910 Fire Mage LF Cutting Edge Guild

Guild Recruitment
10/10H NH. I am 898 equipped with BiS legendaries, 4 set, and 53 traits (close to 54). I have not had the time to raid consistently since the expansion came out. I am now comfortable with my work schedule to dedicate to 2-3 nights of raiding.

I can only raid on a combination of the following days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday/Monday between 7-12 central.

Will only join Horde guild. Please list realm along with associated server location.

Logs are linked below, all of my parses are with pugs.
Dunno what exactly you are looking for but we could use you in Chill.
Were on Stormreaver server 8-11 Server time (cst) Tuesday/Wednesday 6 hours. Were looking to do the best with the time we have looking to add 1 or 2 dps ranged prefered. Were very close on a Chronomatic kill should get it down tuesday.

Add me on bnet Ares#1134 if your interested.
Hey there! I'll make this short and sweet.

<Crave> Is a newly-formed Mythic raiding guild on Zul’Jin. We are already 10/10H after our first week. Currently all we need is a tank a handful of dps to push into mythic!

About us: Our (3/10m NH) leadership has USA Top 200 experience, so you can expect to be pushing content while it is current and relevant.
We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8pm - 12 am est

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of add my b-tag @ Tyler#1707

Hope to hear from ya!
hey our guild raids tuesday, thursday, sunday, sometimes friday for off raids.

8:30 - 12:00 EST

we're 1/10 M would be 3/10 M but attendance issues atm with people taking breaks in NH a lot of players were in top performing guilds and just returning like you are. No DKP or !@#$ hit.

Server is Deathwing you can add my btag taxi#1298
Hi there,
i'm looking for reliable, dedicated raiders to join our raiding team and to start mythic progression with us soon! We raid Sun/Mon/Tues 9:30pm to 12am EST ( 8:30pm to 11pm CST for you). We are a long standing guild (since 2008) very friendly and team oriented. We are currently 9/10H NH with guldan almost dead and mythics in the near future. We also have 7/7M EN and 3/3H ToV completed. We enjoy running M+ and various other things on off nights.

We like to run our raids as relaxed and stress free as possible, yet focused on the task at hand. We expect our raiders to show up on time, prepared and know the fights.

If any of this could be of interest to you I'd love to chat with you (Nox#1368). We also don't mind doing x-server trials for our heroic/normal content.

Best of luck with your search and happy raiding!
Please get a hold of me ASAP please =] Think we will be a good fit for you.
Alliance - Union - Uldum
Late Team: 7/7 MYTHIC EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV and Currently 9/10 H NH

Wed: 8pm-11pm PST
Sun: 8pm-11pm PST
Mon: 8pm-11pm PST

Hello my name is Sin and I am the raid leader for Union's Second Raid Team also known as the Phoenix Raiders. We are currently recruiting exceptional Healers and DPS looking forward to pushing content and Mythic+ dungeons. With the onset of Nighthold fast approaching we are looking for fresh players join our ranks in our continued success in Mythic content. We are a varied group of raiders whom are dedicated to the team and having fun.

Goal: US 200 or better in Legion or Bust!!!!!!

<Dark Singularity> is a late night progression oriented guild that is currently pushing Mythic Raids/Dungeons. Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided together back in TBC and Vanilla. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content then this is the guild for you. We believe that teamwork and proper planning are the keys to success. Do you want to be the missing piece to the puzzle and progress while still having fun? If so, keep reading and see if DS is a fit for you.

Current Progression:
Team Dojo: 3/10M NH, 10/10H NH
Team Infusion: 2/10M 10/10H NH

Loot System:
We use the loot system known as EPGP which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History.

Raid Times: For Both Teams
Tuesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)
Wednesday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)
Thursday: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM (PST)

Dark Singularity was formed on the Hyjal server during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. DS has become a successful raiding guild while completing all content in WoD. DS is always open for recruitment, if you would like to check if any positions are available, or would like to submit an application, please visit the application page at http://dark-singularity.shivtr.com/. Or if you want make an alt on Hyjal and /who Dark Singularity to find an officer. We would also suggest you go to our website's front page and read our guild mission statement, guidelines and recruitment post. This will give you a good idea of what DS is all about.

