back to Draenor yay or nay?

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I personally feel like there is a great world we can explore back there. There is the scrapped content that became netherstorm, there was going to be an ogre continent behind high maul, plus they could add so much more. My only issues are would the player base still have a bad taste left over from WoD and also giving us a good reason to go to those zones, maybe to help the draenei or orcs of that world, but that just leads to even more time traveling BS that never works, though it would just be really cool to see more of that planet, what do you guys think?
Yay and nay? I miss PvP in WoD, I like the scenery and artifact weapons a lot though.
If they did that, it would technically be our third trip, so I'd say no thanks.
they need to give us that shattrath raid.
01/29/2017 07:44 PMPosted by Deathchix
they need to give us that shattrath raid.

I still really want to know what happened internally in blizzard to lead to so much being cut from WoD
I don't want to be reminded that WoD existed so soon.
01/29/2017 08:14 PMPosted by Grumar
01/29/2017 07:44 PMPosted by Deathchix
they need to give us that shattrath raid.

I still really want to know what happened internally in blizzard to lead to so much being cut from WoD

I don't think we ever got a lot of details, but I do believe that there were a couple references to this, once just before launch, and once a ways through the expansion.

The gist of it was that they changed their minds.
I'd rather keep moving the story forward.

If that can still happen, while going to past-alternate Draenor, then ok... I guess. I still think it's awkward that we can just hop there whenever we want for some Legion quests, but we don't seek help from our allies to battle the Legion. It's like Blizzard can't make up their mind on how separate/accessible the worlds/times should be.
It's simple: they realized they could still charge more for giving us less and they thought we would just continue to give them money for their arrogance.

After losing over half their subs, they told us to check our baggage.

And proceeded to raise the price again.

The only reason I want to ever hear about that place again is to hear about grom finally getting executed for his numerous war crimes against that world and ours.

That could be handled by a visit from yrel at some point in the future...not by us going back there.
If we go back to Draenor... I give up, unless it's CURRENT draenor. I absolutely hate that alternate crap.
The thing about AU Draenor is that's it's not just another dimension / world like we're accustomed to with Outlands, Argus, etc. It's another timeline entirely. This makes the whole potential back and forth interaction with the place and its denizen a bit janky.

I agree that the place is full of potential. Ogres, their stone-like Gronn forebears and their cities having tones of Titan influence. The Zangar fungus and the Pale Ones screaming "Old God" to me. The Naaru's arrival on Tempest Keep in Farahlon that we never get to see.

But going back there to gallivant in an alternate timeline would be super hard to justify when our own Draenor and all its potential threats have been blown to bits already.

There should have been a cutscene at the very end of WoD where we wave our goodbyes, pack our belongings and untie the knot between our timelines definitively. Would have been a much cleaner resolution.
If all my flying mounts spontaneously forget how to fly there again, forget about it.
01/29/2017 08:14 PMPosted by Grumar
I still really want to know what happened internally in blizzard to lead to so much being cut from WoD

Warcraft movie was close so they dumped warlords of draenor to have legion release closer to the movie and all the hype at once.
Nagrand was beautiful. And that's about it. So no thank you.
That is like going back to a restaurant after you got food poisoning.... Several times.
WoD...? What is this WoD you speak of? <_< >_>
I have no idea what you're talking about, stop making up random acronyms.
Nope. It never should have happened, and now we need to devote all resources to forgetting it did.
Nah, WoD had its chance. And blew it.

However if it was still the current expansion... A few things they should have done to improve it:

-Shadowmoon Clan raid, Instead of dieing off in a dungeon, Ner'zhul instead retreats and gathers the remaining clan and breaks apart from the iron horde and turns against them. Throughout the raid it would be revealed Gul'dan is the one who said they should break apart from it since he needed more time to prepare for his tanaan nonsense.

-A true iron horde raid where we get a conclusion to that story. Where we storm the main iron horde fortress and take down Grom and the remainder of the iron horde. Strike at them while they are weakened from losing their foundry and the magic side of their army. Then it moves onto the tanaan stuff with Gul'dan.

-Faralon as a new zone in the same vein as the isle of thunder. Would have been a good spot for the shadowmoon clan to set up a new base for the above mentioned raid.

-The rest of the warlords getting proper spotlight. Kargath being a loot pinata was a joke to his character. Only one I feel they got right was blackhand.

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