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Guild Recruitment
Hi, I'm a 875ilvl Fire Mage looking for a guild that raids on the weekends from 6pm to 9pm EST. I would also like if you are at least 9/10 normal with pulls on Gul' Dan. Please leave a response or add me and I'll get back to you.

Btag: JPM11S#1264
We're a little later than your requested timeframe, but I thought I'd post anyway, just in case!

Raid Info
Faction and Server: Alliance on Lightbringer
Progression: 7/7H, 2/3H, 3/10H
Days: Saturday 5-9 PST, Sunday 4-8 PST
Loot System: Personal, may switch back to Loot Council via EPGP Lootmaster
Voice Client: Mumble
Recruitment Needs: 880+ Ranged DPS, would also consider absorbing another small guild/raid team
Contact Info: Itumele#1678

Full post is here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752671458
Sargeras[A] Week-end Mythic raiding!

About us
Pledge of Insanity is a guild on Sargeras(Alliance). Our current progression is 7/7M, 3/3H, 10/10H, 2/10M and considering our light schedule, we expect everyone to come prepare and be on time. Our goal is to get Cutting Edge before each tier ends.

Raid time

Friday/Saturday 7h00 to 11h00 pm CST (Need to be online 15 before raid).

Alt run : Sunday 8h00 CST

*We do an optional normal run the first Tuesday of a tier release*

website : http://poiguild.ca/
btag : ainsworth#11901, totems#1763, KJL#1903 or mat#11420
<Vile> Mal'Ganis [US] Horde Guild Open Recruitment!

katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/

Recruitment Needs:

Currently recruiting all classes and specs to expand our raid roster for both of our 20M Weekday and Weekend Raids! We are looking for passionate individuals who want to slay dragons a few times a week. We raid because we love the game and want to find like-minded people. We believe in team play and solid individual performance. While your raiding resume might be cool, we care more about attitude, what you can actually do in the moment, and what you bring to every single raid night, than your past accomplishments.

Raid Times:

Dream Team 20 Man (Mythic)

Days: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Times: 9:00 pm -12:30 am Server (CST)

Loot System: EP/GP

Team Awesome 20 Man (Mythic)

Days: Friday and Saturday

Times: 8:00 pm -12:00 am Server (CST)

Loot System: EP/GP

PVP Needs:

All classes interested in Rated BGs, World PVP, Arenas and random BGs


Everyone should have knowledge of the PvP maps and install the BG targets Add-on.

Normal and Heroic Modes:

Any and all Interested In running as a guild to get extra gear for our Mythic Raids. These will occur typically at 5 PM CST before our regularly scheduled mythic raids. If the majority of the raid still needs Heroic then we will do Normal at 5 PM and if they do not we will replace Normal with Heroic.

Mythic Keystone Dungeons Needs:

Players with knowledge of the fights and difference between both heroic and Mythic modes. Your gear set for the Mythic Mode is gemmed and enchanted correctly. Mumble should be installed.

About Us:

Well we are a current content progression Raiding guild social and friendly to others, We have a sense of Humor and Like to send jokes back and forth, With that being said we are a mature Guild environment and have A lot of helpful people in the guild with almost anything! We do look to make sure people wanna play this game and not have us play it for you! We have been around for a while and have the stability to offer you as a member!

What We Can Offer You:

  • Active guild with lots to do on a server with a great economy!
  • Fair trial selection process!
  • Friendly and helpful players!
  • Live Twitch streams during raids
  • Repairs and potions and flasks for Raiders!
  • Stability of a Guild that has been around since 2010!
  • How To Get In:

    First thing to note all of our spots are competitive for any candidate, and will remain so to keep a steady and active roster for our teams!

    There are a few ways to get in! If you currently reside on Mal'Ganis message anyone in the Guild at any time and then get in touch with an Officer. Also you may add our B-Tag and get in touch with us VIA in game whisper and set up an interview!

    Still not sure? Check out our Live Stream on Raid nights!

