909 Holy/Spriest LF 4/10M+ Guild Core Spot

Guild Recruitment
My old guild just fell apart. Looking to transfer here if I find a fitting guild. I'm 901 Equipped holy 895-900 equipped Equipped shadow depending on fight. 54 traits in holy, 49 in shadow. 4 holy legendaries, and 1 shadow, but working on its second. Experience is 7/7M (Cutting edge, obviously.) 2/3M 3/10M with many Krosus pulls. I'm looking for a guild who is at least 4/10M to continue progression into nighthold. Feel free to check my logs at Sithyris-Blackrock, keeping in mind I'm looking to play holy mainspec, but open to going shadow. I have a strong grasp on it despite my lack of logs (rarely played it in our raids.)

Add me at Alleymonkey#1473 if you have any questions
Yo, we're 7/7m, 2/3m, 4/10m. We only raid 2 nights a week, Tues & Thurs 9:00 - 1:00est(Optional alt run on Mon). Looking for an exceptional healer/dps to add to our core roster. If your interested, add me rors#1117. Hope to hear from you.
These are immediate raid spot openings. This is not bench recruitment.

[A-Kel'Thuzad] <iRaider> [7/7M] [3/3M] [6/10M NH]

About us:
The majority of our core have top U.S. raiding history, including a top 10 experienced raid leader. We have experience with raiding at a realm first level, including realm first Deathwing, Will of the Emperor, and Grand Empress. We have achieved 13/13M HFC, 7/7M Highmaul, 9/10M BRF, 7/7M EN, and 3/3M ToV while it was current.

Our primary goal: To be a top US 100 guild. We define this as having competitive progression, efficient Mythic+ teams, and high-ranking raiders. We can and will achieve this because of our prestigious raid history, our dedicated, skilled team, and resourceful leadership.

Our internal goal: We want our guild to be dedicated, efficient, and enjoyable. We will achieve this through performance reviews, survey feedback, Q&A sessions, interactive raid strats, solid flow of communication, and class/role mentoring.

Our casual goal: We want our guild to have some laughs, give each other sh*t, and kill bosses. After all, this is a game.

When we raid:

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday (optional Sales)

All days: 9pm - 12:30am EST

We are currently 7/7M, 3/3M, and 6/10M NH. Ranked US 91.

Our recruiting needs:

We’re looking for players who are adaptable, versatile, and drama free. We want our raiders to strive to improve their play, take criticism well, and are okay with an adult oriented raid atmosphere.

We are currently opening our ranks to anyone with talent. Please feel free to app.

Looking for a healer - Resto Druid
Looking for ranged DPS - Boomkin, Ele Sham, Mage
Looking for DPS with Heal OS (or vice versa) - ANY

Guild Perks:

Our raiders take home an equal share of 75% of all gold earned through sales. 25% is kept for the guild bank. The only requirements are that you are here for the runs and have earned raider rank. As usual, flasks and repairs are provided as needed.

If our guild pertains to you, then add me to battletag so we can discuss you being a part of iRaider or go to our website and submit an application!

If I am not available, try Zeek.


Website: www.iraider.org
WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/kel-thuzad/iRaider
Guild: <Far Beyond Insanity>
Server: US-Stormrage
Age Requirement: Mature adults (23+) (few exceptions have been made for the right person)
History: Founding GM and Guild have been around for over 8 years now.
Schedule: We have a 2 night raiding schedule, Tues/Wed 7:00-11:00pm EST.
Hellfire Citadel
13/13 Mythic (before Pre-Patch)

Tier 19
7/7 Mythic EN
2/3 Mythic ToV
3/10 Mythic NH

Our Philosophy is to Raid Smart, Not Hard. Hardcore style raiding in only 2 nights. We are looking for players that are reliable, can work mechanics correctly, and who always look to improve oneself. We are NOT a casual raiding guild but one that raids seriously in only 2 nights. We believe in a good balance of life’s responsibilities and WoW is the goal to have both without burn out. We do run an aggressive and competitive raid environment but at the same time friendly and respectful.

