[H] <Promethean> 7/9M ToS LF Any Melee DPS

Guild Recruitment
05/31/2017 04:36 PMPosted by Sejoons
And ranged DPS
Hi Joons
Still need good dps players :)
Need healers~
Can you guys be contacted via discord?
06/30/2017 07:37 AMPosted by Sejoons
Need healers~
Still need some healers and hunters (we have zero hunters!)
hey hows work?
Wow man today at work I was sleepy. Do you get sleepy during the day too?
Btw what did you have for lunch?
Don't you hate meetings dude?
Ugh almost the end of the work day
07/19/2017 02:04 PMPosted by Sejoons
Ugh almost the end of the work day
^ week
Almost Friday yeah?
you guys LF a range dps?
What healer is better?
07/20/2017 09:01 AMPosted by Tuuburo
you guys LF a range dps?
Yes, depending on the class/spec.
07/20/2017 08:39 AMPosted by Sejoons
Almost Friday yeah?
Still looking for healers~!
Yo, can we get a healer please? ;)
what you doing today?
Do you guys think you'd use a MM hunter? I'd love to discord chat if so

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