Contact Us:

Current need for Team Dojo:
High Need- Ranged Hunter, Spriest, Arms/Fury Warrior
Medium Need- Mage/Rogue/Holy Paladin/Resto Druid
Low Need- Ranged DPS with healing os/Exceptional players of other classes

Current need for Team Infusion:
High Need- Ret Paladin, Boomkin, Havoc DH, WW Monk
Medium Need- Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman=Healing Priest
Low Need- Exceptional Players of other classes

We do sale runs on off nights to help make players and guild bank some gold. We also use this gold for guild repairs. We are on Discord and GroupMe. We use Mumble/Discord as our VoIP. This guild will help you as long as you are willing to help the guild and your fellow players in return.
I've been leading guilds since BC kara and managed a guild to 4th in the world on FF ARR. My officers are mainly in their mid 30's so if you're tired of the world of log watching millennials and are interested in an actual raiding guild that works together to progress correctly through WoW i recommend you speak to me. We run mythic pluses daily with non static cliche groups, and typically active in discord hanging out even outside of raid.

Currently we are 9/10 heroic and will be doing mythic raids soon. The difference between our guild and others is we took the time to gear everyone up prior to going into the next step and banging our heads off a wall. A majority of us were 7/7 EN mythic by doing the progression process the correct way which is investing time and effort into the guild versus the officers and the gm. I am a detail oriented GM. We run spreadsheets to ensure loot is handed out correctly and in an unbiased fashion. If you put work into the guild with your weapon and being active in the guild, you'll be rewarded in raid.

Times: MWT 730 - 1130 central time

Currently full on spriest, ele sham, hunters, resto druid, and tanks.

If you're tired of looking at these half *** guilds lead by a gm and his friends I recommend you give me ten minutes of your time in discord so you never have to worry about looking for another guild in wow.

Hey Crozooka, we are looking for another mage and I would love to talk with you about joining us. I'll leave the spam below. Look forward to hearing from you.

Contingency is a semi-hardcore guild on Alexstrasza looking to recruit for 20M Mythic raiding in Legion.

What type of players do we want?

We want intelligent and active players who are eager to progress through the new content as soon as it's available. We want players who are able to be a part of the team. This involves:

Attending virtually all the raids
Having stable computers and internet connections
Min/maxing your character
Making sure you are up to date on all your classes' developments as well as the game's developments and upcoming changes

What are we looking for:
Healers – Any
DPS - Boomkin and Spriest
Any exceptional players

Ranks at the end of each tier:

Tier 12 (25man) 7/7H US #179 (Realm First)
Tier 13 (25man) 8/8H US #84 (Realm First)
Tier 14 (25man) 16/16H US #59 (Realm First)
Tier 15 (25man) 13/13H US #36 (Realm First)
Tier 16 (10man) 14/14H US #70 (Realm First)
Tier 16 (25man) 14/14H (Realm First)
Tier 17 HM (20man) 7/7M US#126 (Realm First)
Tier 17 BRF (20man) 10/10M US#136 (Realm First)
Tier 18 HFC (20man) 13/13M US#187 (Realm First)
Tier 19 EN 7/7M ToV 2/3M NH 4/10M

As of this time we are no longer accepting cross-realm trials during progression raiding.

Raid Times:

9:00pm - 12:00am EST (8:00pm - 11:00pm CST, 7:00pm - 10:00pm MST, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST)

Cross Realm Trialing:
We prefer that trials transfer, however, if you would like to see if Contingency is for you may join us for a H-NH run on Tuesday to see if the guild is a good fit for you.

Contact Information:


Recruitment Officer:

hey man im looking to add another mage to our team , your times seem to fit ours hit me up :

Monday to Thursday, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm PST

Server: Bladefist/Kul'Tiras

Faction: Horde

Current progression: 3/10M

Mage: very high
Hunter: high
Shadow priest: high
Elemental Shaman : high
any tank or heal class :)


Most importantly, we are a guild that believes progression can occur in a friendly environment. Semi-hardcore raid environment, we take our raiding seriously, so we expect performance when it is time to do business.

While gear is unquestionably important, we recognize that ilvl is not the only contributing factor in skilled raid progression.

To raid with us, you must have raid awareness and be able to pull your own weight. Your first impression (application) is important. Be sure you are enchanted and gemmed appropriately. In other words, we are looking for evidence you know your Spec.

