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What's your favorite axe?

I'm not exactly sure if this is the best (or appropriate forum) to post this in, but I'm tired of trying to find a perfect one somewhere, so I figure why not. If anyone gets unhappy with this being posted here, obviously mods can move or delete...

Anyway, as for myself, it's hard to say if I have a favorite really. I've owned and played a mexican-made Fender Strat ever since either '03 or '04, and I used to have an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, but I sold it in favor of some cymbals for a Tama Rockstar drum set I bought from my uncle a couple years back.

I love my Fender Strat, but obviously with other guitars, there are different sounds and tones to be heard. I love Les Paul style guitars, but my biggest issue was with it staying in tune. My Fender Strat stays in tune nearly any time I either bend strings, or even use the tremolo bar, at least if I don't overuse it. I have 5 springs in it, so the bridge stays flat with the body all the time.

Now with the Les Paul, it went out of tune ANY time I bent a string. I saw a video recently displaying which guitar(s) stay in tune best, and the Epiphone ones are ok, but not perfect. I'm looking to buy a PRS SE 245 sometime in the future.
I got a Jackson DK2M earlier last year, used since any newer models don't have the aesthetics that I wanted. The one I got has a Jackson-made Floyd Rose tremolo on it, as well as locking nuts. It plays pretty good, but yeah, changing strings on it is quite a pain...

But in the long-run, I'd REALLY love to get my hands on a Mosrite. I'm just upset and sad they're no longer in production, or so it appears. I understand the founder passed away back in the 90's, but I feel like why stop because he's gone... Leo Fender is gone, that didn't stop Fender from making guitars. Same with Orville Gibson. I've read in places that reissue models were being made, and one person said "only in Japan", so, I'd love to find a reissue model, but I'm wondering where I'll find one and for how much.

So, if I ever get roughly $3-6k, I'll see what I can find. Just sad that nobody can find them for less than that. Although it's like with my younger cousin, he wants to get a Travis Bean with an aluminum neck, but those are no longer made new, and go for similar prices that I'm finding with old Mosrites.
I love my Warlock, but I've heard a lot of other people say they don't like BC Rich in general because they think it's a "weird shape" compared to something more standard like a Strat.

In my case, the Warlock was my first guitar, so I guess I didn't have any problems because I wasn't biased or comparing it to anything else. It's what I learned to play on. I guess I could see the shape being a problem if you're used to something like a Strat then try playing on a Warlock, but I've been playing my Warlock on and off since age 16 (will be 32 in a few months), so I'm pretty comfortable with it.

That said, I'm not a guitar collector or gearhead or anything. As it stands right now, I just have the Warlock and one of those Ibanez Dreadnought acoustic deals that came in a "starter pack" with extra strings, strap, case, picks, etc, for like $200.

I'm kind of curious about trying an acoustic 12-string guitar at some point because I think they sound awesome when I hear someone play them right, but I've heard that getting used to them is tricky.
Warlocks are awesome looking. I don't remember if I've ever picked one up and tried playing (whether if it was in a music shop or otherwise), but yeah, my younger cousin has a Mockingbird, so I've played it a few times. Pretty sweet setup, although it's similar to my Jackson in that it has a Floyd Rose and locking nuts. I like B.C. Rich stuff, and I've considered buying either a Warlock or B!ch (wasn't sure if without the "t" the word would still be censored - regardless they're spelled without the "t" anyway), but as I said, if I'm going to save for another one, it's most likely going to be a Mosrite - go for the big enchilada (in terms of cost), you know.

I've never owned a 12-string, but I've played a few here and there, say if I was browsing in guitar center or what ever. I've been considering getting a Martin 12-string, if or when I could set aside some money to pick one up. Recently I've noticed that Martin's been putting out some fine acoustics that don't cost $1,000 or more.

But yeah, I'm curious how to change strings on one. I've considered a Martin acoustic whether if it's a 6 or 12-string, although I would prefer a 12 since I already have a 6-string acoustic in the form of an Ovation acoustic/electric cutaway.

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