(A) Small Mythic + Guild seeks healer

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Hi there, my little group of misfits is looking for some more people to run Mythic + with, particularly a dedicated healer and perhaps a tank so our hybrid dps can stop being forced to tank. :) We do world quests everyday, and a few of us love to RP.

We are not looking to make a mega Wal-Mart Guild. This means I don't want to just blindly accept whoever just to pad my roster. I want to get to know you, build real friendships that last. You aren't just 1's and 0's after all, you should have a welcoming home where cliques do not exist.

I HATE trade chat spam recruiting so our guild has remained small. We are the Celtic Crusaders, and we do nothing but laugh in Discord until we cry and our stomachs hurt! I hope you'll give us a try, we'd love to make some new friends!

Please add me (KiraWolfkin#1792) i'd love to hear from you. :)
We are seeking more members (even temporary ones) so that we can go for the Guild glory of the draenor raider achieve, which will be effortlessly easy...if we can get a massive population boost and have 16 members online at once. (The achievement requires mythic raid kills for old content, and it's fixed at 20 man size, so to count as a guild group for the achieve we need 16 people online at once...which is twice what we have on any given day.)
Your guild sounds wonderful. I am a returning player. All of my high level characters are on Steemwheedle Cartel Horde, but back when I started playing in 2008, I rolled Alliance on Farstriders. (My first was a feral druid. IKR?! :D) Those characters are still there. I still love Teldrassil and what happened to Darkshore still breaks my heart. So, when I started playing again recently, I created Alliance characters on Dalaran. I am very much enjoying playing the Alliance starting areas again and I wouldn't mind at all starting new Alliance characters on Kirin Tor or Sentinels for this guild.

I created a post on the main Guild Recruitment forum. I think I might be a good fit for your guild. If you think so too, contact me and we'll go from there. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759637226#post-1

Take care! \\//,
My apologies that I didn't see this sooner, replied to your other thread. :)
Definitely interested in joining. Are you still taking inquiries?
Always! :)
Hey, I think I've been looking for this place a long time. Would love to join your crew. I have a 100 token in the waiting, so I would immediately have a Druid(kitty/bear mostly), and then DH and DK in the wings. I play tank or dps equally well--I have raid-healed before as a Disc priest, but not since WotLK, so that's more than a bit rusty. If I heal for you it would be on Druid, but I'd be learning it for the first time, been feral all my WoW life.

I'm a returning player, played like a month of WoD, a week of Legion (now), and maybe half of MoP. But I've played the game since Vanilla, when I was in a close-knit, family-like guild. Even though I'm a quiet type, I miss that feeling of logging in and knowing people beyond the "hi" or "grats/ty" type of interaction. I'm looking for a fresh start and good friends, people who I care about, and likewise.

I can't be very vocal irl, because I live with my father, who is elderly and has an illness such that he sleeps a lot at odd hours, and my room is next to his. But I can follow along and listen through my headphones, and of course I know how to type. :)

I made a DK on Kirin Tor, name is Zsentuin--would love to chat some more, hope to see you all soon. May the Moon light your path. :)
I probably should have posted this before sending the request, but I thought I could have added a message along with said request.

Anyways, I started some allies on Kirin Tor and I am looking to mainly make some friends, since, with the exception of my husband and an ingame friend who lives on the east coast, I don't really have many. My highest there is a level 36 (as of writing this) human mage named Hurston.
Great small RP guild. I highly recommend!
Yup i'm terrible at checking the forums. Even if you don't want to join, pester me to rp or run stuff! I love the company! Looking to head into Battle for Azeroth with some new friends, so we are always recruiting, and somehow always still small. :)
I am just returning and I am looking for a good group to play with. I might be on tonight and hit you up. Quick question...do you have people that just hang out in Discord or is it more people are only there when they are raiding or such?
it's mainly used for mythic plus runs with our small size, but anytime anyone says they are hopping in discord to chat I join them. So, if you just want to be social with it that's great, I think it helps form tighter bonds than just 'hi' and 'gratz' guild chat. :)
I know we are quiet, but friends to head into battle for Azeroth would be great! Looking to pick up our mythic + focus if recruiting goes well and I still love to rp so if either of those are your cup of tea come say hello! :)

I'm just making it back to the game after 10 years away!

My knowledge of everything is a bit fuzzy and basic, but I have a lvl70 Human Paladin.

Would love to have a chat with you to see if I'm a fit--I realize there may be a better way to communicate this than here, so just let me know.

Trokkar do you have an alliance character
Kira i sent you a friend invite
07/26/2018 07:22 AMPosted by Epøc
Trokkar do you have an alliance character


Ramza lvl 70 Paladin.
you can add me if you want Epøc#1352
yes, my battlenet is a great way to chat or you could even shoot me an in game letter I suppose! KiraWolfkin#1792 :)
I edited my main post but just in case people skip to the bottom I figured I'd post it here. With my main tank and healer wanting to expand their horizons and raid, We find ourselves having to pug the two most crucial roles in the upcoming mythic plus dungeons. I know that we are small, I don't have a lot to offer, but it'd mean the world to me to find a dedicated tank and healer or two for our tiny family.

For The Alliance!

With love, Kira

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