<H>[Crushridge](ROFLSTOMP) Melee/RDPS

Guild Recruitment
ROFLSTOMP is a really close group of core raiders who have been raiding together since 2005. We are looking to add a few more members to our team for mythic progression.
Raid Progression:
7/7M 10/10H 4/10M
Raid Times:
Monday and Wednesday 6:00PM -9:30PM PST. We only raid 2 nights so we ask that people respect others time during raid. Come prepared do your job!
Recruitment: (listed in priority)
Exceptional Melee/Ranged DPS.
I prefer to chat over BNet so please add me or Mcbandwire to discuss more.
My BNet - Swaay#1232 or Mcbandwire#1321
Bump. Currently looking for a Shaman who can play both Ele and Resto for Mythic raids
Bump. Still open slots for skilled range DPS and healers with DPS offspec.
Bump for 3/10 M prog. At this moment we are looking for high performing range DPS and potentially healer with a competitive DPS offspec. Hit us up to talk options
Bump 3/20
Bump 3/31

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