Exceptional applicants, are always welcome to apply to Insurgency. If you are a great player looking to transfer here or play with a guild that gets things done, it is extremely likely we will take you and give you a chance regardless of your spec, class, or role.

Acceptance is based on what we need versus how good your application looks. You must be knowledgeable about your spec & significant preference is given to those who have experience with heroic fights.

Please apply at www.insurgencywow.com or contact one of the below: Allstarmage#1150
(H-Khadgar)<Plaguechill> currently has immediate openings for 2-3 Ranged DPS. Warlock, Mage, Hunter are in very high need. We are currently progressing through mythic content in Legion, pushing server firsts. We are currently 3/10 Mythic Nighthold and looking to expand our roster. We raid Tues / Wed / Thurs 7:00 - 10:00 EST and are made up of ex-top US raiders that prefer a more semi hardcore raid schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to chat you can contact us here:
Sanoks-Khadgar via ingame or add Bnet Konas#1865
Nazgrax-Khadgar via ingame or add Bnet Naz#1784

Feel free to check out recruitment thread!
Hello Crozooka,

I'm Teemofeewho of Guiles Theme Song on Mal'Ganis (US-Horde). Our history dates back to the Cataclysm release where we first established a name for ourselves as a 10-man guild. We currently have an opening for you. Information dump below!

Progression: 7/7M 3/3M 6/10M (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Guiles+Theme+Song)
Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 7-11PM CST (server time)
Contact: timoseewho#1824
Site: http://guilesthemesong.enjin.com/home

Give me an add if you're interested.

Thank you for your time
Anatidaephobia – 2/10 Mythic Nighthold Horde US Shattered Hand
    - Raid Times: 8PM–11PM EST/5PM-8PM PST Tuesday, Thursday, Monday
    - Server: Shattered Hand US (PVP PST)
    - Faction: Horde
    - Raid Comp: Mythic 20 man
    - Group Style: Semi-Hardcore
    - Loot: Loot Council - EPGP LootMaster Addon required
    - VOIP: Discord required
    - Guild Website: http://feartheduck.wowlaunch.com/
    - Warcraft logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/1926

Legion Progression:
    - 7/7 Normal Emerald Dream
    - 7/7 Heroic Emerald Dream
    - 7/7 Mythic Emerald Dream
    - 3/3 Normal Trial of Valor
    - 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor
    - 10/10 Normal Nighthold
    - 10/10 Heroic Nighthold
    - 2/10 Mythic Nighthold

Guild mission:
    Anatidaephobia was founded in Mist of Pandaria, and rapidly established ourselves as a core raiding guild on our server. Our mission is to maintain a satisfactory pace on encounter progression while using a minimal time obligation in doing so.

Raid Structure:
    Tuesday & Thursday: We primarily focus on progression
    Monday: Farm night (optional but encouraged)

Our Current Needs are as follows:
    Open Recruitment, currently have strong Mythic Roster, always looking for more bodies to stay competitve.
    - Ranged DPS
    - Healers with DPS option

Feel free to apply even if your class is not listed above if our raid group seems to fit your needs, exceptions are always a possibility.

    - Have Discord with a working mic
    - Be on time and ready (Form @ 745 EST, in instance pulling by 8 EST)
    - Know the fights & do your research
    - Know what your class can bring to the table for each encounter.
    - Willing to learn from mistakes and personal accountability
    - Have a positive & professional attitude

Officer contact information:
    - Cowa (Raid leader) Cowa#11324
    - Hypnoticka (Officer) Btag: Teka#1423
Hi Croz we may be fore you, we have an immediate core spot open.
ill leave a little bio of us below. Ty


A bit about us:
Buds was formed at the beginning of Legion with 2 goals in mind. To Progress through all raid content this expansion has to offer and to enjoy our time together while we do it. We have become more then a guild, we have become a small tight group of friends who are looking for a few more buds to add to our crew.

If you value a team oriented guild attitude while being apart of progression then we may be for you.
With an extremely active roster outside of raid nights as well as a lively atmosphere at all times, Our guild is always up to something, from Mythic+ Grinding to Arenas.

Raid Days
-Tuesday & Sunday 7:30-11pm est time.

