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Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
ETNC - Starting Fresh (Eat Tauren Not Chicken)

Old school raiding guild is looking to blow the dust off their raiding toons and get back into the thick of it. What we have: A quality group of friendly players that don't want drama, we don't mind wiping, we understand progression is a thing, and you can't 1 shot every boss. We have a dedicated Discord channel with a music bot that you can throw play commands at and enjoy light music while raiding. We have a undetermined raid schedule, we are still gathering a few players to get down a locked down raid schedule.

ETNC is a family friendly guild. (meaning no drama this isn't PG13)

What we don't want:
Someone who will piss and moan and one wipe. #progressionhappens
Someone who will try to cause rifts or drama within the guild
Someone who will not show up to raids

What we are currently seeking:
Quality raid players that can adapt to change, that can learn from mistakes, and can take direction.

Quality players that have patience #wipeshappen

Classes we are currently seeking
Healers - Holy priest/Resto Shammy/Holy Pally
Dps - Melee Dps(someone with a half solid off tank spec)
Tank - Warrior/Demon Hunter
(Will entertain all applicants)

This guild is starting fresh with progression. A lot of players are currently returning from long breaks and are still fresh to even Emerald nightmare, where as others have cleared through nighthold on normal.

If this sounds like the home for you add me on battlenet and you can feel free to ask any questions you have then.


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