Fun (but harmless) ways to mess with people

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Sending random people gold with the subject "from you know who" and the message "you know what to do."
Knockback + a tall cliff is harmless since I can't see what happens to them afterwards. Right?
Years ago on my old server a guildmate had a bday coming. Knowing she was a huge fan of chocolate cake IRL I farmed mats for 100 delicious chocolate cakes and mailbox bombed her with them. I then said after all that work the least she could do was eat them all while I was right there. She did this. Best bday ever? Probably.
I send random players a small chapter from my own Steamy Romance Novel and wait for a response ;)
There always the old portal to Stonard right over the bosses corpse/treasure chest.
Toy trains sets was my past time before

Now i throw cry bombs hehehehe
Yesterday I was doing the holiday quest out in silverpine forest. Mobs were instantly spawning, I must have had 10 on me as I ran through town and into the inn. When I got inside I hit shadowmeld to drop aggro and all my mobs starting attacking a lone bloodelf player.

I found that funny.
02/08/2017 09:56 AMPosted by Tovi
Path of Frost has provided me with many laughs over the years but unfortunately it falls under the category of "impeding game experience."

Back in WoLK, when my guild and I would run UP there would always be a race. After the last boss the race was on to jump down to the water before I could pop PoF. Half the time they'd run and leave me with the boss at just under 1/4 health. Didn't always end well.

I stopped doing this after getting blasted by people on a carebear server, but for a while, people would ask really random stuff in trade about how to do something with macros, and I would always add "Don't forget to add /gquit to the end of the macro".

That's along the lines of impeding gameplay tho.
MCing or leap of faithing afk players to odd places is a classic. Especially if it's a long one and you can get them off to the middle of nowhere before they come back.
I "play" with a person on my realm. I mail them Left Shark a lot and since i am a warlock i refer to it as [the curse of left shark].

they have like 50 of em.

they are annoyed with it (but we r friendly to eachother as its done in a playful meaning)

i buy em off ah just to mail her ;D
It was really late for my roommate and I, but we ran a few mythic and mythic + with our guild. Two of them live in Australia, so while it's mid-afternoon for them, it's 2 am for us. So, we were pretty loopy and hitting that goofy second-wind energy.

We started a huge parade train of Millhouse Manastorm in Dalaran doing the /train emote. We would have one be the starter, then the rest went on /follow. We had a lot of random people board the Mana-Train.

On another, we were doing a SoO transmog run for some of our newer guildie members. We got to the part with Gamon and they asked if we should free him. 90% of the group used the Gamon Braid and fought alongside Gamon as Gamon.

Things like that is what makes me love the game :)
02/08/2017 10:53 AMPosted by Phlynch
Get a bunch of cheap useless items.

Find a target useing the AH.

Mail them said cheap useless items individually so they have to open them one at a time, on top of everything they actually wanted to buy.

I'll give you one extra, and it is indeed sinister. Stock up on the parcel wrappings that you can apply to individual items, head to alterac valley's quartermaster in Hillsbrad and purchase as many copies of "Peeling the Onion" as you can carry. Gift wrap them. Mail them to the desired victim.

They'll take the innocent looking present, and open it only to receive this weird book. They'll go to delete it only to find out this common white item requires you to type out "Delete" as a confirmation.

Back in the beginning of the expansion I did something that I wasnt proud of. I listed Starlight Rosedust at the same price as Starlight Rose and someone bought all of it.
I used my swap blaster on afk paladins that were waiting for the slime to spawn. Would go underwater swap places with them and then watch them drown. By the time they came back they had automatically released.

As soon as I read "Wtf how'd i die" I would scream "IT SPAWNED!". Poor guy would be spamming chat for us to wait, cursing like a sailor only to find us all sitting on a rock.
i like to mail random grey items to people.

being a prime item for this
Rainbow Generator battles.
If I see a druid in cat or bear form sometimes I'll /pet them just to see how they'll respond lol
I just like cramming pumpkin heads on people.

I WOULD say PoF shenanigans but that's been done to hell.
A cold icy hell.

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