Thanks for your time,
<Parcel Town> 7/7m 1/3m 3/10m, we are currently looking for like minded members to join our NH mythic team. Our team expects a high level of play and preparation for raids from each of our members. On our off nights we grind out mythic + and chill in discord, we're all generally pretty close and like raiding with each other.

Raid Times -
Mon, Tues , Wed 9pm - 12am PST

Loot -
Heroic and above is loot council

Recruitment -

High - Main Tank, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Frost DK

Medium - Mage, Warlock

If you any question or wish to speak with me -

Or apply here @
We are currently looking for a couple of dps and a healer for our core raid team. We are looking to push mythic progression. We are currently 1/10M, 7/7M and 3/3H and raid on Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday from 8-11PM Server (central). We also do a bunch of optional / alt raids on our off nights. We are looking for dedicated players who are able to perform and show up on a nightly basis. We are on Illidan US - Horde.

Current Needs
Shaman - High
HPally - High
Priest - High
Monk - High
Druid - High

Hunter - High
Warlock - High
Pally - High
Dk - High
Warrior - High
Mage - High
Priest - HIgh
Shaman - High
Monk - High

All exceptional players will be considered so even if you dont see your class up here feel free to apply. If you are interested or have any questions add my btag Demos#1827
<Skada Doesnt Know>

Raid Times:
Friday: 9:00PM-12:00AM CST (3 hours)
Saturday: 7-11:00PM CST (4 hours)

Loot System: EP/GP

Emerald Nightmare
7/7 Normal
7/7 Heroic
7/7 Mythic

Trials of Valor
3/3 Normal
3/3 Heroic
1/3 Mythic

10/10 Normal
10/10 Heroic
3/10 Mythic

<Skada Doesnt Know> is a weekend raiding guild on Mal'ganis-US. Many of the core raiders have experience dating back to Wrath and after reforming, seek to become one of the top guilds on Mal'ganis.

What we expect of you:

* Properly geared (gems and enchants)

* 100% attendence during trial runs (~90% if passed trial)
Emergencies/vacations happen, but you must let officers know ahead of time.

* Look up fights BEFORE raid
This is especially true if you have not downed/seen the fight ON THAT DIFFICULTY
* Extensive knowledge of your class and spec
A willingness and ability to play multiple dps specs depending on fights (especially for mages, rogues, warlocks, dk).

* Minimize (burst) damage taken
Watch boss timers and be ready to react to abilities instead of waiting for abilities to occur and responding according. Someone taking extensive damage/dying will not last long in our trials. Someone that is PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE can minimize damage taken and thus increase survivability.

* Ability to follow directions
If you are told to stack, be sure to be stacked ASAP. Interrupts NEED to happen. Death Grips/Darkness/Innervates SHOULD come out. Stun WHEN WE CALL. We do check abilities cast and we know if you didn't do what we ask.

What you should expect of us:

* Efficient raiding
We raid only 7 hours yet are as far progressed as guilds that raid 10 or more. We manage this by 1) minimizing downtime during loot distribution and 2)...

* Proactive research into optimal strategy
We labor over multiple vods (POV kills, streams, theorycrafting, etc.) to select the best strategy for our raid. We are self-critical and will refine strategies based on our composition.

* Social raiding guild
Many of us still raid due to friendships forged over years of raiding. We encourage people to participate in our social circle.

* Laid-back atmosphere
While taking raiding seriously, we do not get angry or yell at people. We don't focus on the negative and instead state what needs to be worked on or improved. If you consistently under perform for a specific boss (constant lag spikes, lack of understanding) you will be sat so you can relax and recollect yourself. Sometimes a few minutes away does wonders for performance

You can add me Yin#1932 if you are interested or have any questions.

Crown started as a casual 10man raiding guild in 2009 and slowly has become a very strongly progressed 3 day guild. Maintaining the chemistry of our raid group is just as important as downing progression bosses. We are looking for like-minded raiders that are mature, knowledgeable and friendly that are looking for not only a new raid team, but also a new home. Our goal is to push mythic progression as efficient as we can on a three-day-a-week schedule (9 hours total per week). We do not need to be raiding 5 days a week to push mythic progression, but we do need proficient players that can push competitive progression on a 3 day schedule.

