[A]<Imperial Vengeance> Korgath 3/10M

Guild Recruitment
<Imperial Vengeance> 3/10 M 10/10 H, 7/7 M is now recruiting for Mythic progression

We raid Tuesday Wednesday 8-11EST, which is 7-10 our server time.
We formed from friends and remnants of several high end guilds from different servers. The majority of us are working college students and older mature adults who are progressing into semi-hardcore raiding or hardcore raiders taking a step back.

We will be using a loot council to distribute loot for progression raiding, using parameters such as attendance, performance, and scale of upgrade.

We are currently looking for :

Death Knight:
Blood- Low
Frost/Unholy- Medium

Demon Hunter:
Vengeance- Low

Feral/Boomkin/Resto- High
Guardian- High

Beast Master/ MM- Medium

Frost/Fire/Arcane: High

Brewmaster- High
Mistweaver- Medium
Windwalker- Low

Holy- High
Retribution- High

Holy- Medium
Discipline- Low
Shadow- Medium

Outlaw/Assassination/Subtlety- High

Resto- Medium
Elemental: Medium
Enhancement: Medium

Protection- Low
Fury- High
Arms- High

Goals: We enjoy raiding. We enjoy the challenge that progression raiding provides and the satisfaction of standing over a raid boss corpse that we have just defeated. We love perfecting a new strategy and watching it all come together as we work through the encounter. We want to work together while progressing through the content and, most of all, we want to have fun while doing it!


Working mic, stable PC and reliable internet connection.
Punctuality, reliability, and the ability to show up for 90-95% of the raids at a minimum.

A good attitude.

Knowledge of one’s class, you are responsible for keeping upto date with any changes to your class

Proper gear, enchants, and gems.

The ability to listen, follow directions and be open to constructive criticism. For excpetional players on different servers, we may compensate for server transfers


If you have any questions, please drop a post or contact one of us in game:

GM: Syan#1437


We are willing to pay for server transfers.
bump, server transfers are still available.

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