<Reforged> Recruiting TANK+RDPS

Dawnbringer and Madoran

Is currently recruiting a TANK and RANGED DPS but all exceptional applicants are welcome to get in touch.

(N) Nighthold 10/10
(H) Nighthold 3/10

Raid Times
Thursdays and Mondays at 8:30PM ST (6:30PM PST)
Sundays are a farmed content day at 8:30PM ST

Loot System
We use a fairly unique loot system that has been working well for our particular guild. We use the common /roll system but with a DKP -esque style to it. Players who routinely show up to raids and who are not frequently absent will receive a +5 to their next roll on a piece of loot. This means that this particular player can roll a /105 as opposed to /100, thus giving them a higher chance to win loot. Its used to help keep people active and participating in guild events.

About Us
Newer guild with an emphasis on growing our raid team and a strong community . We are currently building our ideal raid composition to launch us into mythic Nighthold and beyond. We have a separate raid day scheduled outside our scheduled progression runs on Sunday, which is used to gear alts and bring in trial raiders. Exceptional applicants wont need to participate in that run as it is purely optional, but is encouraged so that you may see our raid style and how we operate.

We're a fairly laid back guild wit very friendly and caring attitudes. We don't mind helping new applicants gear up as long as we see potential in the player. We're building our guild for the long term and don't expect to end once Nighthold ends.

Feel free to contact any of our officers in-game via B-TAG @:

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