how is warrior pvp?

Granted, but statistics > personal experience (mine or yours).

So, arms is the 14th (out of 36) most played spec in rated PvP.
As shown here, there are proportionally more PvP arms warriors at 1800+ than under. One conclusion to be drawn from this is that most players adapt and gain ranks, while others (who try) remain stagnant (both in their playstyle and their ranks) and eventually quit.

The majority of the warrior forum community seems to be in the latter category, sadly.

Statiscally, arms is a hair under 1/3 of the most played specs in 1800+ PvP. Are they omgwtfbbq op? No. Are they gutter trash? No. Could they be buffed? Yes. Does acting like a drama-queen, exaggerating issues, help? No.

Edit: Lol @ the dislike without having anything worthwhile to contest it.
Im willing wager most warriors in your stats are playing warrs only cause they're already heavily invested due to artifact power grind.

That doesn't mean the complaints aren't valid... its REALLY bad for arms

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