[A] Tu & Th 8-11PM EST [9/11H] - Recruiting

Guild Recruitment

We are an adult raiding guild built on the simple premise that raiding on a limited schedule does not have to mean missing out on content or the guild experience.

We have professions, families, and life to attend to, but we still like slaying internet monsters in our spare time.

Server: US - Elune / Gilneas
Faction: Alliance
Progression: Antorus, The Burning Throne 9/11 Heroic | Tomb of Sargeras 3/9 Mythic | Nighthold 5/10 Mythic | Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Mythic | Halls of Valor 3/3 Heroic
Raid Times: Tues & Thurs 8:15 - 11pm EST

If you don't see your class/spec listed, do not hesitate to apply. Applications are always welcome. Logs not mandatory but preferred. While we do not require our raiders to be proficient in an OS, we greatly value the ability of raiders that can fill multiple roles based on the group's needs.

Strong interest in the following:

• None

• Holy Paladin
• Mistweaver Monk
• Restoration Shaman

Melee - Tanking OS a plus

Ranged - Healing OS a plus
• Mage

Watch us raid at:

Who's excited about raiding tomorrow? :-D
Me! Maybe we can punch Guldan tomorrow!
Hunter eh?
We killed Gul'dan on heroic! now 10/10H...still need more people for Mythics!
Still looking for those few extra bodies as we move into Mythics!
Update the title, Kriss! GAWSH!
Looking for more good bodies who want to raid on a light schedule!
Mythic, yeah!!
Updated! Need more to push further than 1/10 Mythic!
The title still says 9/10 Heroic! /facepalm
Names Forrest, Forrest Bump
Looking for more good bodies for Mythics!
Updated, 3/10M gogogpowerrangersssssss
Why am I up so late!?
updated, now 4/10M. Thanks for the speedy response to the achievement issues Blizz!
We need like everything now! The summer raid boss hit us hard! If you want an adult raiding guild that gets the job done in a short amount of time, this is your place! Apply!
What Fevion said, we are looking for some solid players to add to our roster!
Bump, looking for more folks to kill things with!
Mythic Krosus fell tonight. 4/10 Mythic Officially tonight. Looking for a healer and a monk maybe? Ranged? Yeah those sound good. Apply today!

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