[H-RP] The Gilded Lotus Trading Co.

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We ride the four winds like a lotus, eager to explore the world; gilded so that we might never break within its strength. We are the Gilded Lotus...” -Bravior, Gilded-Chief of the Gilded Lotus.

The Gilded Lotus Trading Co. is a gathering of people from various backgrounds: soldiers & mercenaries, craftsmen & merchants, scholars & doctors, as well as plenty of other walks of life. The goal of this organization is not simply to accumulate wealth but to continue a functioning system of providing wares, food, and information to the various communities across Azeroth. Do we yield profits? Indeed we do, however, this is only so that we might maintain the flow of goods and services to the people who need them the most.

It is now known what we do as well as why we do it, but who are the Gilded Lotus? Such is a story that may benefit from understanding a richer history that extends past our time, but the Lotus will not dwell; much to the contrary, it desires to ride forward into an uncertain future with confidence in our brothers and sisters. The Gilded Lotus Trading Co. has a history wrapped in decisions, and the decision to carve our own stake into the road.

The Gilded Lotus was formerly the merchant organization dubbed the Bluepaw Mercantile, after its namesake and founder, a Pandaren named Jie Kie “Jackie” Bluepaw. However, Coming to the age of retirement Jackie sought to dissolve the organization as a part of a long-time ally, the Tauren tribe called the Thundermoon Tribe.

This was not the desire of a larger proportion of the Bluepaw leadership, and with a blessing we were allowed to strike out on our own, now we wander the roads and provide to villages under our current leadership of both experienced veterans and optimistic newcomers alike.


General Info:
Type: RP/PvX
RP style: Social/Adventure
Guild Site: http://gildedlotusco.shivtr.com/ [Under repair]
Leader: Bravior Stormtotem

You may request to join via in-game mail, direct message, or registering on our website

Who Are We?

<Gilded Lotus Trading Co> is a social guild which frames trade, commerce, and combat as themes which we develop our roleplay upon. The guild has a relatively rich history spanning back to MoP being the successor of the Pandaren trading guild called <Bluepaw Mercantile>.

The Gilded Lotus aims to continue many of the traditions of its previous incarnation, which should come as little surprise as almost the entire leadership has remained. It would be, however, correct to say that we're pursuing these old efforts with a renewed vigor!

Despite being a trade guild in name, we are in fact open to all variety of roleplay! We anticipate the development of adventurous campaigns rife with combat which will serve to fuel our commerce based roleplay.


Who can join:
As it stands our ranks are open to all members of the Horde of good standing, and tentatively inclusive to neutral parties. We are dedicated to preserving the economy of our faction in these trying times.

The only characters who will find themselves at a disadvantage with regards to joining the Gilded Lotus are known criminals and members of the Alliance.

What sort of social ladder is there:
Being a social guild, there are numerous requirements for promotion within the guild, all of which can be found on our website within the forums. The requirements are based around activity and initiative, so favouritism will not get in your way!

What sort of events:
Some examples, depending on whether you aim for combat or social aspects, include: caravans between towns, salvage operations, pub socials, cookie drives, sparring/practice, scouting trade routes, mapping trade routes, and many more!

... Yes! I said cookie drives! Some might recall when members of Bluepaw Mercantile handed out cookies en masse during Winter Veil this year!

Guild pacts/alliances:
The guild is currently undergoing a complete overhaul, including but not limited to its membership and allegiances with other guilds. We are currently a part of the predominantly-Tauren social network called the Derecho Summit, but are looking to develop longer lasting, and by in large more beneficial, inter-guild alliances.

Who do I talk to:
The Gilded Lotus is very active, albeit small in size at the moment. You might see our members casually meandering about Orgrimmar! If you wish to roleplay with us or even join the guild, then please feel free to whisper any of our active officers or players!

Some regularly active players include:
- Bailou (Bailou Silkbrew)
- Xiulightning (Xiu Lightningsky)
- Malourn (Malourn Deathwalker)
- Xingba (Xingba Bellstout)
- Bravior (Bravior Stormtotem)
Dropping a like for this guild!
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