(H)Night Reavers recruiting

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
The Night Reavers as a guild has been around since vanilla, however, over the years people have ceased to play or moved on to other guilds. That being said there are a few of us who have recently returned that would like to rebuild the guild and start raiding again.

There are only a few of us currently, but we will do our best to help gear or level you. We're not asking for a hardcore commitment to raiding, but if you do commit to something we would ask that you stick by those commitments.

The Night Reavers used to full of fun, smart people and we would like it to be so again. So if you are willing to help build up a guild and raid(s). Message me on this toon, or find our guild on the guild recruitment function.

Help bring this guild back.

Recently come back .. last played cataclysm. Are there any old players left?

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