895 Boomie LF Alliance/Horde 1-2 Night Guild

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a 1-2 night guild that is still fairly progression minded and does not use loot council. I am currently 8/10H NH, 7/7M EN, 1/3M TOV. I learn quickly and although at the end of the day "it's just a game," I always do my best to help the team!

Provided you can make our times the only issues is we use loot council. If you have concerns about the fairness of out LC I'd love to chat and answer any questions you might have. Team spam below.

At Eternal Kingdom we offer a different kind of environment, we host many different raiding teams ranging in progression from Mythic to normal clearing teams. I'm the team lead for the Vanguard team which is currently 7/7M, 2/3M, and 10/10H. Vanguard is a hardcore progression team on a casual schedule. We only raid two days a week but have the same expectations as a hardcore raiding team. We are currently looking to fill core spots with solid and reliable raiders as we move through Nighthold.

Immediate Need
Shadow Priest
Any 90%+ Parsing DPS

Progression: 7/7M | 2/3M | 10/10H
Apply Here: http://www.ek-gaming.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=15
Loot: Loot Council
Raid Times: Monday and Wednseday 830pm-1230am(PST)
<Burn> is currently recruiting all outstanding players for core positions. If you're confident in your ability to perform well and you’re interested in raiding on a lighter schedule with other great players, we encourage you to get in contact with us.

Guild: Burn of US-Kel'thuzad
Recruitment: All classes/roles.
Raid Schedule:
All times are MST, which is also the Kel'thuzad realm time.
● Thursday: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
● Sunday: 7:00pm – 10:30pm
Recruitment Thread: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20750734915
Notable Achievements Of Our Members:
● Realm First! Heroic: Garrosh [US 8 10-man]
● Realm First! Heroic: Paragons of Klaxxi [US 7 10-man]
● Realm First! Heroic: Siegecrafter Blackfuse [US 6 10-man]
● Tier 16 finished US #8 for 10-man and US #22 overall.
● Realm First! Ra-den [US 6 10-man]
● Realm First! Heroic: Lei Shen [US 9 10-man]
● Tier 15 finished US #6 for 10-man and US #11 overall.
● Realm First! Heroic: Sha of Fear [US 14 10-man]
● Tier 14 finished US #8 for 10-man & US #25 overall.

Further Information/To Apply
● Muk // Battle Tag: Pro#1435
● Notdeadyet // Battle Tag: Fleet#1643
● Disethan // Tinman#1948
Heya Zombu-

Nevermore is currently looking for a couple more skilled players to help round out our core. I think we are the type of guild you are looking for based on your requirements.

- We raid two nights a week (Tues/Thurs 8-11 est)
- We are pushing mythic progression 7/7M EN, 3/3H ToV, 10/10N NH, 8/10H NH
- We are laid back, have fun but still enjoy doing some of the more difficult content the game has to offer.
- We run Mythic + weekly and have a weekly alt raid that runs heroic content

If this sounds like something you are interested in please feel free to reach out to our GM at Glade#1825 or apply on our website -- www.nevermoreturalyon.com --

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
Sorry for limited info on mobile

<No Big Deal> Stormrage US Alliance
3/10M NH US 37th kills
2 day Tues/Wed 630-1015 est pm
finished M EM / M TOV US 127

Been around for 3-4 years since mop

<Strange Fiction> on [H]Kil'Jaeden is a 2 night raid guild running on 6 hours a week: Wed & Sun 930p-1230a PST. We are a fairly new guild with a late start to Mythic EN and we are looking to lock in a few more reliable dps for our core roster.

What makes <Strange Fiction> stand out from the other 7/7M guilds?
Though we had a late start, we were 7/7M and 3/3H in just over 2 months. Now that we have a stable core, we are looking to continue our push through Nighthold. We are already 9/10H after our first week of raid.

As we only raid two days a week, we are very committed and focused during the raid but also pride ourselves on still maintaining a laid back atmosphere. We expect all raiders to come prepared with consumables and an up-to-date knowledge of the encounter(s) and their classes/specs.

9/10 Heroic Nighthold
10/10 Normal Nighthold
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor

Recruiting Needs:
*35 Trait mainspec is required minimum*
Ranged DPS
- Shadow Priest
- Elemental Shaman
Ranged DPS/ Offspec Healer (Shaman preferably)
*while we are looking for a few specific classes and roles, we do consider exceptional, reliable, and competent players on all specs*

Outside of Mythic raid progression, we have an active core of players who run Heroic Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor, Karazhan w/ Nightbane runs, and dozens of Mythic+ throughout the day (usually a few groups in the mornings and a few more in the evening, consistently clearing any keystone up to +15 every week, including multiple Keystone Masters.

