Like the Wind - Worst WQ or worstest WQ?

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I think I'd like this quest a bit more if it was clear where to go. Some of them get really confusing on whether or not you should drop down or keep charging forward.
i use infernals on kirintor days. click the barrell HURP A DURP
Blizzard thought one day "NO ONE likes to do those awful DDR puzzles and Ley Races!" so you know what would be better.... Cup Game and Air Dash puzzles!"

Prefer them over the barrels tbh.

But to each their own.
My favourite WQ. Sometimes I just do them for fun even when there's no emissary reward.
If it helps, the Highmountain "Like the Wind" WQ I did recently absolutely requires you to use mouse click running and the "1" key to initiate it. It's pretty much impossible to do it any other way because you will likely never be able to turn the camera view around fast enough to hit that one bubble-thing that will be behind you otherwise.
02/18/2017 11:14 PMPosted by Kambing
My favourite WQ. Sometimes I just do them for fun even when there's no emissary reward.

A ballsy stance, I can respect that.
I spent 3 hours on it... THREE HOURS /cry

But I'm happy to announce that after all that unwanted practice they are all fairly easy to do under a minute or so.
After I finish the easier quests I'll do MoF or LtW. I'm getting better at them, and I don't mind trying over and over and over when in a more relaxed, other-quests-all-done mindset.

Actually, the quest that's starting to bug me the most is clearing the Timeworn Strand of the naga. I encounter the most aggressive PvPers there, and it takes 4-Eh-Vah for naga to respawn.

Suramar stuff? Not crazy about them, but I accept the challenge and am pretty happy with myself when I come out on top.
I love the WQs... when they don't bug out.

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