasks and pots in the guild bank for our raiders, but ask that people come to raid equipped with runes.

    For voice comms we use Discord, and right now we are using PL. This will change once we get through the trial process with raiders, and get them transferred into the guild.

    If your interested you can add
    - Lieanne (BritCrumpet#1174) (Me)
    -Caraleena(CptSlipyFist#1497) (GM)
    Our times might not fit, we raid Thursday, Friday and Monday 7-10 PM PST. If you want to chat feel free to add me Tyrrlin#1503
    Awesome running with you tonight dude - hope to see more of you!

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