[H] 3/10 Mythic, Against the Odds!

2/10 Mythic down!
Friendly bump, high priority for WW monk/balance druid/Ret Pally, need another 1-2 dps to finalize our Mythic roster for the xpac.
3/10 mythic down yaaaah! join us!
Hi, my name is Mono and I am interested in filling a melee DPS position

I have raided on and off since BC, skipping MoP and most of WoD. Due to IRL commitments I had to take a break for a month recently from WoW, only to find my former team mates have transferred here from Khaz'goroth to merge with another guild to do mythics. Unfortunately they have a plethora of DPS options and SV Hunter is not desirable currently.

My B-tag is Mono#1745

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