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Hi everyone

I just encountered a rough patch IRL with a break up and family issues and other such things piling up like domino's and I am looking for some friends to play wow with. I used to be in a great raiding guild during WOTLK run by a husband/wife team and it was a awesome sense of community. I just realized I don't really talk to anyone on wow but play it often. I have a 110 alliance warlock that is my main, currently ilvl 860 and interested mainly in casual pvp (would love to eventually get a RBG team going) and casual raiding (interested in gearing up to get to nighthold). If you're looking for someone to play with/talk to, hit me up at: noshame#1334

bonus if: you're sarcastic, funny, and don't take wow seriously. trolls welcome.
I'll be your friend, Mr. Ears

Full disclosure: This is me

go find some in your neighborhood.
02/02/2017 10:26 AMPosted by Thírst
go find some in your neighborhood.

do u really have to comment on ever LF friend thread?? F-Off
Too bad you chose the "other" faction....
My tag is dremaza1899. I also like casual bgs and would do rbg if I could, really want the old school mage robe/helmet/shoulder xmogs. No friends, no life, just job and sleep prevent me from playing 24/7.
Hey Notears. I definitely fit into the trolls category, but I'm Horde not Alliance :/

Hit me up anyway. I'm serious about WoW, just not when it comes to its gameplay.

02/03/2017 06:02 PMPosted by Whitechalk
Too bad you chose the "other" faction....
Hey Whitechalk, I've heard of the Warsong Battalion back in MoP. Are you guys still alive and kicking?
What realms do you play on?
Hey bud you can add me too if you want. I play both factions so it doesn't really matter to me. JonnyB#1505

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