Best way to get Marks of honor?

Been bg'ing ( and winning) for days on both alliance and horde. and only got 1. This is making me mad that the drop rate is so low, when all it gets you in mog gear.
The warden tower quests can sometimes award them for completion as well. Usually 3-5 per tower
Good call, Tosko.

This is something I wanted to bring up as well. Scan your map every 4 hours or so for updates to rewards.

I have an addon that filters out rewards that I'm not interested in. For example, I don't see any world quests that reward gold.

02/03/2017 02:25 PMPosted by Spaventoso

How often are you seeing Marks drop in Ashran? Do they drop randomly from the green and blue boxes?
You get 1 mark for completing the "Ashran Dominance" quest, and there is a chance for a mark to be in the crate you get for completing "Slay Them All".
Keep checking your pvp wqs.

You usually have 1 every day that awards like 3.
Meanwhile I get marks of honor out of every box... over 80 of them now
If I could give you my 300 or so, I would. They are useless to me

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