<From the Ashes> (A) recruiting

Antonidas and Uldum
<From the Ashes> (A) Antonidas is recruiting

We have returned! Our officers and core members have been together since Wrath with some playing since Vanilla but RL issues caused us to take a break mid-Cata. We recently rose from the ashes again and have begun raiding. Are you a good fit?

7/7H, 3/3H, 10/10H with Grove Defiler, 8/9N and 3/9H in ToS

Our current needs are Ret Pally, Shadowpriest, Hunter, and Enhance Shaman but all classes and specs are welcome to apply.

We raid Friday nights at 8:00-11:00pm PST

We look forward to hearing from you!
Message Sussac42#1851, Kneldon#1290, or Nic#1541 for more info
I heard a rumour that we also have cookies. Can anyone verify?
mmmmm cookies! Doesn't that require a lock?!
Maybe, but I bet some could be made by a decent baker
5/10 in Nighthold last night
9/10 (n) HN

In need of ranged DPS mage or lock preferred
do u need dps or tank
i clear night hold on raid find.
2/10 (H) now

Warlock is what we want.
Downed some bosses 6/10 now. Also filled the Lock spot now need Enhance Shammy or Survival Hunter
star auger is dead so 7/10H
10/10 would smash again
only Elisande and Guldan left!!1!!
Setting our roster for Tomb.
10/10 H.
no longer actively recruiting but not turning people away either.
Looking for a ret pally
are you guys looking for healers?
by chance?
priest & monk
We are not looking for healers atm.
Recruiting Ret Pally! and a enhance Shammy.
2/9 H ToS need dps ret pally and hunter high. but any class and spec dps.
Still Recruiting. Really Need that Ret Pally.

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