[H] <Frisky> 7/7m, 3/3m, 9/10m

Currently 7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 9/10M NH; looking for dps and heals for Mythic NH.

Raid Times
Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 8:30pm-11:30pm AEST (Server Time)

Looking for
Tanks: FULL
Healers: Open, DPS Offspec is also a plus.
Melee DPS: Open.
Range DPS: Hunter, Mage, Boomkin.

All exceptional players will be considered.

Minimum ilvl 900 with 50 artifact traits.

All other classes will be considered.

What we expect
- Consistent attendance to raid nights
- Knowledge of class that you are playing
- Prior research to raid encounters
- Able to accept and learn from criticism
- Not create drama
- Listen and demonstrate what is asked of you
- Be prepared for raid

Please fill in this little 'about me' for us to get to know you if you are interested in our guild :)

Add any officer to chat:

Still on the search for a Holy Pally, Boomkin, Mage and Dps Warrior; although any good players that are interested are encouraged to message on battle.net.
Still looking ^^^^
Still searching for a good Holy Pally (A good resto druid or MW monk will also be considered). Ranged dps and dps warriors are also encouraged to contact us.
Hey, I'm a 897 equipped fury war. 10/10 H looking to join a mythic guild. I crush M+ and really want to get into mythic progression!

I'm a chill Canadian dude that works night shift and you're raid times are exactly what I've been searching for.

Btag is butters#12561 if ya feel like giving me a trial or whatever that' would be sick!

Upwards and onwards.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
4/10m spots still open
I hear Trolly has a boomkin and a paladin... Make him multi-box!
Looking for a warrior, and ret pally primarily, but other's are encouraged to apply :)

Please message any of the officers listed in the original post.
I would but Bs bullies me
In search of a new tank, one of ours will no longer be able to raid in the next coming weeks, and would like to find a new one before then :)

Accepting all whispers from meat shields!
Did Bs leave?
STILL looking for range dps
^^ need some awesome range
Update: Looking For Hunters/ Mages /Boomkins for ToS and Mythic Guldan.
Got a good healing OS and main deeps? - we want you too!

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