Brb beed a beer.

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Everything bothers everyone. Stop being such a %@#*%!@*#, OP.
02/22/2017 08:29 AMPosted by Outtopasture
I once said BRB, checking my smoker, and noone !@#$%ed. Maybe because they like good meats? Who knows. But to get bent outta shape is a little silly.

Would you rather they not say anyhting at all? Like if it was heals and you pulled while they were afk?


I tried making all pally guild once someone loged into vent and quietly said they probably won't make it to raid for a while....a hurricane and Smog are trying to give their house beach front view.


Anyway beer is good. No seriusly suposedly a small amount of beer or a red wine are good for you. Something about blood pressure.

Anyway it's better to say you need to AFK to make sure you have a beer. Then comeback proclaiming how good it is. Me I'm partial to a good ail. Though a meed is good as well.
Now warnog and bloodwine are premo.

All the anti-smokers forced us outside. Then they forced us away from the doors. Then they banished us to the parking lots and even that wasn't good enough. To your car/trucks!

So much beat down, forcing us to adopt a life of shame so fierce that we felt like troglodytes retreating to deep dark damp caves to surrender to the madness that was addiction. So much so that even in our own homes, we felt like outcasts.

Because you smell like troglodytes. I'm not even afraid of second hand.. its your stink that offends, even if you arent smoking at the time... gross. We are all glad you quit! :)
I usually go maximum bro and say "brb grabbin a brewskie" in an attempt to really annoy squarebears like you.
02/22/2017 08:08 AMPosted by Etrigen
"Brb got to grab a beer". Why do we need to know your beverage of choice. Does going afk for a beer make you awesome somehow?
Better question. Why does this even bother you? Nintey percent of the time I don't remember what they left to get unless it's really bogging the group down.
After some thought, i came to the conclusion that that extra detail is added to establish a reference usually to let the group know "about" how long it will take. Because lets face it, if you say "brb in a bit" or "afk for a bit", it could mean a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes or more.
Petition to replace all Milk with beer


Fixed :P

Though for a serious moment I can kind of rap my head around why it might anoy the OP. Their's some people that make a overly large big to do about drinking moldy wheet, and hops. Simillarly their's people that make a overly large big to do about green medical products. I can apreciate why that might anoy the op.

Anyway Much revelry to all!
My favorite is "Brb, my cat is on fire."
I just do the old ninja trick. Between pulls I'll just fade out, grab a glass of tasty beverage, maybe bio and then sneak back with no one the wiser.
02/22/2017 08:08 AMPosted by Etrigen
I don't know why but this is one of my pet peeves. I understand that there are times people need to go afk for a second and its good to let people know. But in all honesty, its not the quick afk that bothers me its the "Brb got to grab a beer". Why do we need to know your beverage of choice. Does going afk for a beer make you awesome somehow? Is there an unwritten rule that if you are going to go afk for a drink you need to tell everyone what type - If I go afk to grab a warm milk should I let people know? What's the protocol here?

thats so if you guys are in a dun. together he dosent want you guys to run off without him hes being nice to tell you guys
02/22/2017 08:39 AMPosted by Ragebinger
Cus they want you to know jsut how oh so cool they are.

It's the same reason people type in "LOL im so drunk right now" or "hahah guys i'm to high to do this"

Honestly, shut up, i could care less about your choice to use drugs.

To be fair sometimes I gotta tell people that I need to bail because I'm too intoxicated for what we're doing.
02/22/2017 08:55 AMPosted by Maltaliia
My favorite is "Brb, my cat is on fire."

A friend claims when she ran a WOW guild someone proclaimed:
"BBIAB Warpcore meltdown and I think the hubby is making burgers ala flambe and setting the house on fire again"
Problem: their reely was a small kitchen fire.
I used to live out in the country with my (now ex) wife, and her mom lived what passes as next door when you're in the country. We lived far enough out that we didn't get trash collection, so we just burned our garbage.

One particularly windy day, I'm healing a random dungeon, and my ex gets a frantic phone call from her mom; apparently a gust of wind carried a flaming bag of garbage onto her lawn and ignited it. So for the first (and probably only time) ever, I typed "brb lawns on fire" and sprinted out the door. When I got back I had auto-logged, so I never got to see their response.
Oh, I have another good one.

We were in the middle of a short AFK during progression raiding (again, back in BC), and one of our DPS suddenly starts bolting straight for trash. They ran into and past it, died, and the whole pack thrashed our 90% AFK raid.

When asked why, they said "sorry I was afk playing FFIX."
Alcohol is cool bruh

Where u been

Everyone knows this ;)


Truth is if you play WoW there's a good chance you're a depressed alcoholic


Downvote me if you're triggered
It's just communication. We are all geeks playing a video game, nothing wrong with friendly shared info. People talk and share. It's life.
02/22/2017 09:11 AMPosted by Frederic
It's just communication. We are all geeks playing a video game, nothing wrong with friendly shared info. People talk and share. It's life.

IKR... guys GOD FORBID we share random stuff to one another. HOW DARE YOU, this isn't an MMO...oh wait..what?
were the infomation era of the computer age

Yet, I highly doubts any social settling requires you to inform peers of every bodily functions or beverage choice to be announced

I've been in pugs where at the end of the raid I just knew too much about these people....
All that sand in his clam and yet he'll never make a pearl.
02/22/2017 08:23 AMPosted by Tuné
When I used to play with guildies on weekends I would do that simply because it was my way of an "invitation" to meet or find fellow beer/pot smokers to create a bond. I could understand though how it can be annoying since I'm sure others do that to seem "cool" but some cases are intentional as far as that moment where a guildie or a player says "hells yeah same here, hey so and so whatcha drinking etc etc = fun night for those 2 in game + a new bond".

Protip - while you two tools feel the need to voice everything you do over the raid chat, maybe everyone else doesn't want to hear it. People like you are the reason many people hate logging on to voice.

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