If you think <Strange Fiction> would be a good fit for you and also you for us, feel free to check out our site or contact us on battletag:


I know you are saying 1-2 nights but if you can do 3 at 3hrs each,here is our info


6/10 H Nighthold
10/10 N Nighthold
4/7M Emerald Nightmare
2/3H Trial of Valor

Raid Days: T/W/TH 8-11pm server (CST)
Loot: EPGP
Comms: Mumble
Website: www.iloveriot.com

What we are looking for:
-Strong individuals or group of players who understand working together as a team and not just themselves
-Have a good understanding of their class and specs
-Be prepared each raid night with understanding of fights
-Have a working headset with ability to communicate
-Have trust in co-guild members in their abilities as they will trust in you
-Have a positive attitude
-Be Raid Ready Food,Flask,Pots....proper enchants/gems

What you can expect from us:
-A long term and stable environment
-Willingness to help out each individual inside and outside of raid
-A fun and active social community
-Willingness to adapt to and change to better as a whole
-Core players and Raid Lead with years of raiding at high end experience

Recruitment Needs:

All spots are open at this moment

Feel free to message me with any questions- xcirus#1428
[H]<The Early Shift> [9/10H-NH | 7/7M-EN | 1/3M-ToV] 2Day-MidDay Mythic Raiding Guild!

US - Bleeding Hollow/Horde

About TES:
The Early Shift is a raiding guild that was formed right before Legion. Our goal is to become one of the best 2day guilds in the US! The leadership of TES has been around since Vanilla, and has a vast amount of high end leadership experience.

What you can expect from us as a guild:
- Strong/passionate/driven leadership that doesn't give up.
- A sense of community and direction.
- Communication.

What we expect from our trials:
- Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, addons, and knowledge for raid.
- Effort to integrate yourself with guild’s community.
- 100% attendance during 2 week trial.
- The drive to improve personal play.

What we're looking for:
We are ALWAYS looking for players with the drive and the passion to push themselves to be the best. With that being said, we have a few classes in HIGH demand:

- Arms/Fury Warrior
- MistWeaver/WindWalker Monk
- Balance/Feral Druid
- Hunter/Mage/Warlock

Will consider any EXCEPTIONAL DPS!

6 hr/wk Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST
Thursday: 12:00PM(Noon)-3:00PM EST

How to apply:
If you're interested in joining The Early Shift, please contact me via BattleTag:

Guild Master (Zhamie): Zhammie#1301

We appreciate your time and interest. Best of luck with your search!
Livewire - Arthas. 6/10H
Raid times- Mon/Wed 8:15-11 EST
About us: We are newer guild having been reformed around the prepatch of legion. Since when we have gotten cutting edge in the current tier and built a strong roster of raiders. Looking to recruit a few more people for NH. We are a laid back guild who uses discord and RC Loot Council consisting of RL and 2 officers. We are also one of the few Mon/Wed guilds to complete mythic. Our main standout is our raid days which fit for those people who can not make the normal Tuesday raid day that is common in many guilds.

High Priority Recruitment
-Boomkin, Hunter
(also recruiting any exceptional dps but will pick one of the two above if have the option too)

Contact- Dameon#1951-bnet or Discord Dameon#7361
1.Have current logs
2.Understand you will be low loot priority as a trial which lasts 2 weeks(good attendance and raid performance will get you to core raid group)
Hey there!

[H] <Resistance> Hyjal

Our guild is recruiting for a couple more spots for our Mythic raid team. Here is a little about us:

Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M
Trial of Valor - 2/3M
Night Hold - 9/10H

Here is our raid days:

Wed - Optional Night, we usually run heroic or mythic content of previous tiers.
Fri - Main Night, Progression mythic content
Sat - Main Night, Progression mythic content

Our raid times are as follow:

Invites start at 6:45pm PST (9:45pm EST).
Raid starts at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST).
Raid ends at 10:00pm PST (1:00am EST).

We have current needs of:

HIGH: 2x Healers looking for with Shaman being preferred.
HIGH: 2x Ranged DPS. Anyone with 85+ Percentile Parses. Guaranteed Mythic spot @ 90+ parse w/high attendance
MEDIUM: 1x Tank. Must be expert at class and 7/7M or close to it

Any and all exceptional candidates will be considered. If you do not see it listed here please do not turn away. Feel free to message us and we can discuss it!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to add any of the following on Bnet:

Vindicated is a semi-hardcore guild that seeks to achieve Cutting Edge progression on a fairly light schedule. We also look to build and maintain a strong community of players that work together beyond our scheduled raid times.

