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A small clarity may be in order, you mention you have 2 teams but do not say which team you are recruiting for [or I need to go back to grade school and learn to read again, which is entirely possible], as well you do not mention what you expect in your applicants, which is generally expressed in an ilvl requirement. Might help you find the right person as well as let readers clearly know what you are looking for.
Thanks Helter, The listing's are for our mythic blue team, our red team is open invite. They will take almost anyone, provided they have the gear and basic knowlege of the fights :)
Looking to bolster our ranks for TOS
Interested. My friend and I are both looking for a casual raiding group that we can start running Mythics and pushing our keystones. My main is a lock 908 and I have an alt druid tank 877. My friend has a DH tank 914, Hunter 912 and druid healer 905. We are interested in your Red team but as our schedules free up could be helpful for your Blue team is spots are open. Feel free to message me Poockins#1899
Awesome guild. Very stable, dependable raiders, fun group.
im interested im 915 ilvl 9/9n and 2/9h on tomb. in nighthold im 10/10h with the ahead of the curve guldan achiv. my current guild is falling apart. i can raid on mondays, tuesday, and wensdays so if you have any more questions my battle# is mikew#1923
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my current guild is falling apart.

You're welcome.
I am interested in joining i am heals/tank not at 900 ilvl yet as guild i am in doesn't raid or do anything hit me up when you can dslovsted#1786
I would be interesting in joining red team and potentially blue in the future if everything worked and the need is there. 912 prot and 910 arms, feel free to contact me Gullion89#1523
Hi Solo!

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