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[I mustache you a question] - get a handlebar mustache from the barber.

Did somebody say
[Blizzard is watching] - Get killed by Blizzard Guardian in classic vanilla.

(for those who even remember this, blizz had put "Infernos" in area blizz didn't want players going into "under development" and these monsters had "skull" ?? as their level and most of the time its a one hit K.O. by them so I've learned my lesson they have like infinite health..!!

Good old times trying to get into Mount Hyjal or any other area still not ready for play in Classic... ha..
[You did the thing!] - Did the thing

[The Light Compels You] - Played Priest class for 90% of your total playtime for the entire expansion (You must have x hours total playtime)

[It's not a phase!] - For one patch, 90% of your playtime must be done with a talent spec different from a previous patch (You must have x hours total playtime)
[Selfie - Rob the Guild Bank]

Use the in-game Selfie Toy before totally emptying the Guild Bank.
image -
"Vicious Fangs"

Kill 100,000 players on a Worgen.
[The Glorious] - Complete every Glory of the ___ Raider/Hero

[Of the Clouds] - Collect 10 Cloud Serpents

[The Wind Waker] - Collect all 4 Wind Drakes

[The Wealthy] - Purchase a spider mount for 2,000,000 gold
Achievement name - {Wait What?!}

Play through the Illidan chain quest in the Legion expansion.

Title earned (The Prepared)
[The final, final, FINAL test]

Complete all of Odyn's trials and prove your ultimate worthiness.
[Drunken Brawler]
Obtain 10000 honor kills while completely smashed

Have faction sided reps to exalted on both Horde and Alliance for each expansion
[Who works for number 2?!] - Complete the various Poop quests around the World of Warcraft - Awards the Title Stinky
[ I should feel bad but I don't ]

kill 500 goats - Awards an unhappy Community Manager
^ Some of these are really creative!

Personally, I'd just like to see "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions" made permanent.
<Money Can Buy Happiness>

Spend $2000 on world of warcraft on 1 account

9 years constant subscription, 6 expacs bought at $60 each, few character services... I'm willing to bet there's a bunch of people who already qualify
Rukhmar No Hands - Kill a raid or world boss while /afk

WoD would have been 10 times better with that achieve.
01/26/2017 12:07 PMPosted by Youkeyoh
"Of the Basement" for getting 27000 achievement points.

What I like about your post is that your current total achievements claim you have completed 101% of the available achievements. You have to be so of the basement that you have to achieve things that aren't even possible.
"Hungry, Hungry" so I can be "Hungry, Hungry Howlers". Not sure how this would work, maybe have nobody eat cake on Trilliax.

Keymaster, for finishing a level 15 M+ on time. People can run up to me sand say "Are you the Keymaster?"
[The Achieved]

Earned every achievement point in the game.

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