Ability to Transmog Back to 1H?

I know a lot of people like the double great sword, axe, mace, and polearm combinations, but I feel like double 1h felt more signature to the fury spec, so I ask can we petition for 2h to be transmogged back to 1h if youre fury spec?!
I had this dillema as well. So I went through all the options on 2-H swords and found this: http://www.wowhead.com/item=64604/sword-of-marshtide-watch

Its a 2-H sword that uses a 1-H skin but so far that's the only one that I can find.

I got it from a quest way back when but I'm not sure if horde can get the similar quest.
Vanilla wow has quite a few 2h weps that look like 1h. The axes I have are an example.
You have to look for a two-hander that isn't sooo large. There are a few.

I agree that a guy holding two ridiculously large weapons is... Kinda lame.
if you don't want large weapons you can just gender swap to female blood elf and your weapons will pretty much shrink 40%. which imo sucks for those of us that actually want big weapons/shields but also want to play female blood elves

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