We have adopted a Loot Council system to properly disperse gear among our players to better serve the guild during progression. Gear will go to players who best fit the criteria. Those who are consistent in showing to raid and perform well will have priority on the gear. Consistency and performance aside, gear will go the classes/specs who will benefit the most from the pieces to push our progression.

7/7M EN
2/3M ToV
9/10H NH

What we're looking for:

Enthusiasm about raiding. Dedication and loyalty. Friendly personality. A high level of knowledge about your class as reflected by your gear, spec, and combat logs. Familiarity with current theory-craft is expected. Adequate raiding experience. Exceptions will be considered, especially if you have significant experience in past content.
Raid days are Sunday/Monday 6:00pm-10:00pm PST (Server Time). In order to raid with us we require all trials and raiders to be able to make at least a 90% attendance rate.

Currently Recruiting:
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priests
WW Monks

Will consider any applications.

Contacts: Guild Master-Lunoxis#1568 Officer-Asap#1500 Officer-Radians#1312

Website: http://vindicatedkj.enjin.com/home
Big Floppy Noodle on Arthas(Horde): We are looking for players who like to progress through content raiding 6 hours a week. All skilled players welcome.

Recruitment Needs:
Melee DPS - Low (1, pref w/ tank os)
Ranged DPS - High (2/3)
Healer - Medium (1)

Current Raid Progression:
4/10 H NH
10/10 N NH
3/3 H Trials of Valor
7/7 H Emerald Nightmare

Raid Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. server time (Eastern Standard Time). Invites start at 7:45pm

Guild Philosophy: While we have a casual schedule, when it comes to progression we are serious and focused. Aiming to make the most of our 6 hours a week, we expect our members to know their classes and come to raids prepared. We are looking for players who enjoy having fun, but know when it's time to get serious and push content.

If interest please contact one of the individuals below:

Cactuspie#1574 - Officer

Jaxsus#1974 - Officer

Kngcrab#1465 - GM

Hello there! We use Loot Council, but we can use you starting immediately.

[Speakeasy] on US- Shadow Council is looking to bring some dedicated players to our current 7/7M, 2/3M, 10/10H roster.

Raid Times:
Friday Night: 6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST (4 hours)
Saturday Night: 6pm PST / 7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST (4 hours)

Immediate recruitment needs:

Any RANGED DPS. Must be 880+, and have decent logs. Also be over 35 in Artifact Traits.

We are looking for people that will mesh well with our current roster. A good fit will be someone that has a good attitude and understands how progression works. Someone that will be here for the long haul.

Although we raid on the weekends let it be clear that this is not and never will be a casual raiding guild. All players are expected to stay up to date with all information about their class and spec(s). If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to ask. :D

All candidates should be 18 years or older.

If you feel like this piques your interest, check us out and or apply by speaking to me!

You can also check us out on twitch.tv/ztopp

Contact info:

Bnet: Shalene#1900 Discord: Shalene#4305

Our Gm:
Bnet: Ztop#1564 Discord: Ztop#3764
What's up! Not going to clog up with your window with a huge spam but we (The Mediocre Men - Thunderlord) have been raiding for over 11 years now with the same tight-knit core group and leadership. We're shooting for a top 100 US ranking (2 raids/week) this tier. We don't recruit for the bench - if you're in, you're in.

We're a no-fuss, no-drama guild that get mythics done on a tight, 2-day schedule. We went 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare and we're about to start mythic Nighthold this week. In the past, we've always been able to clear current mythic content on time. The only requirements are that you show up and have thick skin since our chat can get pretty wild at times in between pulls. Anyway -- check out our guild post and uh, you can go from there if you're interested!


Cheers, and feel free to message me in-game if anything!

-Taco (Chicken#1980)
<Synthesis> of Turalyon [HORDE]

As of 1/28/2017, We are recruiting a Resto Druid who is not opposed to DPSing sometimes or okay with sitting for 4 heal fights.

Our current raid schedule is Mon-Thur, 10:00 EST - 1:00am EST. Our loot is distributed by Loot Council. 12 hours a week which includes on average 3 hours of farm and 9 hours of progression. We don't raid extra and will extend past raid end time by more then 5-10 mins only under the most rarest of circumstances. 1.5 hours into each raid, we have a 10 minute break.

