Do you prefer Legion over WoD?

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Nope.. I'm stilling waiting on the horde to use a mana bomb on my garrison..
I miss the MOP loot drop style. we had venders, reforging, gems and item upgrades. we had things to balance the RNG gods power over us.
Forgot to mention the reason why PvP is so bad currently in legion is because of the class design, they go hand in hand. Bg's are a jamboree DPS scrum, there is no depth anymore to classes. I feel they all play similar, I rolled a pally and instantly noticed he had combo points, just like every other melee class, build/spend and rotations are made from lucky procs instead of actual skill. It's like Simon says on a keyboard.
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I don't miss anything else as you didn't have much to do during WoD, but I liked class design during that expansion.

This. The WoD classes were fine, the transition WoD -> Legion from the class PoV sucks. On everything else, Legion is better than WoD.

PS: Maybe not so much for PvP'ers as PvP gear does not exist.
the only thing I would even consider giving WOD some props on is I very quickly missed being able to zoom in and out. When I take my laptop with me, it's much harder to see my toon now. Otherwise Legion is superior ny a long shot.
I've played since expansion nearly from launch aside from a couple weeks around the holidays. Last time I played this game for more than two weeks was WoTLK.
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Just my humble opinion but this is the first xpac that I've actually come close to putting the game behind me permanently.

I'm right there with you on that one.
Legion has it's issues, but I would consider it a better game then WoD in content, quality, narrative and design.
WoD had great QoL overall - Legion falls short in that regard.

But WoD had, uh. Nearly nothing for max level content.

It makes Legion feel like a good try by the devs, whereas WoD felt like they'd clearly given up halfway through development.
Legion, when considered in its entirety, is better than WoD in my opinion.
I'm not as big fan of the leveling "system" in Legion. I don't much care for the zone scaling either but the leveling seems rushed. You jump from one story and as soon as you get the fragment or w/e it's called for that zone, your order hall wants you to jump into another zone.
But that's really a small gripe in comparison to WoD's endgame where there literally was nothing to do for months at a time. Blizzard really made sure that didn't happen this expansion lol
I miss some of how the classes played (I miss MoP versions more, however) but that's it.

I unsubbed for about half of Warlords and played FFXIV instead.
I miss WoD class play for MM hunters and questing to get a B.I.S. Legendary.
I understand rng for damage as a bonus for harder hits but not for base damage and I would rather do a long quest chain to get the best single legendary then wonder if RNGeezus will eventually give me one. Now some might not like that and go without RNG a lot of us wouldn't get a legendary that way . TO that I say B.S. if you put the time in you will if you don't that's on you.
WoD was half an expansion. At the end of the expansion, I realized that unless Blizzard refunds me half the purchase price, I will forever feel like Blizzard ripped me off with WoD. And the half-expansion I got wasn't even all that good.

Legion shows all signs of being an actual full expansion. I may not like all of it, but I actually feel like I got what I paid for. I mean, Blizzard could just cancel their future plans for Legion, but by this point in WoD, we already knew what we were getting, and it was less than what Legion already has.
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Nope. Legion is designed for players like me, it's my favourite expansion so far.

Agree. Started in Wrath. Legion is second to Wrath for me.
I think people over estimate how great vanilla was. Yes it was a great game but it was also a brand new game. Farming soul shards in every bag you had for a raid was a huge pain, rebuffing every individual player when you wiped in a 40 man raid was not fun, in my opinion.

I hated WoD but I also feel like Blizz got lazy this expansion. Dalarn again, gear all looks the same while leveling, no weapons, the zone jumping sort of drove me crazy also I feel like it did not flow together very well. I did like leveling in WoD better, I do not find the Legion zones very fun past one trip through.

Good and bad with each expansion, just depends on how deep you want to dig

Just my 2 cents
Lets see, going from having absolutely nothing to do in WoD to having tons and tons and tons of content to do in Legion.

This should be a difficult one for me to decide...

I miss how the classes were designed in WoD - Legion has kind taken the fun out of that for me as a hunter (my main). I enjoyed some of the things in WoD and still have several alts that are still in that expansion and it's rather doubtful that they will get to the new content while it is still new.

I haven't played a whole lot since Legion dropped due to personal illness, however, what I have played up to this point has been pretty good. There is always something to do and my quest log is always full and I spend a great deal of time trying to find my way around the place and turn in some of the completed quests - time and patience is something I need to work on more.
WoD had very little content. Legion has loads more.
What kind of question is this?
3 things I miss greatly

Class design

And I thought never getting a weapon drop in raids was frustrating.. dear god I have artifact grind.

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