What did they do best in Legion?

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Pvp prestige system. Not so much the rewards. The first set are awesome but then just recolors. Definitely not pvp class balance.

Artifact system. I really like working towards new skins and maxing out my arms weapon. I've always been a one character player, so the endless grind is fun for me.

I've always had content since legion launch. My quest log is still filled with at least 10 quests. I play for 3+ hours a day and always have something to do.
they had plenty of content in the open world but unfortunately, said content is all required and at the time flight is rewarded there is no content they did not require players consume so 6 months to a year of farming reps and world quests and whatever raids and dungeons, WOOT?
- Wardrobe
- M+
- Content Released
- World Quests (good concept at least, miss the narrative though... Surumar questline was a nice offset to it though)
- Artifact weapons are a nice way to add a post-max level progression.
- Level scaling helps keep content relevent
- PvP prestige system would be cool if pvp itself wasn't at an all-time low
I know this an unpopular opinion, but I really enjoy the artifact grind. It gives me something to do every time I log in. I dont really consider running dungeons, doing wqs and raiding to be a grind, as its what I enjoy about this game and why I play. I really like the constant, incremental increases...it feels good having accomplished something during my playtime. Once I capped my artifact though, I've barely logged on at all other than for raid night. I want to play, but without the AP carrot, there's not much incentive. 35+ should've stacked indefinitely imo.

Best feature: Constant, consistent progress for time invested.
The thing I love the most is the new cat and bear skins. I love the various looks that they designed for them. It has provided us with more variety and uniqueness.

I also love the overall design of the areas in the Broken Isles, places such as Suramar, which actually feels like a city and looks beautiful.
Hm... What's good and bad about Legion:

- scaling zones. World feels more alive than ever before, with players everywhere and a sense of danger from mobs you can't outlevel.

- WQs. Much more fun than doing dailies. At least there's more choice.

- mythic+ system. these keep dungeons relevant even in the late endgame.

- Legendaries. The system is frustrating but it provides and incentive to keep playing otherwise old content.

- Randomness of legendaries. The system is good but the difference between the good and bad legendaries is far too great. It's a colossal letdown to get a crappy legendary.

- PVP sytem. I don't like pvp templates or talents. I also miss the PVP vendors.

- the 8-months+ gap we'll have between the final content tier of Legion and the next expansion. Yes, we haven't reached this point yet, but at the same time just about every expansion has it. Blizzard has demonstrated time and time again they have absolutely no idea how to pace content release during an expansion.

- Artifact system. Artifacts don't feel at all special because everyone has one. They're basically just new class abilities with different artwork. They also penalize switching to alt specs more than ever before. Also, getting a new relic doesn't feel exciting the way getting a cool new weapon did in prior expansions.

- How alt-unfriendly this expansion is. This is due to the artifact and legendary systems. This expansion is more unfriendly to alts and alt-specs than any before.

- Lack of flight. I don't enjoy jumping through hoops to get Pathfinder. It's not fun. Nor is the long gap between expansion release and release of flight. Give us flight earlier. If you want to maintain a sense of danger add flying mob that aggro on flyers from 1000 yards away.
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What's your favorite thing in Legion?

The landscapes. They are so organic, so vibrant (especially with Ground Clutter set to 10!). Make me feel so "there". Could stay hours under the rain in Stormheim. :)

Gameplay wise, World Quests. They are a MAJOR addiiton to hte game. As I said before, I consider them WoW's particular take on dynamic events, as they are called in GW2. RIFT calls them... rifts, lol, FF14 calles them FATEs (Full Active Time Events). The name changes, but the idea is always that you can go around and always find something happening in every zone. I think World Quests are the best implementation yet, however, for two reasons: they are not so many as totally overwhelm you, and are better integrated into the game, with more signficant rewards.
destroying warlocks was what they did best in legion lol
I enjoy the addition of Artifact Weapons sans their AK/AP grind implementation.
WQ system, flight whistle, DH class, all good things.

The parts of legion which are fail:
AP on weap and not on char is biggest possible mistake
along with no flying.
*mastery for destro lock is poor mechanic. havoc for destro lock is also poor mechanic.
I like the way they did WQs. They are kinda like dailies(which I don't like), but they don't feel like it because I get to actually pick the ones I want to do. I don't like "Do these 5 quests" per day type things. I like this system because it's do 4, out of a bunch. I generally just do the 4 easiest(kill one guy type ones if I can), regardless of the reward given. I'll take an easy quest only giving 92g over one of those "kill 10 guy" type ones, as CRZ and faction tap make those take more time. Today in Stormheim I did the Bacon one, Assault Hydrasil, Kill Isil the Enduring, and the Pesky nests one. Easy peasy. :)

I also like fishing this expansion. The Underlight Angler is neat, and although mine isn't maxed, the perks like water walking, and barricuda transformation is pretty neat.

