[H]<Glyphed Ring Gang> 5/10H

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Glyphed Ring Gang (Blades Edge) 7/7/ 3/3 5/10 Heroic Guild Looking to bolster ranks for mythic progression.

Raid nights - Monday 7-10 Tuesday 7-10 (Eastern time) - Up for negotiation for what works best for the guild.

Must be willing to participate in M+ and show some semblance of team based attitude.

While not a razor's edge progression guild, raids nights are taken seriously and a carefully cultivated team atmosphere is held second only to performance.

Currently recruiting all with emphasis on Healers and Dps with Tanking or Healing off specs. Feel free to whisper Jeysun#1343 (GM) ADustMuffin#1415 Recruitment

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