If interested tag me Krazy#1922
Apply at www.fbiguild.enjin.com
<Sovereign Imperium> - 12 year raiding guild (Kel'Thuzad - US)
7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 3/10M NH ( Botanist @ 22%)
Schedule: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays

Raid Times:
7:30 PM - 11 PM PST
8:30 PM - 12 AM MST ( server time )
9:30 PM - 1 AM CST
10:30 PM - 2 AM EST

<Sovereign Imperium> originated on Dragonmaw ( Alliance ) in February 2005 and is still operated under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes to maintain the same competitive edge ever since. If you want stability, you've come to the right place.

In May 2013, we moved to Kel'Thuzad due to the dying population of Dragonmaw to enhance our recruitment pool and overall realm-community atmosphere. We are looking for dedicated, efficient raiders who may or may not fill our profile of raiding: With the proper focus and dedication, we know that raiding only 3 days a week can be just as efficient as 5. We also re-visit content to farm mounts, achievements, and play other games like Diablo, Steam games, Overwatch, and League of Legends.
Exceptions are always made for exceptional players, however: we are currently pursuing recruitment for core DPS Spots!

What you can expect from us:

- Progression / Consistent Raid schedules. Hasn't changed in years.
- Accountability to one's performance and attendance. We work as a team.
- Flasks, feasts, pots, repairs covered. We aren't cheap.
- An active guild community outside of raiding.

What we expect from you:

- A drive to progress, and a 90% attendance rate.
- Ice Cream! and a sense of humor.
- People who can avoid hazards, and follow instructions.
- A respectable number output to your role. (fancy way of saying good logs)
- Maturity: Basic raiding experience outside of LFR: the more experience the better.

When we're not raiding, we do mythic+ groups and other sorts of things online. We're looking for core raiders, not a bench. Contact myself in-game for any further questions, applications, or in-game interviews. Seriously get back to me, i'm lonely... :(

Perkan (Perkan#1781)
Guild Master
<Sovereign Imperium>
<Vile> Mal'Ganis [US] Horde Guild Open Recruitment!

katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/

Recruitment Needs:

Currently recruiting all classes and specs to expand our raid roster for both of our 20M Weekday and Weekend Raids! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to slay dragons a few times a week. We raid because we love the game and want to find like-minded people. We believe in team play and solid individual performance. While your raiding resume might be cool, we care more about attitude, what you can actually do in the moment, and what you bring to every single raid night, than your past accomplishments.

Raid Times:

Dream Team 20 Man (Mythic)

Days: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Times: 9:00 pm -12:30 am Server (CST)

Loot System: EP/GP

Team Awesome 20 Man (Mythic)

Days: Friday and Saturday

Times: 8:00 pm -12:00 am Server (CST)

Loot System: EP/GP

PVP Needs:

All classes interested in Rated BGs, World PVP, Arenas and random BGs


Everyone should have knowledge of the PvP maps and install the BG targets Add-on.

Normal and Heroic Modes:

Any and all Interested In running as a guild to get extra gear for our Mythic Raids. These will occur typically at 5 PM CST before our regularly scheduled mythic raids. If the majority of the raid still needs Heroic then we will do Normal at 5 PM and if they do not we will replace Normal with Heroic.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons Needs:

Players with knowledge of the fights and difference between both heroic and Mythic modes. Your gear set for the Mythic Mode is gemmed and enchanted correctly. Mumble should be installed.

About Us:

Well we are a current content progression Raiding guild social and friendly to others, We have a sense of Humor and Like to send jokes back and forth, With that being said we are a mature Guild environment and have A lot of helpful people in the guild with almost anything! We do look to make sure people wanna play this game and not have us play it for you! We have been around for a while and have the stability to offer you as a member!

What We Can Offer You:

  • Active guild with lots to do on a server with a great economy!
  • Fair trial selection process!
  • Friendly and helpful players!
  • Live Twitch streams during raids
  • Repairs and potions and flasks for Raiders!
  • Stability of a Guild that has been around since 2010!
  • How To Get In:

    First thing to note all of our spots are competitive for any candidate, and will remain so to keep a steady and active roster for our teams!

    There are a few ways to get in! If you currently reside on Mal'Ganis message anyone in the Guild at any time and then get in touch with an Officer. Also you may add our B-Tag and get in touch with us VIA in game whisper and set up an interview!

    Still not sure? Check out our Live Stream on Raid nights!

