Is Origin "cancer" for our sever?

Eitrigg and Shu'halo
I put one of my toons in Origin to raid with them and see what they were like during the first week of Nighthold.

For some reason, my raid team leader from SD - Synthetic -freaked out when I raided with Origin. He dropped me from his friends list and acted like I had never seen him act before. When I tried to ask him about it, I just kept getting the same response: “Origin is just cancer for our server.”

Some folks accused Origin of being elitist, some accused them of being mean, some accused them of - and I’m really not kidding, adults said this - being “cancer for the server.” I feel like anyone utilizing that metaphor just isn’t taking cancer seriously enough.

Origin started bringing me with them. And as Illidan would say, I was not prepared.

Their players doubled my HPS, my DPS and just absolutely ignored any threat I attempted to generate. I just couldn’t keep up with any of their numbers. I whispered the GM to let him know that I was aware of the disparity between performance and theirs and that my feelings wouldn’t be hurt when he was ready to bench me. They didn’t. They even gave me tier.

He reassured and encouraged me. Told me it takes time to get used to new groups. That if I still felt the same after a few months we could reconsider removing me. But he said I demonstrated promise. He was very uplifting to a near-stranger.

I tried to patch things up with Synth. I told him I’d love to run with both teams if he’d have me. Leading up to raid night, he kept asking if I was going to come back to SD because he could give me my old rank back. The night of the raid he told me that to raid with SD I’d have to /gquit Origin.

I spent a raid watching gear that was only usable for my character go to Synths bags. He kept whispering me telling me that maybe if I let him know that I wasn’t going to raid with Origin again that he could convince the loot council to give me gear. But they needed to know to be convinced.

Why should the detriment to progress of a single player become a moral - or even pragmatic - imperative for a group of adults? In what way was the rest of the team served by punishing me for my attempt to grow with new players? And what a starkly juxtaposed pair of vignettes describing my time with folks who were supposed to be my friends, and strangers… How strange that through the course of events, the only one causing me any harm was the guy accusing other people of being cancer.

No matter what people say about Origin, this is what they have been to me: kind (don’t get me wrong, they’re still gonna bust your balls when you die to fel beam, but you have that coming), accepting, and generous with loot and with help. Three of their officers spent time speaking with me about my logs and how I could improve. None of them had to waste their time on me, but they genuinely enjoy helping people.

Synth, on the other hand, behaved in precisely the way he was warning me that other people would behave. I must state emphatically that the rest of the SD like Blackstar, Ysoholy, Sephoraa, and Zunami the GM, are great folks. I love that damn guild. The have just chosen a leader whom I cannot follow.

I don’t know how Origin got a negative reputation on the server. But let my story serve as a warning:

Someone attempting to utilize cancer as a pejorative term is most likely doing so ironically.
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
As someone who has quite a bit of history with origin I think calling them a cancer now is a bit of a stretch. Mind you I am the last person that would ever defend this guild and there are certainly people in there that are toxic people for no reason other than to piss people off. As for calling them elitist and mean and in my own opinion parasites (again bit of history there) they certainly can be. In trade chat not too long ago there was a guy expressing his dislike of them and after 10 minutes or so a large portion of their guild started just trolling trade chat. This is likely where people come off calling them mean, toxic, rude, and so on. All in all Origin in its current state is undeserving of carrying the reputation they have carried since its creation as they are no longer the same group that it once was.
Are you 12?

The problem is you left a raid team with no warning so that they could fill the spot, maybe you are just dps, I don't know [or care] maybe you are a healer or tank which leaves then fooked. Maybe you should have heads up them about your intentions, so they could have replaced you, stop gearing you to be poached, whatever.

In any event, "would have, could have, should have" does not change what happened. I would assume you are not the only player they lost to this guild/group/whatever and there in lies the problem. People use starting raiding guilds to gear up, then they leave them instead of help them advance and return the favor of getting help. Such is life in wow.

In any event, this does not belong in a forum attempting to add to the drama. Let it die and move on. AKA Grow up.
I'll bite as this topic weighs heavily on me in our servers community scene.

Origin likes to help.
Not sure about cancer but elitist is a perfect word. Have you ever tried communicating with an Origin member when they are hanging around somewhere not afk? Yeah I wouldn't do that. A few members are alright but another example is the 2nd reply to this thread lol.

"Ayeeeee" ??

Get over yourselves.. you aren't in any competition.. you are the top guild on Shu'halo.. lul.
Spent some time with Origin before. Also have friends that are or either have been in their guild. I will agree they are a helpful bunch and from my point of view they are not cancer by a long shot. Origin is healthy for this server and any guild that works hard like them is good for the server. Hard work and good ethics enough said. I'm out.. peace!
CNN: EXPOSED - Origin Pays for Its Mythic Kills!

Detective Kevinlock cracks down on the case to delve into how Origin really kills their progression bosses.
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Not sure about cancer but elitist is a perfect word. Have you ever tried communicating with an Origin member when they are hanging around somewhere not afk? Yeah I wouldn't do that. A few members are alright but another example is the 2nd reply to this thread lol.

"Ayeeeee" ??

Get over yourselves.. you aren't in any competition.. you are the top guild on Shu'halo.. lul.

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From what I have seen is that they are goal focused. They want other players that share that same focus in their guild. They want to be one of the best and they are on this server. Yea, you will have the elitist jerk here and there and you get that everywhere. But that attitude is usually 1 or two bad apples. I have talked to them in the past and they seem like a decent sort. At one time I would have been interested in raiding with them but I'm ok where I am.

Origin: PRESS ON!!
Isn't Origin the only Guild on this realm with Mythic progression?
^^ yeah this server dead as !@#$

sad that the best this server can do is 3/9m...and they don't need a tank so i get to transfer from my server of 7 years if i want to do mythic..what happened since cata jesus
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Why so mad
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