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I'll be using the LoL format. Three normal abilities, a passive, and an ultimate.

Passive: Farseer - The shaman's connection to the elements grants them blessings of the elements, providing 1% mana and health every 5 seconds and 3% damage reduction.

Q: Earth Spike - A short, targeted line where earthen spikes break out of the ground and knock enemies into the air for 1 second. Deals magic damage.

W: Healing Surge - A targeted heal with medium range that heals an allied unit or player with rushing waters for X amount of health.

E: Flametongue - Targeted ability that enchants an allied player's auto-attacks with fire, dealing magic damage over time stacking 3 times.

R: Ancestral Spirit - An ability that revives an allied player at 35% health and mana. While not on cool down, this ability can be activated while dead to revive the shaman instead for 1.5 times the normal cooldown.

Since I main Restoration, I focused on a support style Shaman.
Sorry, I live under a rock that consists of old cinematics from WC3 and Nixxiom videos. Also fanfics on MS Word 2010.

Dafuq is MOBA?
It's basically what Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, and DotA2 are, though don't ever let someone who loves DotA hear you say that. I believe it's Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
Aaah. neat
Survival Hunter

Passive: Survivalist - Killing a target heals you for 2% health every second for 10 seconds

Q: Mongoose Bite - A powerful melee attack that gets stronger with each successful strike to a target, stacking 3 times.

W: Steel Trap - Place a trap at your feet for 10 seconds. Any target that steps on Steel Trap will me immobilized for 2 seconds and take physical damage over time for 10 seconds.

E: Harpoon - Throw a harpoon at the target immobilizing them for 1 second while you hurdle towards them.

R: Fury of the Eagle - Deal significant physical damage to all targets in a frontal cone. Deals more damage if previously struck by Mongoose Bite.
Using HotS format, since, y'know, Blizzard. Also, doing my character rather than class.

Lokka Stormhowl: Melee Assassin

Passive: Wind Walk: Lokka's movement speed increases over time when she is not in combat.

Q: Stormstrike: Deals damage to a target in melee range and makes them vulnerable to Lokka's attacks and abilities for 3 seconds.

W: Frost Shock: A medium-short range, single target spell. Deals damage and slows target for 3 seconds.

E: Lightning Shield: Balls of lightning orbit Lokka for 3 seconds, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

R1: Feral Spirits: Summons two wolf spirits which attack nearby targets for 8 seconds. Each attack heals Lokka.

R2: Bloodlust: Increases a friendly hero's movement and attack speeds for 6 seconds.
Shar'kon the Wavemender: Ranged Support

Passive: Telluric Currents: Shar'kon's mana regeneration briefly increases after dealing damage to enemy heroes.

Q: Riptide: Single target heal with a heal over time component.

W: Lightning Bolt: Deals damage to an enemy target.

E: Chain Heal: Heals your initial target, then jumps to other nearby targets. Effect increased if Riptide is on the initial target.

R1: Healing Rain: Conjures a storm of magical rain that heals allies in its area of effect.

R2: Big Bad Voodoo: Makes nearby allies invulnerable while channeled. Does not affect Shar'kon.

Sample Talents: Acid Rain (Healing Rain now also deals damage to enemies in its area of effect), Healing Stream Totem (Active Talent: creates a healing ward at a target location which heals nearby allies), Hex (Active Talent: shrinks an enemy hero, slowing them and weakening their attacks), Chain Lightning (Lightning Bolt jumps to another nearby target).
Can't think of anything that doesn't heavily overlap with either Varus or Jhin :/.

If there's one thing Riot has down to a science is character designs.
Well, they just added Varian to HotS, and they have Sonya, and Muradin, so I'll try and make this different.

Johan Metalwrath: melee bruiser.

D (trait): Enrage - Taking damage from attacks increases the damage you take by 1%, one second internal cooldown. Activate to consume stacks of Enrage to increase damage dealt by 1% per stack for five seconds, 20 second cooldown.

Q: Bloodthirst - A quick melee attack that heals for 2% base HP and an additional 2% per stack of Enrage. Five second cooldown.

W: Rampage - Immediately consumes all stacks of Enrage to deal moderate damage, and an additional 5% damage per stack.

E: Heroic Leap - Leap a medium distance, causing light damage on landing. 15 second cooldown.

R (ultimate one): Odyn's Fury - Cause massive AoE damage up front, and a heavy but short-duration DoT.

R (ultimate two): Battle Cry - For the next five seconds, all attacks critically hit.

Would undoubtedly need tweaking on cooldowns, damage done, and the like, but would be an interesting and fun character.
I already did try my hand at a MOBA druid that I posted on the HotS suggestion forum a while back. This is just a copy/paste of it. Thus the character it focuses on.

Zen'kiki the druid

A druid in training. He often messes up his attacks.


Z: Stag form: He turns into a stag and travels at 20% increased speed.

D: Focus: Allows him to control his next ability. 20 second cooldown.

Q: Cat form: Zen'kiki transforms into a cat and leaps in a chosen direction. While Focus is active he can leap a greater distance.

W: Moonkin form: Zen'kiki transforms into a moonkin and can cast moonfire on an enemy. He changes back after casting. Can use moonfire 2 additional times while Focus is active.

E: Aquatic form: Zen'kiki turns into a fish and flops helplessly. He can steer himself while he flops. Last 3 seconds. Enemies hit while he flops are knocked back. While Focus is active he can give a massive leap for increased damage.

R1: Bear form: Zen'kiki transforms into a bear. He can claw enemies and is able to taunt an enemy into mindlessly attacking him for 2 seconds. He gains increased health while this form is active.

R2: Tree form: Zen'kiki turns into a tree and sends roots in a chosen direction. Enemies hit are damaged and rooted.
Mobas are cancer. 10 years from now we'll look back on it like 80's hair and think "thank god I don't have to deal with that anymore".

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