    ***Note now if you are on a different server currently and plan on finding a new guild we do offer a cross server trial before you decide to transfer. With this being said alliance can also faction change before transfering to see how our Guild suites your needs and yours ours.

    katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

    Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/
    7/7M 4/10M - Core spot for you bro, already added you for a chat

    Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11 CST

    US Horde Mal'ganis PVP

    www.ErebosWoW.com - is our website, no apps needed, just a mumble interview.

    Vredsbattlenet@gmail.com - My battle net, hit me up for a chat!
    The Coalition of US-Lightbringer (PST-PVE) 5/10M 7/7M 3/3M

    The Guild has been together for 11 years and still has a lot of members from Vanilla. We offer a progressive minded raid while having a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. We joke around, have a good time but still get stuff done.

    Raid Times:
    Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10-30pm PST
    Sometimes have an optional heroic clear on the weekends.

    Loot would be distributed by a loot council, based upon performance, need, and attendance.

    A lot of the raid consumables are provided by the guild to help with the burden of raiding. At this time we provide, Flasks, Food, Vantus Runes and Repairs. Try to help with Pots/Augments from time to time.

    We are looking for friendly team orientated individuals that will help put the guild first yet keep the fun gaming environment that we have.

    Ranged Dps!

    We will always consider any exceptional application of any class or spec.
    Please post your apps on our website http://thecoalitionlb.enjin.com/

    If you have any questions feel free to add me Xellos#1969 of Lunana#1345
    I'm not too sure if I'd be interested in going alliance.. that is kinda of a leap for me being someone who has played horde since vanilla.
    I accepted all of you who added me but I don't know who is who, feel free to toss me a message when you can. I'm online bnet all the time, and will reply as soon as I get back.
    (H-Khadgar)<Plaguechill> currently has immediate openings for 2-3 Ranged DPS. Warlock, Mage, Hunter are in very high need. We are currently progressing through mythic content in Legion, pushing server firsts. We are currently 3/10 Mythic Nighthold and looking to expand our roster. We raid Tues / Wed / Thurs 7:00 - 10:00 EST and are made up of ex-top US raiders that prefer a more semi hardcore raid schedule.

    If you have any questions or would like to chat you can contact us here:
    Sanoks-Khadgar via ingame or add Bnet Konas#1865
    Nazgrax-Khadgar via ingame or add Bnet Naz#1784

    Feel free to check out recruitment thread!
    Hi, Traverse-Thrall (H) is currently looking for 2 healer for our raid on Friday/Sunday 11-3 EST, I saw your post so I decided to say Hi. if you're intrested you're welcome to app at http://traverse.enjin.com/home and feel free to add our Raid leader Terrill at TerrillNR#1701. For more info feel free to look at our recruitment thread http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747776176
    Hello there,

    We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage. Currently we are 3/10M NH (1% Krosus Wipe, have logs) & 7/7M 2/3M in EN & ToV respectively. We are looking to pick up a skilled Holy Priest for immediate core opening for mythic NH progression.

    Singularíty featues in TOP US Mythic plus ranked guilds and is highly active outside of raiding hours. The guild has pushed multiple level 20-22 keystones as a group in the current week. We are a skilled group of raiders looking to have like minded and competent players in a relaxed but yet progression oriented environment.

    Our raid times are Tues. Wed & Thurs from 9:00 pm - 01:00 am EST. If these times fit for you and you want a chill environment, please contact me at Obskure#6264 (GM).


    Thanks and good luck!
    <Singularíty - Stormrage>
    Btag: Obskure#6264
    Goal: US 200 or better in Legion or Bust!!!!!!

    <Dark Singularity> is a late night progression oriented guild that is currently pushing Mythic Raids/Dungeons. Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided together back in TBC and Vanilla. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content then this is the guild for you. We believe that teamwork and proper planning are the keys to success. Do you want to be the missing piece to the puzzle and progress while still having fun? If so, keep reading and see if DS is a fit for you.

    Current Progression:
    Team Dojo: 4/10M NH, 10/10H NH
    Team Infusion: 2/10M 10/10H NH

    Loot System:
    We use the loot system known as EPGP which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History.

