H Onineko: It's Japanese for something. 5/11M

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A Barthilas Australian Horde guild.
Raiding Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:30-11ish

Whats Onineko mean?
Someone knew when they started the !@#$ing thing 11 years ago on Blackrock, but as-is the revolving door of life's commitments; that person is now probably dead.

Translation was lost. Meaning was reassigned. Server was changed and we've recruited over their corpses.

A side effect of not actively recruiting or giving a %^-* for 2 years has paid off well. A subscription attrition and desperate gasp for more life.

Join us! (https://onineko.org/join-us/)

We're looking for:
- People that want to do mostly heroic level raiding.
- Delusions of mediocrity enough to poke Mythic.
- Someone that isn't socially inept.
- Ranged DPS.
- Food blogs.

- Looking for a guild.
- So lonely.
- In possession of a microphone.
- A filthy casual.
- Not getting the love and attention you deserve.
- A proud young dps who don't need no trinket.

We've all come from miscellaneous parts of wow, some mythic raiders/some from the gutter. Collectively we've decided "sod it, lets just do heroics". If thats your thing, lets jam.

Onineko is ideal for working professionals, unemployed manlettes and people with kids. We're probably going to piss you off if you're a jerk/have aspirations of being the best.


Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H
Trial of Valor: 3/3 H
Nighthold: 10/10 H
Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H, 2/9 M. Oops.
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 7/11 H.


Are you not-garbage. We want DPS. Swing heals welcome.
We have many melee. All the %^-*ing melee. Get in on the melee scrum, get your chance to shine.

Exceptional players of any class/spec are always encouraged to apply and have a chat with one of our Officers in game.
Unless you're melee.

Application Criteria

- To jump into the raids right away, 870ilvl+
- Not an alt
- You know what Discord is
- Fill in the form on https://onineko.org/join-us/

Applicants should have a limited to good sense of humor and ability shrug !@#$ off. Jerks get shunned.
We also have several female members and make an effort for it to be an easy/safe place for everyone to enjoy.

We're always actively looking for like-minded players that know their class well or are willing to learn and develop their skills with the guild.

Players looking for a fun guild filled with pretty cool lads, to chat about potato and Legion junk, are more than welcome to apply. Casual non-raiding spots are always available.

Follow the instructions on the recruitment page of our website to apply.

It probably means Demon Cat. No-one knows, because no-one is Japanese.
Onineko: now 6/10 Heroic. Solid week.
There was this blind man right, he was feeling his way down the street with this stick right, he walks past this fish market, stops takes a deep breath and says...

Apply to the guild to hear the end.
Hello Ladies...

Say it right
this thread is obviously working... probably because we have the only honest website on the server.

Apparently ranged dps does make a difference...

9/10 whoop whoop~!
Yeah nah yeah
Life is tough, But its tougher if your stupid.
Becky lemme smash
Heroic Gul'dan: downed.

Farm status inc.
So, check it out. End of another tier. We haven't bumped this in a while.

Tomb of Sargeras has been good to us: we got through it pretty rapidly, felt good, was good.
Started putting together a mythic poke-around, like a teenagers first awkward handhold. We squeezed their hand so hard, Mythic Goroth fell over. Good stuff. Harjybargy is on the ropes, waiting to be Mayweathered down.
Will we keep doing this next tier? Maybe. Mythic's fun stuff, once you've wrung out of heroic all that it has on offer.

The new Argus raid looms in the distance - perfect time to put the feelers out for some more cool dudes to kill content with. If you're interested, get in touch.

Onineko, coming in drunk after a work Christmas party and Karen from accounting wasn't super weird for once and us falling into bed with an easy 7/11 kills.

Final chopping blocks: Coven, Vari-whatsit, Aggy and Anty. After that? In the New Year (get out 2017, you've been a lech) we'll poke Mythic, see if it !@#$les.
need your friendly neighborhood Warrior / Superstar? you'll know im trouble when i walk in .. promise i haven't got bad blood
Why don't you like people from perth? :(
10/11 Heroic Antorus, we still dont want or need you, but feel free to apply.
CRAP. I did it again. Forgot to update the thread with our exploits.

Onienko: smashed out Heroic in like, 3 weeks total. Our first kill was back in December, before Santa visited.

What have we been doing since? Assembling a mythic team, of course! Our forays into mythic raid have been successful with 2 nights turning into 2 bosses dead. Garothi: dead.
Dogs? Dead.

Next: High Command.
Onineko are looking for:

DPS who can swing to heals if needed.
DPS who know when to stand in fire and when not to.

Onineko: it's japanese for something.
Doesn't Onineko just mean demon cat or something?
02/10/2018 10:50 PMPosted by Roflstab
Doesn't Onineko just mean demon cat or something?


More importantly, High Command, the triumvirate of horror is dead.
Portal Keeper: ~20% attempts. After that: loot pinata that is Eonar.

Argus, kick it!

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