Synthesis does not recruit for the bench and will never have a mythic roster larger than 23-24. Mostly all our raiders enjoy being in for as much as possible, and we only need wiggle room for absences and composition balance.

I will not attempt to sell you the dream of a guild without faults but we've been together for almost a decade, in this game, or another. We have the recipe for a good time and we get stuff done. You may not fit in, or enjoy what we do but... maybe you will.

Do not ask to join this guild if you are not in love with your role. If you feel tasked by keeping up with things that make you perform then join someone else's guild and save yourself a transfer fee.

Server First Emerald Nightmare!
Progression for the first mythic raid is over and we're ecstatic over finishing as server first in the first Mythic Raid released since our reformation in Legion.

Server First Trial of Valor!
Helya was quite a challenge but we rose to it, nonetheless, and broke back into the top US 100 with our US 69th kill.

Please speak with Nova#1793 if you are interested in joining. Add or apply here:


We do ask a few questions and progress to a discord interview.

Current Progression
- 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
- 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor
- 3/10 Mythic Nighthold

Current Wants/Needs
Resto/Balance Druid

If you can't get in touch with Nova, you can hit me (Sieara), or Dicho up on discord (I have it on 24/7): https://discord.gg/SZydV9p
Come for the mythic raiding, stay for the legendary community!


1/10M NH, 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV
US Top 200 Last Xpack

Seraph of US-Mal’Ganis is a GIANT adult mythic progression raiding guild featuring TEN full time raid teams all operating in cohesion under one roof. We are routinely among the top guilds on the server. We have been around for over seven years and we will be here for years to come. Seraph offers a full community experience and could very easily be the last guild you ever join. We make friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

With such a large community, we offer our raiders a wide selection of events to participate in; YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO PUG ANYTHING! Our guild features:
  • Core raids for each team
  • Alt raids open to all
  • Legacy raids open to all
  • Achievement raids open to all
  • M+ Dungeons
  • PVP - RBGs, BGs, Arena
  • Active guild forums

Each of our ten teams has unique needs and schedules, and vary from casual to hardcore. Please visit SeraphGuild.com to view the needs of each team! We are an adult guild and have an 18+ policy.

1. Spaceball One - 1/10M, 7/7M, 2/3M (11pm - 2am CST, Tue/Wed/Thu)
2. Mutiny - 1/10M, 7/7M, 2/3M (11:45pm - 3:15am CST, Fri/Sat)
3. Team Ocho - 5/10H, 7/7M, 2/3H (9pm - 12am CST, Sun/Mon/Wed)
4. Deconstruction - 5/10H, 4/7M, 3/3H (7pm - 10pm CST Sun/Mon/Tues)
5. Hallowed Ground - 1/10H, 4/7M, 3/3N (11pm - 2am CST, Fri/Sat)
6. Bloodline - 7/10H, 7/7M, 3/3H (7pm - 10pm CST, Tues/Wed/Thu)
7. Color Blind - 7 /10H, 7/7M, 3/3H ( 8:30pm - 12 CST, Fri/Sat)
8. Barely Heroic - HEROIC - 5/10N, 7/7H, 2/3H (10:30pm - 1:30am CST, Tues/Thu)
9. Violated Doughnuts - 4/10H, 7/7H, 2/3H (6pm - 10pm CST, Sat/Sun)
10. Pillow Talk - 7/10H, 7/7M, 3/3H (10:30pm - 1:30pm CST, Tues/Wed/Thurs)
PVP Squad: 1650 (19-9) (6:30pm - 8:30pm CST, Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed)

Guild Master: IlpadTwo (ilpad#1438)
Guild Administration: Symmone (ClaireBear#1202)
Guild PVP: Weseals (ScottyB#1682)
Recruitment Assistant: Jaymie (Valkyrie#1796)

Visit http://seraphguild.com for more information!
<Soft Enrage> is currently recruiting all for Mythic Nighthold.

Our raids times and days are SUNDAY AND MONDAY 11pm-2am EST.

Soft Enrage has been around since WoTLK and has been stable through all the expansions since, consisting of the same core of raiders from the beginning. We are a mature group with most of us being around 30 years old so we understand real life commitments outside of raids. We are very friendly and active guild with people on at all hours of the day doing various content such as higher Mythic+ Keystones and alt raids.

If you are interested in us and would like more information add Fellows#1635 to discuss further.

You can always fill out an application form on our website which takes only a few minutes at softenrage.enjin.com/application.

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