    Raid Times: For Both Teams
    Tuesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)
    Wednesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)
    Thursday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)

    Dark Singularity was formed on the Hyjal server during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. DS has become a successful raiding guild while completing all content in WoD. DS is always open for recruitment, if you would like to check if any positions are available, or would like to submit an application, please visit the application page at http://dark-singularity.shivtr.com/. Or if you want make an alt on Hyjal and /who Dark Singularity to find an officer. We would also suggest you go to our website's front page and read our guild mission statement, guidelines and recruitment post. This will give you a good idea of what DS is all about.

    Contact Us:

    Current need for Team Dojo:
    High Need- Ranged Hunter, Spriest, Arms/Fury Warrior
    Medium Need- Mage/Rogue/Holy Paladin/Resto Druid
    Low Need- Ranged DPS with healing os/Exceptional players of other classes

    Current need for Team Infusion:
    High Need- Ret Paladin, Boomkin, Havoc DH, WW Monk
    Medium Need- Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman=Healing Priest
    Low Need- Exceptional Players of other classes

    We do sale runs on off nights (Usually Monday) to help make players and guild bank some gold. We also use this gold for guild repairs. We are on Discord and GroupMe. We use Mumble/Discord as our VoIP. This guild will help you as long as you are willing to help the guild and your fellow players in return.
    Hi there!

    We're an [Alliance] 2 night guild currently at 4/10M Nighthold and we're looking for an outstanding healer with dps off spec!!

    If you are the type of person who can anticipate incoming damage and heal accordingly and absolutely enjoys finding new ways to maximize your dps in every boss fight then we may have a spot for you.

    We raid Tue/Wed 7-11PM EST. We do not push for split runs nor require extra raid nights during progression! Most of us are professionals.

    Here's more about us. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749087691#1

    My btag is spacealien#1979. Hopefully we can talk!
    <Insomnia> (7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 6/10M NH) US#96


    <Insomnia> is a late night guild located on Mal'ganis, which is a PVP, Horde dominated, high population server. <Insomnia> was a guild created for the sole purpose of providing those whom can't attend the traditional raiding schedule with an environment focused on progression raiding.

    While our raiding times or community may not be ideal for many, we're a guild with personality, that pride ourselves on our unique atmosphere. With each passing tier we've not only improved as individuals, but as a team. We've proven our ability to weather the storm, and not fallen victim to the common difficulties faced by others. Our guilds' mindset is to not only survive the passing raiding tiers, but thrive during them.

    What you can expect from <Insomnia> :

    > Guild leadership focused on progression
    > Reliable and skilled players
    > A friendly, social atmosphere not commonly found in progression guilds
    > Guild repairs and feasts provided during raids
    > Loot council fueled for progression!

    What we expect from you :

    > Raid awareness
    > Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class
    > Consistency [showing up every night, and on time is a MUST].
    > Desire to progress and push yourself every night, and to always strive to achieve better results!


    Monday - Thursday, 9pm - 1am PST (12am - 4am EST, 11pm - 3am CST)


    For more information contact Kisshot, Tida or any of the officers in-game or at our website!

    Website : http://insomnia-wow.guildlaunch.com/

    Battle Tag: Kisshot#1230 or Tida#1933
    Precision - Sargeras(7/10M) is looking for more for Nighthold! Sargeras is a very highly populated Alliance server with one of the strongest PvE progression scenes in the US. Precision is fairly new (reformed late HFC), but is committed to competing for #1 among 3-day guilds.

    Legion Progression
    7/7M EN
    3/3M ToV
    7/10M NH

    WoD Progression
    7/7M HM
    10/10M BRF
    13/13M HFC - US 46!

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-11 CST (5-9 PST | 8-12 EST)

    We strive to keep a relaxed environment while still taking progression seriously. In Precision you will find a strong sense of community without the cliques most progression guilds form.

    Working microphone.
    Strong knowledge of your class and role, and a willing to research and theory-craft.
    A strong background in progression raiding.
    A passion for progression raiding.
    Ability to accept criticism.
    A raid ready alt (at this point we are done with split runs for NH, but you must be prepared to have an alt ready for future tiers).

    All loot is handled via officer based loot council.

    Officer Contact Info:
    Scuz scuzzywuzzy#1651
    Shadydemise ShadyDemise#1971
    Wynbolt ObscureRisk#1277
    Vulshock Lennykravitz#1168
    Flattery Ryan#1406

    If you're a laid back person with a desire to progress at a good pace we strongly encourage you to apply!

