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My female characters start with Lara. Usually like Laraloo, Larala etc. They are usually blood elves.

My male characters start with Dorc. These are unoriginal I admit, and are usually followed by their class name. >.> Dorchunter, Dorcwarrior, etc. I'm not sure why I named my first Orc character this way, but I have kept to the pattern, even though now I find it kind of weird. lol.

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I just type in random things and throw them to the wall and see if anything sticks.

same here. a quick look at my toon list would confirm that.
Some of my less-played alts have fallen by the wayside in part because I just don't like their name anymore. To revive those forgotten characters, I'd pay to get the name changed, but I just can't think of anything good that's not already taken. I'll try some of the other folks suggestions on this thread and see where it gets me. Being stuck to a single word (no spaces) is probably the biggest limitation of WOW's naming policy.
I just throw names out there if I like it then it gets in a consideration list. I have been known to take up to 45 minutes to an hour to choose a name.. It's my mmo OCD I guess.

I tend to take funny names though point in case this one...
I've had this name for my shaman since BC. The AA "felt" Draenei to me. Then I have other toons whose names were inspired by completely different things. Sedrahn was from an elf name generator. Silvestrah is my druid so named because she has white hair and very pale skin. Makes it hard to change her hair color at the salon. Katrione was originally Kattarina but the name was taken when I server transferred so I gave it a unique spelling. Igraine is the name of King Arthur's mother in lore. Enara is named after Inara (it was taken) from Firefly. Tetanus is my rogue because I thought it was funny for a gnome with two sharp pointy weapons. Pandame is my other shaman (Horde) because I'm a geek and I thought it was a clever play on Padme. I guess all these names sort of show that I'm a geek.
Finally come up with a satisfactory name: "That name is unavailable". Re-work it: "That name is unavailable". Alternate name? "That name is unavailable". Give in and use stupid funky letters: Finally works, but never feels right. :(
I once got so frustrated, I started typing in word by word (in order) everything on the phone bill on my desk. That is how this character got her name.
Naming is always the hardest thing for me, if it doesn't perfectly fit the character it bothers me so much I can't play it.

It drives me crazy that it drives me crazy.
I spend hours coming up with names so i put ALL the options into a word document and later when i go to make an alt i have that list of names i liked, and didn't use because it didn't fit the character.

Saves me time later on as it only takes a few mins to go back through the list for a new name (however there is always that one character that still takes a long time to come up with a name for)
I can typically come up with original names that actually sound like names, except for this one.

Although I was pretty disappointed that Blizz name filter wouldn't let me use El Ka!@#$ as a name for my panda monk. He sort of looked like a fat panda version of the great horse hero of the west...

*edit* lol it even filters it here. El K-a-b-o-n-g. I mean, I get why but it sucks.
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I like my name. It's a combination of Renatus (Rebirth) and Ascension.

I do find it hard to name new characters, though. Most modern MMOs use the Surname system, which allows multiple people to have the same first name. I wish WoW could evolve to include optional surnames -- though I doubt it'll ever happen.
I would like to see surnames and apostrophes. So many characters and places in-game have an apostrophe in their name; it's disappointing that we can't use them. Especially when you've created this character in your mind and put a name to them, and their name doesn't look right without it.
< I'm a goat with jugs.
if took u 5min to customize a wow character never do a ff14 or perfect world international.

I just started naming them around two themes and has worked for me
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if took u 5min to customize a wow character never do a ff14 or perfect world international.

I just started naming them around two themes and has worked for me
I agree and disagree. I've played both FF14 and Oblivion. I spend probably an hour customizing a character on average. While it takes forever... it's also a lot of fun. LOL
Names aren't at all hard for me. A lot of the time I think of a name and then create a character to match it. It's even easier for me if the character comes first. But then, I'm a writer, and making stuff up is what I do.

For people who have trouble with names, I recommend looking up character names in your favorite books. Look for the minor characters--there are too many variations on "Legolas" already. You'd be surprised by how many great names can be found this way.
I just kind of throw syllables I like together and come up with names that work.

Veremos (I didn't know it was a word)

The list goes on

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