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Hi all,

7.2's new dungeon - the Cathedral of Eternal Night - is now available for testing on the PTR. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:
  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon

On the first boss once he was dead, the fixate that you get during the fight would stay on for quite some time even if all the adds were dead.

Thrashbite the Scornful is very strange, on our first attempt, people would get MCed for no reason. There's nothing on the spellbook saying that an ability causes you to be MCed. He was breaking the bookcases just fine. Once we wiped though the fight became even weirder.

He would charge a range player with Gaze that would hide behind the bookcase but when he'd charge, the bookcase wouldn't break anymore. He was doing his abilities at all time to a point where being a melee dps on this fight was pointless, he'd basically do his pbaoe so you had to move away from him to take less dmg, he'd follow that immediately with a Scornful Gaze to charge a range & once done he'd run at the back of the room & start his Destructive Rampage aoe... We tanked him with a hunter pet since he was doing nothing but aoe abilities & Gaze.

For Domatrax, the first pull seemed ok, portals were spawning, adds were spawning, etc, we wiped on him. On the 2nd pull though he no longer spawned portals, we basically just dpsed him down & then at 100% energy we went in the shield & finished him off..

Mephistroth pretty much had no HP.. we were able to kill him at 830 scaled gear before he even reached P2... the only thing we saw the whole fight was Carrion Swarm.
I initially posted this in the bug report forum before this thread existed:

Domatrax is supposed to have two add phases, one at 90% and one at 66%. Now initially, my group did face those phases and wiped twice because of it. But on our third attempt, Domatrax did not spawn any adds at all. He called out to the adds as if he was going to spawn them, but they never came.

Here is a screenshot of us realizing this:

In addition to that, there were several Aegises of Aggramar in our party during Mephistroth, since when we wiped the object respawned, but the person who had it when they died didn't lose it, allowing someone to pick up the object and give us another one. In the end we had three or four Aegises by the time we beat him.

Also, I can vouch for Thrashbite randomly MCing party members despite no ability in the journal saying he can do so. He got our paladin too.
Cathedral of Eternal Night light is vary fun it just needs some polishing. On the first boss some how flowers from far away got pulled by the boss. That seemed like a bug to me. Other than that once we figured out the mechanics the boss died no problem.

Now on to the second boss which right now seems to be in a messy state. When we had to hide be hind the book case the boss would just go threw it and kill us. If I had to guess what he is suppose to do hit the bookcase and maybe get stunned for a second or two. If not maybe that might be something you might want to do. My other issue with this boss is I feel like there is vary little time to DPS him. He's either charging you or spinning around. I feel like their needs to be some kind of burn phase. The tank in my group went DPS to help get the boss down in the seconds you have to burn him. The boss also killed us a lot even if they where not the one being charged at on some of the pulls.

After that the rest of the dungeon went pretty seamless. Over all the Dungeon is fun and just needs a few bug fixes. I also have to say its one of the prettiest dungeons.
Take me one hour and half to get a party. 1 healer 1 tank and the rest was melee. to make short 1st boss worked fine we killed the adds. He died. 2nd boss couldn't do anything. he would mc even when you were far enough behind him. so we lit the healer try to line of sight him behind the book case. work for two turns then lost two melee leaving me and the tank to try and dps him but he was spaming scornful and Destructive Rampage aoe so we couldn't get close and we stoped there. Ever one lift. see what happens when you tweak on it.
Cathedral of the Eternal Night is one of the best looking dungeons in the game. It's a good balance of spooky fel green and Suramar blue. After clearing it, I ran around looking at it because it's just that pretty. I definitely enjoyed the varieties of trash mobs to keep pulls between bosses from getting stale. Side-note: Dialogue between Maiev and Illidan made me laugh out loud. He can't even see all that shade he's throwing.

For a first run through with no knowledge of the mechanics or flow, the dungeon felt short. Without wipes it would have taken no longer than 25 minutes to get through. And now knowing where to go, how to do the bosses, etc, subsequent runs should only take 20 minutes max. I should add here that I have a horrible sense of dungeon direction, and I found it no trouble to navigate from one boss to the next.

Right now, there's not much to say about the boss fights because they all felt easy. I don't think my group even saw all the mechanics for Agronox. He died in about 50 seconds.

Let's talk bugs:

    Where/Who: Agronox
    What: Fixate debuff remained on the druid tank after defeating the Agronox. Debuff expired after group wiped on later pulls and respawned in Agronox's room. Upon respawn flower adds spontaneously appeared and we defeated them, dropping the Fixate debuff.
    Expected Outcome: After finishing Agronox fight, Fixate debuff would go away and/or flower adds would despawn.

