[H] Modus Operandi 7/8M LF Tank & RDPS!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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About Us
Modus Operandi is a semi-hardcore raiding guild from Dreadmaul/Thaurissan, our guild members are primarily located in Australia/New Zealand, we are aiming to clear Heroic/Mythic Raids while it's relevant and making sure we have a solid team for the next raid tiers & expansions to come.

Our guild is focused on creating friendships and enjoying the time together while also getting some good progression :). We are looking for a few more friends to join us!

What we’re looking for
We’re recruiting players that want to clear Mythic raids while it's relevant, we are generally open to all classes and specs and if you are an exceptional player we would love to read your application. If you are interested in applying with us, head over to our guild website and submit an application or contact us in-game.

Raid Times
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday & Monday 8:00pm-11:00pm (AEST)
During Daylight Savings we will be running from 8:00pm-11:00pm (AEDT)
Raid schedule will change after progression, generally 1-3 days depending on clearing speed.

What we expect from you
1) Raiders are expected to come to raid with the best available consumables, gems and enchants. This includes, flasks, food, and potions. We do attempt to supply said consumables but you should try bring your own in case we are running low, forgot to make some or they are extremely expensive etc.

2) You must be using Discord with a decent Microphone, DBM or BigWigs, RC Loot Council, Exorsus Raid Tools and WeakAuras2. These addons are non-negotiable.

3) Willingness to accept criticism and have an attitude of self-improvement.

4) We don't tolerate drama.

5) Owner of a stable internet connection.

6) You are always representing Modus Operandi. Act appropriately to outsiders and behave in kind to your fellow raiders/leadership.

7) Have good time management. If you have to be late or miss a raid, please notify us via text or the AFK text channel on Discord. We know RL will take precedent over WoW we only ask you notify us ahead of time.

Loot Rules
We run Loot Council with the RC Loot Council addon and occasionally trials will be viable for loot, as long as core raiders do not need said items. For more information on RC Loot Council and how we use it, please contact us.

Contact Us
Azayzél-Dreadmaul - Kleon#6716
Classes/Roles We are interested in.
* Death Knight (Tank) - Medium
* Demon Hunter (Tank) - Medium
* Druid (RDPS) - High
* Hunter (RDPS) - High
* Mage (RDPS) - High
* Monk (Tank) - High
* Warlock (RDPS) - High

Even if you are not in the list if you are able to raid full time, do good DPS or Heals and handle mechanics propperly, ideally with combat logs to prove it. Send in an application on our website https://modus-operandi.guildlaunch.com or contact Azayzél @ Kleon#6716
Currently recruiting for Core 1 & Core 2!
Core 1 is now 4/10M and Core 2 is 3/10M! We are still recruiting, check what class/roles we need above.
Currently Recruiting for Core 1 & Core 2! Check 2nd post for info.
Modus Operandi is now 8/10M.
Core 2 is also in need of a Paladin, Druid or Monk Tank, Ehanc Shaman, Rogue, Mage and Warlock!
Core 1 is currently recruiting a Resto Druid and Warlock! We are also interested in other classes but those 2 are high priority, check our 2nd post for more info.
Core 1 is also looking for a balance druid!
Core 1 is in need of a MDPS Demon Hunter and/or Monk, we are also interested in a Balance Druid, Warlock and any RDPS with OS Heals.

Even if your class isn't listed above, make sure you check our 2nd post for more info on what classes/specs Core 1 and Core 2 are recruiting!
Bump, been with them for a few months at the end of HFC period. Great guild and great people. Thumb up!
Bump, and thanks Zimona! <3
Core 1 currently in need of a WW Monk, Balance Druid, Warlock and Hunter! We are also interested in other classes/specs check our 2nd post for more info.
Bump, still recruiting
Recruiting Heals for Core 1 Mythic Gul'dan, prefer Priest, Pala or Druid but will also take Monk, no Shamans though.
LF another Warlock, Shadow Priest and Holy Priest for Tomb of Sargeras! Also interested in other classes/specs, check 2nd post!
Still recruiting a holy priest for M NH/ToS?
Still recruiting Warlock, Shadow Priest, Holy Priest and also a Ret Paladin for ToS!
Recruiting Warlock and Holy Priest! Also interested in other classes/specs, check 2nd post for more info.
Still recruiting!

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