    ***Note now if you are on a different server currently and plan on finding a new guild we do offer a cross server trial before you decide to transfer. With this being said alliance can also faction change before transfering to see how our Guild suites your needs and yours ours.

    katemoss#1364 [Guild Master]

    Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/defm0nk/
    <Skada Doesnt Know>

    Raid Times:
    Friday: 9:00PM-12:00AM CST (3 hours)
    Saturday: 7-11:00PM CST (4 hours)

    Loot System: EP/GP

    Emerald Nightmare
    7/7 Normal
    7/7 Heroic
    7/7 Mythic

    Trials of Valor
    3/3 Normal
    3/3 Heroic
    1/3 Mythic

    10/10 Normal
    10/10 Heroic
    3/10 Mythic

    <Skada Doesnt Know> is a weekend raiding guild on Mal'ganis-US. Many of the core raiders have experience dating back to Wrath and after reforming, seek to become one of the top guilds on Mal'ganis.

    What we expect of you:

    * Properly geared (gems and enchants)

    * 100% attendence during trial runs (~90% if passed trial)
    Emergencies/vacations happen, but you must let officers know ahead of time.

    * Look up fights BEFORE raid
    This is especially true if you have not downed/seen the fight ON THAT DIFFICULTY
    * Extensive knowledge of your class and spec
    A willingness and ability to play multiple dps specs depending on fights (especially for mages, rogues, warlocks, dk).

    * Minimize (burst) damage taken
    Watch boss timers and be ready to react to abilities instead of waiting for abilities to occur and responding according. Someone taking extensive damage/dying will not last long in our trials. Someone that is PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE can minimize damage taken and thus increase survivability.

    * Ability to follow directions
    If you are told to stack, be sure to be stacked ASAP. Interrupts NEED to happen. Death Grips/Darkness/Innervates SHOULD come out. Stun WHEN WE CALL. We do check abilities cast and we know if you didn't do what we ask.

    What you should expect of us:

    * Efficient raiding
    We raid only 7 hours yet are as far progressed as guilds that raid 10 or more. We manage this by 1) minimizing downtime during loot distribution and 2)...

    * Proactive research into optimal strategy
    We labor over multiple vods (POV kills, streams, theorycrafting, etc.) to select the best strategy for our raid. We are self-critical and will refine strategies based on our composition.

    * Social raiding guild
    Many of us still raid due to friendships forged over years of raiding. We encourage people to participate in our social circle.

    * Laid-back atmosphere
    While taking raiding seriously, we do not get angry or yell at people. We don't focus on the negative and instead state what needs to be worked on or improved. If you consistently under perform for a specific boss (constant lag spikes, lack of understanding) you will be sat so you can relax and recollect yourself. Sometimes a few minutes away does wonders for performance

    You can add me Yin#1932 if you are interested or have any questions.
    <Contingency Plan> is an alliance guild on the Turalyon server. The server is PVE with a medium population with a decently competitive raiding scene and a 40/60 alliance/horde split. The guild itself was formed a few weeks into the expansion by group of friends who invited friends who invited friends. So the end result is a fresh guild of tightly knit players. We all have inappropriate senses of humor and routinely hang out in discord all days of the week even with nothing going on.

    We also run mythic+ dungeons (12-15 and lower for legendary chances/AP/Alts) and have a normal NH on Fridays at 9pm for the purpose of alt madness and trials. So if you have no gear, no problem! Our current progression is 10/10N and 9/10H as of 02/19/2017. We're looking for the last few bodies to let us push into mythic content.

    Our current organized raid times are as follows;

    -Saturday and Sunday at 8:30pm-11:30pm EST. (5:30-8:30pm PST, 7:30-10:30pm CST)
    -Optional Friday run for Normal NH starts at 9pm EST going a few hours.

    The following is what we are currently looking for in a raider;

    -Be prepared.
    -Be on time.
    -Be knowledgeable of your class.
    -Be a team player.
    -Be a little bit nutty.

    So if all of the above applies to you, we are looking ideally for the following classes;

    - Ranged DPS (High)
    - Melee DPS (Low)
    - Tanks (Closed)
    - Healers (Closed)

    So if all of the above sounds good, please add Jomsy#1899, Wutu#1726 or Rhaeja#1661 on battle.net or post below with a method of contacting you. Best of luck on your search and if whatever guild you join doesn't work out you always have a <Contingency Plan>.

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