TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37

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Continuation from:

Wyrmrest accord, horde.
Sorry, I am not willing to transfer must come to me.


Swift spectral tiger epic: one left.
Spectral tiger rare: x3
Feldrake x2
Magic rooster: one left.
Wooly white rhino: x2.
Blazing hippogryph. "sold"
Ghastly charger's skull.
Amani dragonhawk.

TCG & blizzcon items i still don't own and looking to buy.


Tyrael's Hilt.
Fetish Shaman.
Wind Rider cub.
Mini Diablo.
Lucky Quilen Cub.
Lil' Deathwing.
Gryphon Hatchling.

Fool's Gold.
Demon Hunter's Aspect.
Grim Campfire.
Dark Portal.
Perpetual Purple Firework.
Carved Ogre Idol.

Always paying very well for these! please be aware I will never go first when purchasing Blizzcon items, my reputation and name speak for themselves.

Battle tag: yogibear#1629
Wondering how much a Swift Spectral Tiger will cost, Looking to buy...
Sargeras Alliance

Buying All TCG Pets/Mounts for the right price

Gold only on Sargeras, not willing to transfer.

Battletag: Quik#1627
wts Swift Spectral Tiger on Illidan

btag: kizlyar#1906
Looking to sell

Feldrake (Sold)
X-51 nether rocket xtreme (Sold)

Mounts are in bleeding hollow
Willing to trade both for a swift.
BTag: spaids#1609
Eldre' Thalas Horde
Selling the following:
Reigns of the White Camel
Big Battle Bear

Want gold on Eldre' Thalas
Btag: Bibberson#1382
Selling X-51 Nether-Rocket Xtreme.

Mount is located on Gallywix, but I'm willing to take gold on any server. Add my battletag for more info. Whocares#1839.
Selling Ghastly Charger's Skull.

Mount is on Fizzcrank/Aggramar. Willing to accept gold on any server if the price is right.
WTB on Frostmourne - Alliance

Spectral Tiger (Rare)
Spectral Tiger (Epic)

Insanity #1389

Thank you.
Swift spectral tiger mount or possibly the rare version also willing to buy other tcg mounts for the right price.

Wooly white rhino.
Would consider trades for mounts I don't have yet.

Gold in on hyjal alli. Would transfer for the right price
Looking to buy Reins of the swift spectral tiger, unless you're sellin for 250k can't transfer

Eitrigg/Shu'Halo Alliance.

Iluvcookies#6124 to tell me price

Spectral Tiger - Sold



Sargeras Only

WTB Reins of Swift Spectral Tiger on Frostmourne US Alliance.
WTB Reins of Spectral Tiger on Frostmourne US Alliance.

I am overpaying for these mounts.

Add famous#1668, in your friend request please include your selling price.
WTB Swift Spectral Tiger on US Thrall Horde.

WTS Spectral Tiger - sold

US-Sargeras Alliance only
WTS Spectral Tiger

Sargeras Only

WTB ANY TCG mount.

US-Kel'Thuzad Alliance only


Cannot transfer. but can pay transfer fee if price is right.
Want to trade either:

Swift Shorestrider or White Riding camel

For: Swift Spectral Tiger (Epic)

Willing to transfer to any server.

Battletag: Zak#11101
wtb rooster egg asap add me kshawp#1430 will xfer let me know asap

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