What other classes do you play?

If warrior is your main, what other classes do you play?
Me? Hpal and MM hunter. (Both have similar mechanics to arms war)
I only play warrior .... I do have a 99 fDK twink but don't play it much
I've also got an assassination rogue, feral druid, fire mage, windwalker monk and holy paladin at 110.
The warrior has been my main since 2005. Since then, my only two "serious" alts have been my holy pally and my warlock.

I rolled the pally in Classic but didn't actually level him until BC. Sole purpose for the pally was to play holy as a sort of backup since my guild went through a period on BC where we had a hard time finding reliable healers. I sometimes level him as ret, but for the most part, holy is all I know. He's my second 110 in Legion so far.

I also rolled the lock in Classic after my warrior hit 60. I mainly rolled him because I wanted to try something different (it's pretty rare for me to play casters of any sort), but then I actually enjoyed playing a lock. The lock is only 100 right now and will be my next 110 once I get around to it. Affliction has always been my favorite lock spec, so that's usually what I play on him.

The warlock was actually my raiding "main" for a short time in BC. My guild desperately needed a warlock and asked me to raid on him for a bit, until we could find a permanent one. We were heavily stacked on melee DPS, and I was the only one who had a decently enough geared warlock alt (I'd been using him to raid with a friend's guild on off nights, so I actually had him pretty well geared), so I agreed to do it. That only lasted for a couple of weeks before we found a good replacement, and I switched back to raiding on the warrior.
Warrior (Fury / Protection) is my main, but I also play:
Lvl 110 Dwarf Enhancement Shaman (Soryon - iLvl 870)
Lvl 110 Dwarf Beast Master / Survival Hunter (Stegar - iLvl 873)
Lvl 110 Dwarf Assassination Rogue (Shayed - iLvl 864)

The Shaman, Hunter & Rogue are my 'Main Alts' while I also play:

Lvl 110 Dwarf Frost / Blood Death Knight (Setael - iLvl 868)
Lvl 110 Dwarf Retribution / Protection Paladin (Solwyn - iLvl 857)

I'm currently leveling a Balance/Guardian Night Elf (only because I can't be a Dwarf) Druid (Syprus). After the Druid, I think I'm going to level my Dwarf Frost Mage (Seanan) or my Demon Hunter (Sythex).

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