How many Wow Tokens have you bought

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Something around 1-2 per year for a little extra gold. I don't use them for game time. I use Time Cards for that.
One. Came back to WOW after a long absence and decided to level a toon from level 1 to 110. I bought one and sold it so I really won't have to worry about not having gold through the majority of leveling.
None, because to me they are still overpriced, even at 60-70K gold. If they ever got to what I consider a reasonable price, I might buy some. Until then I will just pay my monthly sub.
Got 3 so far.
cashing out got 13 or 14 tokens to bnet balance, with keeping some gold and tokens just on the off chance i want to play in the future.
02/18/2017 01:49 PMPosted by Karosong
Since they changed it where we can convert them into Battle net balance?

I've bought like 8 since then : S

Three... two for a race change and one for 30 days of play time.
In Jan they removed the "36 in 2 years" restriction and I gold-bought 11 tokens. I used 2 for sub months (moving my lapse date from Feb to April) and held the rest. I figured I would use the rest for sub months this year, even if the "token for bnet balance" never happened. But at 63,000g they were cheap enough to buy several.

Then in Feb they announced the "token for bnet" and I bought 6 more for 79,000 to 85,000.

So a total of 17 in 2017.

I used them to transfer 4 level 100s from an inactive 2d account to my active account, then to transfer 3 alliance 100s from one realm to another. I'm consolidating from having 100s on 6 realms (plus on an inactive account) to just 1 Horde realm and 2 joined Alliance realms.

Three months of gametime. Making plenty of gold via the Fel Core Hound mount and Felslate leftovers but really I've got nothing to buy on the Battle.Net store. No services, no games, not even any of the mounts interest me.

But at least I'll be prepared to buy a token if I need buy a service and I'm not concerned about gold or gametime for the forseeable future.
Two, for 40 bucks!

Then I made 180 K gold with them!

Then I bought some AH MOUNTS!

I'm at your AH, paying blizzard 5 bucks extra for your sub!
I think I counted 31 so far tokens to balance
One, to buy game time.
None. I can't afford them. Couldn't really afford them at 50k. I don't have time or resources (on the "right" toon) to make gold.
i haven\t bought any since the change.
ive never made enough gold to buy a token with gold becaues i'm always wasting time when i play by playing random low level alts which i have too many of and stuff.
i have bought tokens with money before to sell to other players for gold... i was thinking of doing that maybe for the !@#$s and giggles, and since the gold price is higher now. i don't know what i'd spend the gold on though, maybe there's some mounts or something i could buy.

i used to be super anti real money transactions and anti mixing the real world economy and WoW's economy, but meh I have difficulty caring about most things these days and do I really care if Blizzard makes more money to keep the game running in this way? I dunno. I dunno anymore.
Only one. I buy one a month.
I bought four when they were down to 60k gold. I spent them on two mounts I never would have been able to justify paying real money for. (the bat and the Grinning Reaver) I have $10 of balance left over now, and I still haven't decided if I want to spend it on a pet or on a name change for one of my alts.
02/18/2017 01:49 PMPosted by Karosong
Since they changed it where we can convert them into Battle net balance?

I've bought like 8 since then : S

about 10, The way I figure it, thats about 10 dozen more beers I can buy or money I can spend to avoid the wrath of wife.

Ironically buying 10 doz will probably incur the wrath of wife........
I bought two for $40 and made 198K gold, which was nice.
I maxed them out when they were in the 20-30k range. Now I'm just coasting. I mean bought for gold, I have enough of it. Or had. I've been lazy.
Very early on tokens momentarily dipped to 14,000 gold. I bought 8 at that price.

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