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Part of my mild ocd I suppose. I constantly am going to get my gear repaired even though it really doesn't need to be. I have the repair thing on and any time I see one I go to him.

Like every 5 or 10 quests at the most. Its usually like 2g worth of damage at most lol.
I can't play short races: Gnomes, Dwarves, and Goblins. They're just too damn small, that's it. The majority of the races I do play are Night Elves, Draenei, or Worgen mostly; a couple Humans.
Being casual now, I will often refuse to use a piece of gear that doesn't have what I believe are the optimal secondary stats for it. I have no basis for why I feel certain stats are more optimal over others, except for how the class/spec feels when I play it.

Maybe one day I'll actually run some of my toons through SimC and be surprised at what the right stats really are, but that day isn't today.
I never change guilds. Even if another guild is better.
PvP makes me really nervous for some reason. Even on my server, when I see someone on the opposite faction flagged and I am not, my heart rate goes up and I start to panic. The recent Silithus event and joining a Mythic dungeon on a PvP server was/are always filled with almost nauseating paranoia.
I have to find a nice place to sleep in game before logging out on my main for the night. then i /sleep in bear/cat form before clicking the log out button. It seems more comfortable in those forms... >->;

I like to put my heart of the wild buff on people but since it was taken away i made my own /me macro to keep doing it (in spirit)

/me licks his kitty paw and places it on %t in an attempt to put his mark of the wild buff on %t

Note: %t = [Targets name]
I've only ever run up the right side stairs to the fp in Dalaran(s).
The kirin tor "like the wind" frustrates me so much I want to damage things...this is soooo not me, therefore, I never, ever even try them, no matter what the reward is. If there are not enough other kirin tor wq's for the emissary quest, then I won't do the emissary quest.

If my monk is mounted and I feel like it's not going fast enough, I do two chi torpedos and a flying crane kick and then makes me feel like I'm getting there faster, even though empirically, I know I'm not speeding anything up, especially when I have to stop to remount...
I avoid PvP like the plague.

I dont mind pvp WQ thoguh (as i avoid the pvp part)

However if someone hits my Guardian druid during one of them....I shall be feasting on their corpse.
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I can't play undead, and not for the reason you're thinking.

What reason was I thinking..?

I refuse to play a Hunter: the only class I have never played. When I first started playing way back in October of 2006, I can remember questing in Stranglethorn Vale. It took an absurdly long time to make it through that zone because Huntards would come from nowhere and shoot everything. Only one person could tap a target back then, Huntards had a longer range than everyone else, and Warlock DoTs had to tick damage before they tapped a target. So even my "instant" spells took 2-3 seconds before a target was "mine." I helped kill hundreds of animals for d-bag Huntards...and now I hate them.
I must be in a major city, dismounted, bags emptied and gear repaired before I can log out.
I don't ride or run through other players, I go around them. Just seems like the courteous thing to do.
I like to move and bounce around a lot. I don't do well with casting classes because of this.

I like to fly really high, dismount and try to recast flight form as close to the ground as I can.
i always set a mage table even if its not needed.

i also always use dartols rod of transformation
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One of my things is that I always always run out of the way of giant dying enemies so their bodies don't fall on me.

Lol, I do this too!

I just realised that I do that too lol.
My new alts must always have 16 slot bags when they begin their journey. Glad blizzard added mailboxes to the starting areas. Had a to run a ways away before that
In Strand of the Ancients on defense I always go to the left side. The right side just feels really wrong.
I guess when im on an alt or different spec, and i see a resto druid in dungeon, i need to point out i main one.

I guess i feel a bond they dont care about

Or a troll cat druid that looks like mine..i point that out

Im a loser

Oh i thought of one

When i have things to do i tend to look at WoW forums (like now) but dont play WoW because i have things to do

And i just think "why not play WoW if you arent spending time on your work anyways..." blah
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I can't pvp for personnal reasons.

I grew up in a small close minded town and conscidering I am very ''colorful'' I was many times in situations where I was scared to get beat up or worse. So now if I have to pvp for something in game I must really want it because it causes me alot of stress and eventually trembling. It's pretty bad.

lol aww. this is not the right game considering we fight eachother based off race.

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