Previous Progression:
SoO - 13/13H (mythic at the time)
HM - 4/7 M
BRF - 8/10M
Hellfire Citadel -13/13M (US 38th 2 day)

Current Progression
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M
Trial of Valor - 2/3M
The Nighthold - 3/10M (2% wipe on Krosus)
Realm: Hyjal-Us

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 6:00 - 9:00pm (Pst)
Thursday 6:00 - 9:00pm (Pst)
Sunday 6:00-9:00pm (Pst)

What we are recruiting

Tank: Closed
Healers: Priest, Shaman
Melee: Closed (exceptional players still apply)
Range: Hunter, Spriest, Mage

If your class is not listed and you feel like you are a top tier performer for your class do not hesitate to apply, we consider everyone.

Loot System: Loot Council

We strive to keep a calm and relaxed raiding environment, trouble making will not be tolerated.
Know your class. With only 9 hours of raiding per week, each raider needs to spend the essential time outside of raid to maximize their characters potential for any given fight.
Having discord downloaded with a working mic is required
100% attendance during your trial, and 90-95% attendance as a raider. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be risking your spot. Spots are earned, not given.
A computer that can handle blizzard's game and a stable internet connection. We don't need people who dc twice an hour during progression.

Contact Information
To apply or find more information about us, visit our website:

You can also contact us via B-tag with any questions:

Thanks for your time
Fun friendly guild with focus on progression.

Mainly looking for melee/ranged DPS , all roles feel free to apply.

Raid times are 8PM (PST) to 11PM (PST), Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday

Check out our website @ rivaledguild.com and feel free to contact me if you have any questions BrandonWTF#1633 or ofthewhale#1338

Incoming wall of text!

We are a progression guild that focuses on keeping a large social aspect to our raids and elsewhere. We are currently 10/10 Heroic Nighthold and 3/10 Mythic nighthold. We're looking for exceptional players that have a firm knowledge of their class/spec and are always willing to better themselves as a player. Currently looking for dps for our MAIN raid team. Discord is our choice of voice coms. We also like to keep our coms light and social, but if it gets too out of hand, we pull the reins back and focus up.

We raid Tue/Thur/Sun 8-11 PST and you are required to bring your own food and flasks and be gemmed and enchanted.

We also do tons of M+ and reg M dungeons inbetween raids. And if you would be interested in joining just for M+ contact feel free to contact me either in game or on the forums.

If you're more into casual things we offer you a home to come and hang out, as well as join in on any events or things we may happen to be doing. If you're a pet collector and are looking for the deathwatch hatchling feel free to join up and get it.

If you have any questions or want to get in contact feel free to post an app/questions on our website (rivaledguild.com) or contact me via btag: ofthewhale#1338 or BrandonWTF#1633
I believe that our guild will be an excellent fit for you, looking for skilled players to fill our roster for Mythic progression.

<Heavy Breathing>

We are currently 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 2/3M Trial of Valor, and 3/10M Nighthold looking to fill Core on our Mythic Roster as well as some back-up and casual positions.

Battlenet ID -
Iso - Isomax#1869 - Officer
Tempo - BanishingJoe#1719 - Tank officer
Mcdqt - Mcd#1775 - Melee Officer
Crocky- Crocky#1109 - Ranged officer
Skiz#11828 - GM

A little about us: Formed by raiders with a like mind of how we want to get through and see content in Legion. We have raiders that have been playing as long as Vanilla, as well as raiders that have just joined with Legion.

We are currently one of the top 2 Raid Night guilds on Arthas. We have a few of the top ranked players on the Server as well as a few top 100 US ranked players in the guild.

We Raid on Tuesday and Wednesday from 20:00 until 23:30 (8pm until 11:30pm) EST. We have Casual/Alt raids on Thursday night, and plenty of Mythic+ and other content throughout the week.

We would prefer a quick chat with one of our officers so that we can both get a feel to see if our Guild and Team would be a fit for you. Feel free to contact any of us when you see us online if you have any questions.

Battle.net ID:

Iso (Officer) – Isomax#1869

Crocky (Officer) – Crocky#1109

Mcdqt(Officer) – Mcd#1775

Tempo (Officer) - BanishingJoe#1719

Skims (Raid Leader) – Skiz#11828

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