Should I roll a female toon being a male?

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Do what you want. The only people who care are usually the miserable, boring types honestly.

No one's a elf, Draenei, Troll, Panda etc in real life, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't play one ingame. Your gender should have nothing to do with what you play in the game, if you are happy and comfortable, go for it. (I play female Nelves because I like their animations and appearances better then their counterparts, just as I like both male/female Belves with that. Also I don't mind male Worgens, and both female/male humans can have nice animations depending on class.
I've known guys who played only females, only males, and a mix of both. In my experience, no one ever said anything negative about it to those guys.

As a female player, it's about the aesthetics for me. I don't mind playing a male character and have played them in other games, even ones where I had a choice, but I just can't stand the look of any of the males in WoW. The only one I would play is male worgen, but I'm Horde, so that's not going to happen.

I do adore both of my fem orcs.

Play what you want to play.
Up to you. It's always Sunday somewhere.

You'll get some unwanted attention from time to time. Every time someone in game is nice to you a voice in the back of your head will ask, "is it because they think I'm a girl?"

If someone outside of game learns you play WoW and asks to play with you, you need to be comfortable telling them your virtual avatar is a woman named Christylolz. Or whatever.
Nothing wrong with playing a model you enjoy looking at. I play females and males alike. It's all about just having fun. And you may as well enjoy what you're looking at while you game.
I play a female rogue. I always told people it was because they got a bonus to backstab. Too many believed me.
02/23/2017 05:03 PMPosted by Youforia
comments/opinions? (down votes are welcomed. I know how y'all are on here lmao, jus looking for a perspective I haven't yet thought of on said topic.)

No one really cares. Do whatever you want.
02/23/2017 05:03 PMPosted by Youforia
comments/opinions? (down votes are welcomed. I know how y'all are on here lmao, jus looking for a perspective I haven't yet thought of on said topic.)

I wouldn't but whatever floats your boat.
I have two female characters, being male myself.

I must be weird or something!
I'd never do it, because I think its weird

But i couldn't possibly care any less about what you do.

do whatever you want, bud.
Pick whichever booty you enjoy staring at more. Just don't pretend to be a woman in character, please.

My paladin was supposed to be female, but with Blood Elves it was impossible to tell. It is what it is. /hairflip.
Dude, we have pregnant Worgen Death Knight RP.

...I don't think most folk will really care who or what your character looks like.
There's more than 2 genders. You don't have to be male or female. My character personally identified as wolf kin and I role play on bodyguard.

Don't let society decide what you should be.
I am a lady and my characters are an even toss of genders depending on what animations I feel like seeing.

Seriously, nobody will care.
I am a G.I.R.L. and love looking at my character 24/7!
Make anyone you want as long as you never forget about your good buddy Hakmud.
I have both male and female toons, and as a result have experienced how a lot of people treat you based on what they believe your gender is.

Despite the fact that other people will treat you differently though, at the heart of it what I've realised over time is that your gender ultimately doesn't matter, what matters is what's in your heart, and whether you do good things for others or not.

So in other words if you just doing your best to just be a decent human being, that's what good people should notice first. That is just my opinion.
Please don't use Griftah's shoes.

You look like a jackass.
02/23/2017 05:07 PMPosted by Zawszee
I would recommend fbelf cuz FABULOUS! !!!!!!

If you want to, go for it. I'm a girl and play mostly males since armor looks, in my opinion, best on them.

Play whatever you want. If you like the way stuff looks on one gender, be it armor, animations, whatever- play it. It's your subscription and it's for your fun. Do whatever makes you happiest.
02/23/2017 05:12 PMPosted by Lanthier
It's not worth if if you play with RL friends I can tell you that. I tried it not very long ago and kept getting spammed about how Trump was going to ban me from America, and how I stuffed "things" in certain "places". I had to swap back to male on that toon for the harassment to stop.

You need better friends.

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