    Who/Where: Thrashbite the Scornful
    What: During the first pull, bookshelves were destroyed during Scornful Gaze. When group wiped and started encounter a second time, damaged bookshelves had respawned but Thrashbite continued to charge through the shelves uninterrupted. Group wiped repeatedly until Thrashbite fixated our hunter four times in a row and the hunter disengaged out of the way each time.
    Expected Outcome: It was expected that during subsequent pulls the bookshelves would continue to interrupt Thrasbite's Scornful Gaze.
    Another Note About The Encounter: After completing Scornful Gaze, Thrashbite would run back to the tank, but anyone that collided with Thrashbite on his way back would instantly die, as if he was still charging.

    Who/What: Domatrax
    What: During our first pull, Domatrax summoned adds as expected. Group wiped. During the second pull, Domatrax said his voice lines for summoning adds but none spawned.
    Expected Outcome: It was expected that Domatrax would summon adds during the second pull as he did during the first pull.

Those are the bugs we encountered during our first run through Cathedral of the Eternal Night. I don't recall anything out of sorts on Mephistroth. Overall this dungeon is enjoyable with a few new types of bosses thrown in.
Feels like there is a lot of damage being thrown around with certain abilities. There is the fel frost orb like ability on the top floors that's tossed around. Feels like it takes out 75% of your HP in a split second before you can even see the graphic.

Last boss felt like we sliced through him like a hot knife through butter.

Also had 2 aegis show up
I did the dungeon on Heroic Mode using a 830 ilevle Druid Healer (scaled from 900 by an Aura). I found it really easy, but that's ok. Third boss bugged out for me and never summoned adds to kill.

Second boss was killed by me and the tank only.

Visually it's great. An overall good dungeon, perhaps I'd tune it to make it a little bit more difficult on the boss end of things, trash is okay.

Keep it up!
02/15/2017 02:52 PMPosted by Lore
Hi all,

7.2's new dungeon - the Cathedral of Eternal Night - is now available for testing on the PTR. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:
  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon


Flow of the dungeon felt fine.

The dungeon was stunning to look at. Very enjoyable and different from the other dungeons. Nice job again on visuals.

I'm not a big fan of mechanic to Shield Illidan during Mephistroh. It feels clunky to do so and relies solely on one player to do this which can be problems if that one person disconnects, is bad, etc. I feel this can be further problematic on M+.

Difficulty was on par with other heroic dungeons - felt easy, but that's because we still had set bonuses and BiS legendaries that I didn't have during initial Heroic Dungeon running when Legion first came out.

A couple of bugs:
1 - Thrashbite
* He never finished casting Pulverizing Cudgel.
* When he would charge through a bookcase (the first time), it would break, but he wouldn't get stunned. After we wiped, he would charge through bookcases, but they wouldn't break (still no stun).
* Overall a very buggy fight.

2 - Domatrax
* We wiped once. Second time we fought him there were no portals that appeared (nor any adds - even the portal adds).

3 - There's one pull where there were imps on stairs that caused issues where the guys at the top of the stairs were pulled as well. This reminds me of other dungeons where aggro range goes up and down for long ranges like in RFD back in Vanilla.

Overall it's a great dungeon and excited to see this one in the normal rotation (as soon as the bugs are cleaned up).
I went with a group in there.

First boss was okay. Nothing to say about him.

Second boss : It was really messy, this fight is anti-melee, It's better to have three ranged DPS rather than melees.

First of all, he doesn't crash into the bookshelves when he charge a player hidden behind the bookshelves, he just go throught the bookshelves and players take some big damage.

Second, when we first begin to aggro the boss he auto-0attack and then he does his Cudgel, which means melee have to get away from the boss as fast as possible(which means it's a DPS loss).

Then, after his Cudgel, he does 3-4 auto-attacks then he focus his gaze on a player. The thing is, when he charges, it strangely hit the players when they are even 10 yards away from him, which means it's a dps loss for melee because melee have to get away from the boss. if they don't want to get hit by the charge.

Then, the melees have to catch the boss after his charge, but the problem is that the boss does his deadly whirlwind after his charge, which means melees have to wait in the center on the room for the boss to stop his whirlwind.

I'm never going to do this in Mythic+, the second boss will take like 7+mins if you have melees in your group because the second boss is anti-melee.

For the others boss, I can't provide feedback on them, since my group disbanded on Second boss.

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