All of the class specific content in the game. Unique quest lines for each class in the campaign and each spec for the artifact. Also class mounts coming in 7.2

Also enjoyed how you visit so many older zones during the class and profession questing. Makes the world feel more connected.

5 man's getting an actual end game style system.

Content pacing has been incredible. Legion has been out just shy of 6 months and they've already added:

New 5 man with Kara which I more set up as a 5 man raid.

ToV raid

Nighthold raid

Insurrection story

Brawlers guild

MoP time walking

Micro holidays

And all the stuff coming with 7.2 already on the PTR, and knowing that we are going to Argus in 7.3.
Wardrobe: I don't need to have my bank full of cosmetic items.

World Quests: I know that they are just the evolution of the old dailies, but i like how they work.

Principles of War: I like this because if there was something i detested from pvp is entering a Battleground and being crushed by overgeared people.

Mythic +: Finally some relevant 5 man content after so many years. I prefer dungeons over raids honestly.
If I have to pick just one, it would have to be WQs. They combine all the best features of Isle of Thunder/Giants/Timeless and Tanaan, but spread out over the whole continent instead of restricting max levels to one tiny area. And you don't have to start them at a hub, because they use the "automatic quest" tech that's been around since Cata but was never before used for repeatables (AFAIK).

There's more variety than dailies, but also the reward structure is different. You get something possibly significant from each one, instead of having to wait until the rep grind reaches a specific threshold and then getting access to a bunch of stuff at once -- which you actually *still* get some of, but it fades into the background by comparison with the string of individual quest/cache rewards.

But then it turns out I *can't* pick just one feature to love about Legion, because you couldn't spread out the max level content all over the world without also having the scaling world. That's what keeps WQ 110 mobs from wrecking 101s trying to level. (A few exceptionally dangerous WQ targets are also placed in out-of-the-way areas.)

P.S. I could probably write an equally long post about artifacts and class-centric content in general. There's a lot to love in this expansion.

Leveling this main was good, as always. Leveling alts is pretty painless too. I like the scaled zones - you don't have to go through the same zones in order a dozen times. I like how the classes get unique quests. Of course the artifact quests for every spec is totally different too. This xpac felt less repetitive for the altoholics.

I don't mind this profession mess. It equalized the crafters this time. It prevented people from hoarding last xpac mats and power leveled to max by day 2 of the xpac. Everyone was on the same level playing field. It made the crafted items sold expensive but that's okay - professions are mostly for gold making.

There's lots to do but nothing was a huge rush. You can take your time doing a bit of this and that. At max, emissaries lasting a few days is nice when you did 3 but had to sleep for work.

And as you geared, things got easier. Last nite I downed a 37mil HP rare boss by myself (and the special gold blob tank from Priest Hall) which would've been impossible when I hit max (if you weren't a DH/DK/Pally). That felt like personal progression to me.

So I'm enjoying everything about Legion. Even when losing BGs. Even when wiping in LFR. Even getting ganked out in the world.

Should get my last falcosaur mount tonight. That was a nice long excellent involved quest chain. Even if it made me swear a lot for most of it.
Non-linear questing.
The did an amazing job with combat animations. The world design is beautiful, especially Suramar. WQ's are a good implementation as well, and the interactive screen for quest npcs are cool.

Now if they'd just fix Outlaw so I can enjoy playing my favorite spec. :(
There is far more to do.
The regular armor you get is more appealing.
There are some very creative and fun quests.

But the thing they fixed the best was fishing. Don't laugh! I was baffled by the stupid fishing in WoD where you had to combine fish and all that crap. It was the first time I didn't level my fishing since BC. It just seemed really boneheaded. They fixed it back to more normal fishing in Legion, but they gave us ways to level fishing with less tedium, AND they have several cool fishing rewards. Plus it was brilliant to make fishing something people do as a group to get the rewards. I enjoyed fishing in MoP and I think they did a really nice job with it in Legion.
What did they do best in Legion?

Pre-expansion hype. Players were dazzled.
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World quests are exciting for me. Yea they're a chore sometimes. But I hated dailies. These are a great alternative.

how are they any different? you are still going on and doing quests daily...the only difference is convience you dont have to turn them into anyone.

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