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I can never get through it, I have given up at this point. Every single time I am rewatching The Office I have to skip it. I saw it when it first came out and I still have nightmares.
Oh yea, well, I didn't like that either.

You know, Carrell should do something like that in real life, really, he should. REALLY, he should. But go through with it. That would be wonderful.

Steve really made that show and most people don't even know that a lot of the really good lines of that show was AD LIBBED. Phyllis was AMAZING in that show. The one episode of it where it showed her sleeping, that was REAL. Listen to the commentaries you will learn so much.

Fischer was a real receptionist in real life, she just showed up and auditioned for the part.

Steve, genius.

Rainn, genius.

Novak, genius.

Jim, the guy who played him, genius. He WAS that part, he just was. I really enjoyed watching all of those seasons.

Every bus trip they took. Wonderful.

The guy who played Stanley, every PART, everyone on that show was just so WONDERFUL. The guy who played Andy, great, genius.

Just everyone connected to that show, really, all geniuses. The biggest genius was the one who BOUGHT it in the first place from those British guys. I actually got the first season of the ORIGINAL British version. Its all so wonderful.

My only complaint, really, was Kevin ran over the turtle. I didn't like that part at the beginning of that episode. And the guy who played Kevin, genius. Every thing he did (except running over that turtle) was wonderful.

Kelly, beautiful and wonderful. Just everything about that show, even Roy because at the end he started that gravel company. Just wonderful, all of it.

Rock on!

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