    Apply at precision.gg/forum/
    At a glance: Medicated | http://wow-medicated.enjin.com/ Faction: Horde | Server: Stormreaver (PvP) | Raid times Tu, Th, Sun. 9:15-12:30 EST
    Current Progression: 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 3/10M NH
    Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/150914

    High Priority:
    Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest

    All exceptional candidates considered

    The Medicated Philosophy:

    We do not believe in carrots or sticks. We do not want recruits who need to be pushed. We believe in a prescribed environment of mutual purpose and respect. Nineteen other players are counting on your ability to focus, follow instructions, and execute strategies. Without the raid, there is no raiding guild. We want raiders. Raiders want progression.

    It is easy to misinterpret our philosophy as a license for elitism. On the contrary, guildies are expected to treat each other with respect, and foster a welcoming environment for gaming that players want to log into. Furthermore, you are a representative of your tag, and the way you treat non-guildies outside of raid reflects on the rest of us.

    We are also just as concerned with the social aspect of our players than simply their ability to play this game. We are committed to a guild with a lack of egostim, douchebaggery, asshattery, or anything else that would be unpleasant to be around.

    *Note: Players who take the time outside of raid to improve their toons (i.e. M+ World Questing, Artifact Power grind) will invariably perform better than those who don’t. Raiding is competitive. If you get pushed out by more committed raiders, that’s on you.

    Contact Information: Raincaller (GM) Lazarus#12637, Elliot (Officer) Gchillz#1621
    Come for the mythic raiding, stay for the legendary community!


    4/10M NH, 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV
    US Top 200 Last Xpack

    Seraph of US-Mal’Ganis is a GIANT, adult, mythic progression raiding guild featuring TWELVE full time raid teams all operating in cohesion under one roof. We are routinely among the top guilds on the server. We have been around for over seven years and we will be here for years to come. Seraph offers a full community experience and could very easily be the last guild you ever join. We make friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

    With such a large community, we offer our raiders a wide selection of events to participate in; YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO PUG ANYTHING! Our guild features:
    • Core raids for each team
    • Alt raids open to all
    • Legacy raids open to all
    • Achievement raids open to all
    • M+ Dungeons
    • PVP - RBGs, BGs, Arena
    • Active guild forums

    Each of our twelve teams has unique needs and schedules, and vary from casual to hardcore. Please visit SeraphGuild.com to view the needs of each team! We are an adult guild and have an 18+ policy.

    1. Spaceball One - 3/10M, 7/7M, 2/3M (11pm - 2am CST, Tue/Wed/Thu)
    2. Mutiny - 4/10M, 7/7M, 2/3M (11:45pm - 3:15am CST, Fri/Sat)
    3. Team Ocho - 10/10H, 7/7M, 3/3H (9pm - 12am CST, Sun/Mon/Wed)
    4. Deconstruction - 1/10M, 4/7M, 3/3H (7pm - 10pm CST Sun/Mon/Tues)
    5. Hallowed Ground - 9/10H, 4/7M, 3/3N (11pm - 2am CST, Fri/Sat)
    6. Bloodline - 3/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H (7pm - 10pm CST, Tues/Wed/Thu)
    7. Color Blind - 1/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H ( 8:30pm - 12am CST, Fri/Sat)
    8. Barely Heroic - HEROIC - 3/10H, 7/7H, 2/3H (10:30pm - 1:30am CST, Tues/Thu)
    9. Violated Doughnuts - 1/10M, 7/7H, 2/3H (6pm - 10pm CST, Sat/Sun)
    10. Pillow Talk - 1/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H (10:30pm - 1:30am CST, Tues/Wed/Thurs)
    11. Beyond Blue - 3/10H (7pm - 10pm CST, Wed/Thurs)
    12. Top Gun - 10/10H (9am - 12pm CST, Tues/Wed/Thurs)
    PVP Squad: 1650 (19-9) (6:30pm - 8:30pm CST, Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed)

    Guild Master: IlpadTwo (ilpad#1438)
    Guild Administration: Symmone (ClaireBear#1202)
    Guild PVP: Weseals (ScottyB#1682)
    Recruitment Assistant: Jaymie (Valkyrie#1796)

    Visit http://seraphguild.com for more information!
    Thank you everyone for the information and offers! I've decided to accept a trial position with a guild on Sargeras. Thank you.

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