S/M 10p-1a EST Mythic Raid Team LF DPS

Guild Recruitment
Guild: (A) Raizin Kane
Server: Whisperwind/Dentarg (PVE-CST based server)
Raid Days: Sun/Mon Progression Nights & Tuesday Farming/Achievement Nights
Raid Times: 10pm - 1am EST
Progression: 10/10 Heroic The Nighthold
Chat App: Discord
Loot System: Personal
Website: http://raizinkane.dkpsystem.com

Raizin Kane is looking to add members that want to be part of an active community of adult players that enjoys Raiding, Mythic+, Achievements, and helping one another throughout the week. We are seeking quality and dedicated members as we work together to progress in mythic raiding and also want to be part of an active community outside of raiding. We are looking to add members to our team/guild to build a mythic progression team.


Recruiting for the following Raid Team Roles:
Tanks: - Need tanks for Mythic+ groups that have a DPS spec for raids
Healers - Holy Paladin
RDPS - Boomkin, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest, Warlock
MDPS - Frost DK, Rogue, Enhance Shaman

Raizin Kane was established back in September 2014 with a small group of co-ed adult players. We have successfully worked together to progress from barely able to fill at time to complete normal Highmaul to have a solid core group that has cleared heroic Nighthold.

This is a game that is played to be fun and enjoyable both in and out of raiding. We are searching for members that are willing to research fights and their class in order to become part of high quality raid team. We strive to clear content and progress higher in server rank. We aren't looking for people to carry us and we aren't looking to carry others. We are looking for team members that can do their role and have fun playing the game together.

About the Guild Leader and Raid Leader
I (Karlmic-Guild Leader) have been playing WOW since Vanilla. I started off running a weekday morning 40 person raiding guild back in the MC/BWL days when working a midnight shift. I switched careers several years back, had back fusion surgery, then restarted a raid team to match the new schedule shortly after recovery. My son, Brison (Raid Leader), helped start up the guild with me. He started playing and raiding in Vanilla as well. He has completed all mythic content up to thru Legion and leads our raid team. We're both experienced and knowledgeable players and we work diligently to maintain an enjoyable guild.

If you would like to talk further please contact us on Battlenet @ Karlmic#1834 or Christoff#1674, whisper us in game on Whisperwind, or leave a post here.
Recruiting dedicated members
We are looking for dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly healers and dps to proceed thru Heroic NH as we build a solid base of players to build a Mythic team.

Tank slots are filled, need 3 strong healers (except Druids), and 7-8 additional DPS (except hunters/paladins/warriors)
Progressed to 3/10 Heroic this week. Still looking to add a couple of healers and dps.
We are looking for players wanting to be part of a group, with a team mentality, that likes the challenge of learning the fights together in raiding. That also like to play together on non-raid nights doing Mythic+, Kara, or going after achievements.
4/10H - still need heals and dps
We are recruiting active and friendly adults looking for a community and team atmosphere.
Hello? Is anyone out there?
I am willing to give it a shot, I just want to have fun, I am 30+, currently in the Army. I would be starting from scratch on your server, would that be alright, and would I be able to get some help leveling up as I have not gotten Legion yet, want to just get back in before I get it. Also what are guys in need of some I can create what is needed along with others if I find the guild fun
Great to have you Aithrual! Got us a shadow priest! Still looking for guild healers and all other dps.
Looking for a few more active raiders
What's your St. Patty's day plans?
Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!
Still recruiting healers and DPS to the guild and raid team.
Cross-realm trials are accepted and encouraged.
Looking for DPS for tonights raid.
Recruiting for 7.2
Baseball Opening Day!!
Happy Easter!
Recruiting to build a Mythic Team

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