Why is flying important to you?

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convenience, yes

speed, not always, I have alts who have yet to ever purchase fastest flying

and more

seeing the world from a new perspective

getting to some locales NOT accessible by ground, even Legion has some mountains with no trail up

must go afk, mount up and lift off rather than hearth, use whistle or travel back then return again

friend need needs help, direct your flyer to them and arrive faster w/o battling to get to them

simple enjoyment over controlling your sky highways

Just as some play for the instances or the pvp because they enjoy it, others love flying for the freedom it brings. A rent a bird is ok but you don't control its path, it has 1 direction in mind while you can change course on your own flier.

There are or have been numerous pleasures in wow that w/o player controlled flying would never have been found and brought smiles to faces for the simple pleasure of having found them, Blizzard seems to have left those simple pleasures out and prefer it appears to want to direct all discoveries.

Flying used to actually be needed to even access some dungeons or raids, used to offer some risk for the inattentive.

Everything about todays World of Warcraft is not all about discovering as was in the past, it is now about discover what we require you discover, it is all about a set course with deliberate finds.
I think flight delay wouldnt be so bad if using a ground mount wasnt such an awful experience. I love when my mount gets caught on everything all the time. Im like dude...dude, how is a 10k lb dragon getting stuck on a flower?

I feel as if ground mounts destroy immersion for me. I constantly feel like Im playing a frustrating video game instead of enjoying the world around me.
It isn't important to me. I enjoyed flying in those zones that require it but find that, even tho I have 6 level 110's now, I'm still enjoying playing on the ground in Legion. I wish that when they enable flying they'd also enable a world phase where flying isn't permitted.
Honestly, I just wanna get what I need to do...done. This game isn't so much about the journey anymore, as it is the destination. I'm not saying that's the way I think it should be, only how it seems to be now. Making it take 10 minutes longer to get to a quest in highmountain etc, isn't fun, or make me feel super immersed - just frustrated. If I wanna try to climb a mountain, I'll do it in real life, not in a video game.

There is no need to make the terrain in a videogame so annoying. I get stuck on every rock, pebble, twig, errant branch. If realism is the reason - well I don't see anyone making coconut popsicles with husks on them. "Yes, all the flavor of coconut, with all the annoyance, too!" I play to have fun and relax, not micromanage every step I take trying to traverse virtual terrain. I'd rather just fly over it...

It's not. If it doesn't increase my dps I don't care about it.

It's just a convenience
See my portrait? Dwarf, right?

What do Wildhammer Dwarves use to travel? Armored Gryphons. There's your immersive, fun fantasy right there.

Because an Armored Gryphon is a stinking, sad sight waddling down the road.
Because it is frustrating to spend 5 minutes try to get to a little nook or cranny just to do a world quest or to spend 5 minutes running around a whole mountain when i could fly over in in half a minute. I want my WQs done quickly so i can get to mythic+ing, BGs or raids.
02/25/2017 07:20 AMPosted by Pornzul
I'm just "curious" why you would ask this question of us

Because the other thousands of threads about flying are full of people demanding it and making up insane, nasty and obnoxious claims and threats to justify it. A typical thread comment is "devs should be fired for hate crimes against players, I pay money so give it now bastards".

Most of us are not willing to wade through thousands of awful posts like that to find the tiny few intelligent comments that answer OP's question:

why is it important to you?

how different is your game without it?

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